1 Death By Zom Zom.

"Ah, Fuck! My head." Syntax had just woken up to bright lights and sounds, and he wasnt too happy about it. 'who in hell would wake me up like this, I swear I'm gonna punch them"

"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Welcome to reincarnation roullette! The best real, live reincarnation show in THE MULTIVERSE!!" A man in a black tuxedo, shirt and red tie said to an audiance of demons, spirits, gods, ROBs, dragons, demi-humans and more.

"The Fuck!?" Syntax wakes up only to hear people cheering. Confusion can be clearly seen in his soul flames where his eyes should've been.

"Hi you're Syntax right? Who am I kidding of course you are. So I know you must be confused, therefore I'm going to give you the short and sweet of it. So you're world just became a zombie apocalypse one and you were the first to die of supernatural causes, cangratulations!" ribbons eploded in the air. Right now Syntax was teriffied, the man was revealed to be a demon once he turned around, red skin, horns spade like tail the whole package. "So my name is Mak, son of Satan and King yamma, and yes King Yamma is a woman, also don't confuse Satan with Lucifer he hates it when that happens Satans equals actual demon, King of hell, Lucifer equals fallen angel, punisher of sinners."

"If I'm dead then why am I here?" Syntax was pretty suspicious of this Mak guy.

Mak-"Well again you were first to die to supernatural causes in your world, so you get to spin the Wheel!"

A wheel had suddenly apeared next to him. "Um hey Mak, right? could you spin the wheel for me, please? I have pretty shitty luck." Syntax was atleast polite enough to say please.

"*sigh* alright then" the demon said it in a tired tone but you could clearly see how excited he was just looking at his face.

*Whoosh* all 3 wheels were spun at the same time. 1 Wheel was labeled systems, another abilities and the last items.

The first landed on roll four more times, the second on roll 5 more times and the last on 5 more times. The items wheel landed on were: 1.'Taming skill scroll;SSS', 2.'Soul;Infinite;All qualities', 3.'Summoning Scroll;Infinite;All qualities', 4.'Limit breaking pill;Infinite;All qualities', 5.'EXP potion;Infinite;All qualities;'

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the system wheel landed on: 1.The Gamer System from: from Book 1 of the Gamer Series: This Is My Life As The Gamer! (Rewrite Version) By ImBoredSoMeh: without nerfs. 2.Custom Made Demon King System: from Custom Made Demon King By Dark Old Demon 3.Customize Create: from world customize creator by Hijikata, Yuu (Art), Hero, Tennki (Story) 4. custom System based on: Soul Evolution System by Drack: and Number One Dungeon Supplier by Moloxiv.

the abilities wheel stopped on: 1.'Infinite mana', 2.'energy conversion', 3.'musical enhancement', 4.'empty personal dimension: already functioning solar system', 5..'random optional CYOA's'

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