1 Beginning

My name is Nixon Scald and I am 83 years old and I have just finished making the one thing no one has ever even attempted to do.... I have made a system! I have crawled my way to the top of this world and I have billions! Everyone always said that I was trash because I didn't have a system but I proved them wrong by making it to the top! But I always wanted to have a system, not just any system. A system with everything! I have used lots of money and lost friends and family but they never cared about me any way! I have used people systems and other things to make the perfect system! And now that I have it I will make a small barren world in this universe for now. Nixon went there to get used to the system.

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{Author here, NX will be Nixon!}

NX: System!

[Yes my king? What can I do for you?]

Nixon made the system say King instead of host because he thought he was better than the rest.

NX:can I change my current appearance?

[Yes my king, what age do you want to seem like?]

NX: 22

[It will be done my King.]

Then a light then gets all over him and Nixon looks 22 again, very good looking if I might add.

NX: can I change my eye and hair color?

[Yes my king. It will be done. ]

Nixon then looks at himself and there are things like hair eye and many other things, so he then looks at his eyes and decides to keep one of his eyes gray because he always like that color and he changed the other color to a bright orange and neon green mix, looking real cool. He then changes his hair color to a black and red color.

NX: Now what comes next!

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