88 Chapter 87: Prison

Due to Japan's limited land space, the government has resorted to building artificial islands.

These islands are business districts, urban areas, airports, and entertainment centers.

Five years ago one of these islands was used for a new project, one of the three largest prisons in the world and the specialized place for prisoners on death row.

It is strange that a country where the death penalty exists has very few prisoners, but therein lies the trap.

Although in Japan there are sexual crimes every day, the number of prisoners is very few since the victims do not report the crimes since this is a society where if a woman is abused she will be criticized as a slut.

Although crimes such as harassment in public transport do not deserve the death penalty and in reality, the death penalty is hardly dealt with since it is only for crimes that are practically at the level of treason, the truth is that behind scenes there are gloomy things.

The death penalty is an excellent tool to eliminate problematic people.

From political enemies, reporters who knew too much, or cops who messed with the wrong person, the death penalty has been used to eliminate innocent people instead of real criminals.

In this prison, the prisoners are divided into two groups;

1) Elites: People of high status and financial resources.

They can be politicians and businessmen who are under investigation for fraud, murder, or ****.

These people receive preferential treatment compared to a five-star hotel and will be released after a couple of years when society stops paying attention giving the illusion that we are all equal before the law.

2) Scum: Criminals who committed heinous crimes, but do not have a strong backing to protect them.

These people are treated as toys and slaves for the entertainment of Elites, jailers, and other high-status people who pay to watch events where criminals are killed in inhumane ways.

This is also where the good people who tried to expose the criminals with high status and connections are ranked.

Every day I have less faith in humanity.

I'm currently in an interrogation room, or so I think.

I'm sitting on a comfortable leather sofa while Honda gives me a shoulder massage.

This definitely doesn't look like a prison...

"Fufufu, it will be fun to fuck here~" – Medb took advantage of the fact that no one here can see her in her spirit form and started looking around.

Since I paid for the VIP service, I am treated with the best benefits making me question whether this is a sentence or a vacation.

While the inmates are beating and raping the innocent policeman who gave a politician's son a traffic ticket, I who am a criminal pedophile am getting a relaxing shoulder massage from a beautiful woman.

"Life is unfair..." - I sighed

"Is my massage unsatisfactory for Mr. Yamada?" - Honda stopped and brought her face closer to look me in the eyes making her breasts pressing on my head.

"Ahem, none of that, I was just thinking about how tragic it is not to have met you before" - I replied with a forced smile.

"I see" – Honda nodded and continued massaging my shoulders, although now she was pressing my head against her breasts giving me the sensation of being in a soft massage chair with a nice pillow.

Before I could fall asleep, the door to the interrogation room opened and a beautiful blue-haired woman entered the room.

She had a wine color police uniform with lots of flashy decorations... I don't know how to describe her appearance, but I recognized her, she's Momoko Hyakushiki from the anime Nanbaka.

Before I came to this prison, I researched the staff so I wasn't surprised to see Momoko, although her gaze is very intimidating compared to the anime.

Momoko narrowed her eyes at me. – "It seems that you are too comfortable despite being just a prisoner"

I smiled wryly, I think the same.

"Mr. Yamada is not a prisoner, he is only under preventive investigation so Mr. Yamada should not be classified with the other scum" - Honda spoke apathetically while continuing to massage my shoulders.

Momoko's gaze sharpened.

According to the information I got through the contacts of the Shinomiya family, Momoko is the warden of this prison and even though this place is full of corruption and human mistreatment, she is one of the few truly honest people who seek to punish the real criminals.

I have genuine respect and admiration for this woman as were it not for her, this prison would have become the backyard of the Gentlemen's Club and other corrupt groups.

Sadly and despite her efforts, she is constantly being pressured by the higher-ups in the government and I even heard that she had to move to this prison as there were more than 8 assassination attempts against her this year alone.

Seeing it like this, it's normal that she hates me since I look like a corrupt millionaire cliché who spits on the law.

While I was engaged in my internal monologue, Honda and Momoko had an intimidating staring contest and it seemed that at any moment they could start fighting.

"Ahem" – I cough to break the tense atmosphere. – "So miss, how can I help you?"

Momoko looked away from Honda and glared at me.

