It was a rainy day, outside a big mansion, cry's could be heard from a woman. She was plumpy and had short hair, it was Mrs. Queen, and she was crying about the fact that her husband had just thrown her and her children out of the house.

Alice"(sobs) I knew a day will come when he finally throws me and my children out of the house."

Mia was trying to calm her mom down, just an hour ago she, her mom, and her siblings came from a wedding one of her aunts was throwing, they came home with happy faces, but they received something they never expected to see.

It started to rain heavily and her brother and sister were starting to get cold, so she took her family to her old apartment to stay for the night.

Her brother was suffering from heart disease, her sister was still going to school, and her mother had high blood pressure. She loved her family and could not bear to see them, suffer.

Walking along the sideway, Mia was lost in her thought and couldn't notice when she was carried by a man and placed in a van.

Before she could move an inch, she felt something toxic and fell to the ground.


At the Viria villa, a black car packed at the front, of a massive mansion and a tall man stepped out of the car.

He was handsome and had a kind of Aura that made people think twice before coming near him.

Eden entered his house and he was greeted by Aunt Mary, "welcome Eden, how was work today."

Eden,"Everything was good today Aunt Mary…. so how is my sunshine."

Aunt Mary, "well… your sunshine is a little upset today."

Eden, "Upset? Why…. did something happen to her today at school."

Aunt Mary, "well she didn't say anything even when I asked, all she said was she only wanted to talk to her daddy when he gets home."

Eden, "Well then In that case, I should make my little sunshine wish come true (chuckle), I will be back." saying that, Eden gave his bag to Aunt Mary and went upstairs to see his daughter.

Entering Isabella's room, Eden walked slowly toward the girl playing with her tab and hugged her from the back.

Eden, "Array the big bear has come to take the sun from the sky," Eden said playfully.

Isabella, "well, I don't care if the bear takes the sun down from the sky, I don't think the sun even wants to keep shining." Isabella said with a sad face.

Eden, oh common, why is my little sunshine so unhappy today, tell me did anyone make you unhappy. Tell daddy and I will teach that person a lesson.

Isabella, It's something that even daddy can't help me with.

Eden; is it to do your hair because I have to take some lessons lately, and I'm perfect....."

Isabella; Daddy, where is my mommy.

Hearing what his daughter said, Eden then knew what it was all about, well, mommy is in a pleased place, and she wishes that little Isabella is always happy.

Isabella; Daddy you constantly say that, daddy do you know that today at school our teacher said that we should all make a card for our moms for Mother's Day a few days from now, but I don't have a mom and all my friends teased me because of it (sobs)."

Eden; it's okay dear, everything will be alright.

Isabella; Daddy, please get me a mommy, I want someone who is my best friend, someone who cooks for me, someone who talks and chat's with me, someone who protects me from daddies scolding.

Eden; hay, when have I ever scolded you before.

Isabella; you will surely scold me when I become a teenager.

Looking at his daughter's little eyes, all Eden could feel was pity for the little girl. Growing up without a mother's love was the worst thing that can ever happen to a child,'' sighing'' he said,'' do you want a mommy''.

Isabella; yes, daddy, your little sunshine wants a mommy.

Eden; ok then, I promise to get my little sunshine a mommy before Mother's Day, ok.

Hearing that, Isabella face brightened up, Really daddy, thank you very much. 

All Eden did was stare at the thin air ,now he has a bigger mission to get his daughter the perfect mommy.

Opening her eyes, Mia saw herself in a little storage room, her hands were tied, and her mouth was covered. It was dusty and she felt a little dizzy.

Trying to gain her senses, she heard footsteps coming towards her destination, she flinched in fear when she saw who entered.

It was a man, filled with different scars on his face, he looked at her and a smirked, he then said, "under the rain, the beauty was found."

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