14 On The Hunt

I received the side task from the system yesterday; it is already night again. I spent this morning soaking in my rooms jacuzzi. It was quite relaxing, and I have gotten more and more comfortable in this body.

I went through Martha's luggage and tried some of her hair care products, so now instead of sandalwood, I smell like "citrus seashell"; whatever seashells are supposed to smell like. I also went through the makeup bag, but the memories on how to apply makeup do not exist in the inheritance. Thinking about it, if my predecessor looked similar to me, most makeup wouldn't work with my snow-white skin, and besides, I don't mean to brag, but I am a divine beauty.

'Okay, maybe I mean to brag a little.'

However, I didn't just do this; I also practiced a new trick using blood magic. I am eager to try it out on living targets.

Moving on to my thoughts on the side task. Weak level 1 humans are a very inefficient means of collecting essence, but they have been the only source that is easy to come by. I guess while in Tokyo, I could have hunted cats and dogs, but you may only get a single essence from a creature like that. Not to mention, I had no desire to roam the alleys and side streets chasing and slaughtering every pet or stray I came across.

According to the system, I need to gather 100 essence to activate the Provisional Throne. I have already decided that the cruise staff is off-limits as targets. It will be evident if they go missing. Additionally, I need to try to take out everyone who came on board together. That means I should target groups or couples. If I do this, that means there will be no one to report their missing friends or companions, at least I can hope.

Tonight my goal is simple. I am going to track groups and see if I can find some good targets. If a suitable opportunity arises, I will take it.

Right now, I am hanging out on a couch outside the ship's night club. I look suspicious as hell in my coat, but on a cruise ship, everyone has let their guards down. Not to mention, I look like a little girl, so most people don't feel threatened by me.

I am stalking a group of what appears to be wealthy American college students. Why did I pick them? Well, no reason, particularly, I just need their essence, and they seemed loud and bothersome, which drew my attention.

I don't have the desire to go around trying to figure out who is a good person and who is a bad person. The way I see it, humans are part of the reason for the extinction of the blood race, so everything I do to them is just comeuppance.

Ever since the ceremony, I have intuitively separated myself from humanity. They are human and I am not. So what am I? I am a member of the blood race. Then where are my kind? They were slaughtered by the joint efforts of humanity and the God of Heaven.

Some might feel it cruel thinking I was once human, but to them, I would say I am neither the human Robert Adams nor the Goddess Callista. I am both, but at the same time, I am neither. I am Eira, and I will walk a path of my choosing.


Anyways this group consists of three males with one being the group alpha, and the other two following him around wherever he goes, I am going to call them betas for convenience's sake.

"Yeaaaaah, Frank! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!"

As you can see, they're in the middle of drinking a large amount of alcohol.

"Frank the tank! He can drink anything, the madman!"

The alpha laughs, "Okay, guys, let's calm down. We'll be coming to port in Aomori tomorrow, so we should head back to our room."

Taking the opportunity, I leave the couch and approach the men.

Putting on the most pitifully adorable voice, I can manage, "Misters, can you help me? I can't find my friend."

The two betas drunkenly look toward the alpha and await his decision. Alpha looks toward me and begins to speak.

"Sure, little girl. We are always willing to help a lady in need. Where did you last see your friend?"

"Well, we were both hanging out on the top deck near the back of the ship. We both fell asleep lying in the chairs, and when I woke up, she was gone. I already checked our room, and she wasn't there. Can you please help me look?"

"You say it was near the back of the ship?"

"Yes! Mister, please help me search."

"Okay, okay, we'll help you, but if we can't find her quickly, I think we should probably report it to the staff."

"Yes, thank you!" I reply in my happiest voice.

The three young men follow me up to the top deck stumbling somewhat on the way. The closer we got, the more they hesitated in following; it seems their instincts may be warning them of long lost predators. However, these people have been living in a peaceful society; they don't understand these instincts.

Arriving at the stern of the ship Alpha speaks, "Okay, we are here, can you tell me where you and your friend were last."

"Yes! You see, we were both lying over there in those chairs near the rail!"

The three turn their heads, staring at the edge of the boat.

"Please, help me! Is there anything you can see?"

The three are obviously confused by my coaxing, but they comply regardless.

Extending my nails, I cut the palm of both my right and left hands. Slowly I focus, and the blood seeps from my palms and begins to take shape. A long object with a sharp blade protruding from the end takes form. This is a war scythe, I spent this morning looking up war scythes on Jerrold's phone.

I just feel like I want to use this weapon, and it's not a gigantic impractical one like you'd see in an anime; this is a legitimate war scythe. I can use my claws for close-range combat, but then I risk getting blood all over me. So for extra reach and to avoid bloodstains, it was either a scythe, a spear, or a polearm.

'A scythe just felt right, ya know?'

Taking aim at the necks of the three standing in a line, I swing with all my strength. I feel my scythe pass through Beta-1's neck; however, I am no master scythe user, and I lose the weapons balance. The blade goes off course and lodges itself in Alpha's shoulder blade.

[6 Essence Acquired]

Alpha looks at his shoulder with big eyes and opens his mouth, preparing to scream.

Recognizing this, I fire a blood spike at Alpha before he has a chance to yell in pain. Beta-1's head drops to the floor, rolling to Beta-2's feet. At the same time, a blood spike pierces Alpha's head, and his body falls to the ground, landing next to Beta-1's head.

[7 Essence Acquired]

Seeing this, Beta-2 falls backward to the ground, landing on his rear and is about to screech like a banshee. Raising the scythe, I look into Beta-2's eyes and swing once again. This time I swing a little too high hitting around his jaw. There is still enough force behind the scythe to make it to Beta-2's spine ending his life.

[6 Essence Acquired]

Beta-2's body crumbles to the ground.

Immediately I store all three bodies in the storage ring. Walking to the edge of the rail, I release the bodies into the dark Pacific ocean. I took out a lot of my stored non-perishable foods and made a large pile in my room to make room for this kind of thing.

There is a hose located at the back of the ship that is used to wash the deck clean. After putting away the scythe, I start using the hose to wash away all the blood from Alpha and the Beta's.


Name: Eira Callista

Gender: Female

Race: Vampire {Pseudo True God}

Level: 2 (0/25)

Health: 320/320

Mana: 102/130

Strength: 16

Endurance: 16

Agility: 18

Intellect: 13

Constitution: 32

Talents: Paranormal

Skills: Intermediate Blood Magic

Titles: Heir of Blood

Essence: 48


'I need more practice with the scythe.'

There is a scythe skill, but I haven't been able to learn it. I assume this is because I am just swinging it haphazardly while putting a lot of force behind it.

'I will walk around the ship for a while longer. After that, I'll stop for the night and try to practice swinging my scythe in my room.'

Unbeknownst to everyone, that night three more people disappeared on the 'Moonlight' cruise ship.

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