1 Where It All Begins

A kingdom in the middle of human civilization that was greedy for strength.

A sunny world, a bustling land.

In that place, exactly 2 years ago, Evan Hayes was manipulated and tortured by the King of the Oslesan Kingdom.

The most cunning human thirsting for the divine power of the labyrinth, he did not hesitate to sacrifice his people for the sake of gaining great power.

He has the appearance of a large man with long black hair and jet black pupils.

His massive body was covered in white armor with golden accents, and his cruel face was still vividly remembered.

"Damn monster! You're trying to take over the Oslesan Kingdom, the most beautiful and prosperous land of humans !?" King Vesh Oslesan shouted violently, and countless scars were etched on his proud divine armor and drops of blood flowed from every crack.

Velorina, one of the 3 Faithful Servants who was directly commanded by the Demon King. A pretty girl of the Dragon race was plump with blood-red pupils and two horns adorning her silver hair. Her weapon was a black claymore sword adorned with purple jewels.

"Velorina, keep on rampaging. Don't let our prey rest comfortably. I'll give you 1 minute to play with him until he confessed his deed 4 years ago, a heinous act committed to an adventurer in the Snowhands Guild." A monster in the shape of a dragon just watched his servant's performance from a distance.

"Yup, just leave it to me, My King." Velorina smiled faintly and excitedly at the order from her lord.

Without stopping, Velorina continued to shower King Vesh with slashes from the demonic sword. It had the ability to cut anything it cut, including the Vesh King's divine armor. Her last strike sent him crashing to the ground and created a massive shockwave.

"Ha! Ha! What do you mean I have never done anything as heinous as you mean. If you mean those who died in war, they will surely be proud because they sacrificed themselves for the eternal peace of mankind." Behind the rising dust, King Vesh had run out of mana to use divine weapons.

It had been 3 hours since Velorina served the host to fight. Still, she was able to regenerate the damaged quickly due to Her Lord's ability. On the contrary, King Vesh was really messed up by Velorina.

"Huff!" The baby dragon immediately flew down from the sky covered in smoke and landed right in front of the helpless King Vesh.

"My King, there's no need to get your hands dirty. Let me finish him off." Velorina, with 2 silver wings, descended smoothly behind Her Lord.

"H-how can with my 5 divine weapons I could be trounced this by a monster woman!" King Vesh hit the ground.

Demon King, the strongest and most evil human enemy and existence. A cute baby dragon in purplish-black with two long horns adorn its small head and easily recognizable golden pupils.

"Tet ... tet, you are wrong. She is not a monster woman, but my loyal servant." The little dragon crossed his arms.

"D-don't joke!" King Vesh trembled at the Demon King's joke.

"Very well, if that's your request. Demonic Aura!" A pitch-black aura slowly emerged from the little dragon's body and continued to spread out for a radius of 100 meters.

"Guaaa!!" King Vesh experienced shortness of breath as a black aura spread out.

"Where's Ariella?" The little dragon asked with a snarl in a funny voice.

"A-Ariella? Did you really target my daughter in the first place-" King Vesh was out of breath before his words were finished.

"Yes, there are things I want to hear from Ariella's mouth right away. Hmm... It seems you don't understand what I'm saying. Maybe after seeing my human form, you can immediately understand what I'm saying?" The little dragon stopped its Transformation Skill and transformed into a human form.

"Y-you…" King Vesh stuttered and couldn't even speak. He was too shocked by the original figure of the malicious extension threatening the Oslesan Kingdom.

"Yes, it's me! Someone who has died slowly under this castle because of your greed and cunning play."

After changing its original form, Demonic Aura immediately stopped and made King Vesh directly inhale as much oxygen as possible to fill his nearly empty lungs.

"C-calm down, that's not my order! It happened because of interference from the eastern kingdom! Please don't kill me. This kingdom will be destroyed if a king dies suddenly without a replacement. I will obey all your requests if you let me live!"

King Vesh, famous for being brave and fierce, turned sad and pathetic when he faced his death.

"In the name of peace for one's own safety? That's disgusting! You should die!" The Demon Lord activated his Transformation Skill and turned back into a monster without mercy.

"No-no! Don't do that." King Vesh crawled away from the Demon King, who was emitting a strong aura of bloodlust.

"Haha, that's the look on my face when I meet my death! How does it feel? It's sad, isn't it?"

"Wings of Revenge ..."


With a body covered in sweat, a man jumped from his bed. He felt something terrible for some reason.

"Haa, haa, haa, that dream again?" The black-haired man gasped and looked at his palms.

It was a dream where a man killed the king, he was sure that the man was not him because Evan even in his life he had never met a figure as great as the king.

He couldn't remember seeing the dream several times, but he knew his only position as a 14 year old teenager and a human descendant with an eye disorder. He would never be a figure who would become the enemy of mankind, like he had just dreamed about.

*Knock* *Knock*

Exploring his dream made the man who was still curious about his dream not hear someone knocked on the bedroom door for quite a while.

"Evan! Sorry to wake you up, but there's trouble in the fields." A soft call mingled with worry from a woman trying to wake Evan up behind the door.

Looking through the window, he made sure that it was still dark outside and that even the roosters were reluctant to get up and chose to stay busy with their beds and blankets.

But due to an emergency related to his beloved field, Evan immediately changed his nightgown and put on his adventurous outfit. This was an activity he had been doing in the last few days.

After taking the lantern lamp, he immediately opened the door. "Did that pack of damned ferrets come to fill their bellies again for free?"

"Yes, but it looks like there are more of them than yesterday. This time you have to bring a weapon to drive them away." The woman who had long, fluffy snow-white hair and blue pupils gave Evan a hoe.

That's really a hoe for farming. The hoe was not the right weapon against monsters or wild animals. Still, the only opponent this time was a gang of greedy ferrets asking for tribute from every farmer who owned a field of fruit and vegetables.

"It looks like they are in the northern land. Do you want me to accompany you?" Her mother clasped her hand and looked worried.

"No need, you take care of Liliana. If I can't handle the group of ferrets. Then how can I become a knight commander." Evan smiled slightly sourly as he said his dream was arguably the impossible to come true.

"Well, if you get hurt badly again, then mom will heal you again." It was not without reason that his mother was worried about her son's safety because yesterday, he was injured while driving away from the ferrets in the fields.

After the equipment was ready, he immediately left the wooden house, which was not too big and quite worn.

Although the house looked old and frail, it was surrounded by fields of thriving vegetables and fruits.

All the animals who saw his fields would be tempted by the fresh vegetables and fruit that grew thickly on his trees, so it's no wonder that hungry animals line up to get free luxury food from there.

"I hope the damned ferret doesn't spoil the cabbage and corn I'm selling tomorrow." Evan walked faster towards the north because the 2 required fields were there.

Evan's arrival only saw the last of the cabbage being devoured by a group of cute white ferrets.

"You annoying little animal, this is the 4th time you've stolen my field. I won't let you off this time!" Evan immediately ran and swung his hoe to drive dozens of ferrets from the cabbage fields.

In this world, most humans get the blessing to use magic when they are 13 years old, so it is not uncommon for this blessing to also be obtained by animals or other living things.

It should have been about 1 year ago, the time of Evan's magic circuit awakening. But until now, the long-awaited awakening has not arrived.

That made Evan, who was not gifted with magic, lost against the ferrets who used wind magic. They simultaneously used his magic to push him down into a ditch. The white ferrets that had filled up the bellies immediately left, leaving behind devastated fields and farmers trapped in trenches.

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