Evil Eye God Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

Evil Eye God


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"Asura", A race known for their Heaven defying bodies that gave them ability to tear open Stars and Planets with bare hands, they were know for strong bodies and powerful brute strength. However a very long ago a unique Asura was born that made God and Demons equally afraid, from the time he was born, many tried to kill him, many tried to destroy him, many tried to annihilate him, but he rose above it all, And the day came when he fought against the Heavens itself. But, he lost, not because he was weak but because he was betrayed by someone who he thought of his own. Millions of Years have passed since then, when everyone forgot about him, his unique ability came in this World again, inherited by a Human. Ye Kai, a member of Ye Clan in Green River City, has dream of roaming the world and to see all kinds of wonder inherited the ability of the Asura. The Ability being his eyes, known to his enemies as, Evil God's Eye.