It's a good thing that my trauma towards the looks of disdain has lessened or I could become impulsive with anger.

"I know the kind of person you are" - Momoko looked at me with hostility, her look was worthy of a serial killer. – "You must understand something, no matter who you are, no matter how much money you have, while you are here you are just a prisoner and you are not above the law"

Well, I already humiliated the police lieutenant, but it's better to keep quiet.

Momoko said no more and left the room after giving me one last look of contempt.

"If Mr. Yamada wishes, I can hit that woman without legal repercussions" – Honda spoke calmly.

"You take your job of being my escort very seriously..." - I smiled wryly and then sighed. – "Do not cause problems for that woman, what is more, I would like you to find a way to support her"

Honda agreed. – "I see, the rumors that Mr. Yamada is a masochist were true… Okay, I'll talk to Madame Tachibana"

I sighed tiredly. – "I am not a masochist…"

"Mr. Yamada shouldn't worry" - Honda massaged my shoulders again. – "Regardless of what Mr. Yamada likes, I will do my best to please you"

I don't remember this woman having this kind of personality in the Nisekoi anime, but maybe I'm forgetting something since I don't remember all the animes I watched.

Since there is still no one to show me what my prison cell will be, I wanted to joke around with Honda a bit. – "Now that you mention it… I like loving women who act adorable with a loving look"

Since Honda has the expressiveness of an ice cube, it would be interesting to see her break out of that emotionless statuesque appearance.

Honda stopped massaging my shoulders and stood in front of me, then knelt on the ground and got into a cat-like position while raising her hand. Her gaze was gentle and with an adorable voice, she delivered the final blow. – "Nya~"

"Your fetish for cat women is strange, and for me to say so you should be worried" - Medb spoke to me with irony. – "By the way, you are blushing"

I'm not blushing! Aaaaaahhhhhh!



(3rd person perspective)

While Satou was having fun doing stupid things, there was a tense atmosphere in the warden's office.

Momoko Hyakushiki was looking at a series of files.

Earlier she was informed of the arrival of a prisoner with preferential treatment, Satou Yamada.

According to the information, Satou would be in prison for a month as a form of preventive detention since signs of money laundering and tax evasion were registered within the academy in his name.

Momoko knew that this was bullshit, in that prison the people with preferential treatment were people who committed serious crimes but were under the protection of money and influential connections.

Momoko was furious at this, but she knew that she couldn't fight the system with her own power.

Momoko never gave in to bribes and threats even in her time as a traffic cop so her life has been in danger ever since she started moving up the ranks.

When she became the warden of this prison, attempts on her life and threats from her became a daily occurrence. This got to the point where she was relieved that she had no family and avoided making friends out of fear that her loved ones would become targets of the people who have been threatening her.

Regardless, Momoko didn't hate her life, even when she couldn't fight all the corruption in Japan, she could at least limit the actions of the corrupt people inside this prison which for her was a small victory.

Momoko despised Satou more than other politicians and millionaires in this prison as she heard rumors that Satou was suspected of promoting child pornography, human trafficking, and acts of sexual assault against underage women.

As if that wasn't enough to make her furious, when she was a teenager she studied at Yamada Academy so knowing that the founder of her alma mater was a pedophile made her lose faith in humanity.

Momoko sighed after reading the file about Satou. In the file, there was no sign of the rumors that she heard, but that did not make her believe that Satou was innocent as she already had several cases of children of important people who raped women and only received a small punishment under the charge of stealing a can of soda in a store or something equally trivial.

As Momoko searched for any possible evidence to prove Satou's crimes, there was a knock at her office door.

Momoko put away the files, prepared her professional expression, and spoke calmly. – "You can pass"

What she didn't know is that her professional expression was intimidating as if she was going to kill someone while her calm voice was pure cold. Because of this, all the people thought that Momoko was a scary woman.

The door opened letting in a bald man with a scar on his face.

This man was Hajime Sugoroku, one of the strongest guards in the prison and one of the most intimidating men among prisoners and guards.

Even though Hajime was an intimidating and moody man with no friends, Momoko was head over heels in love with him.

Due to the constant danger, she has experienced, her heart can only fall in love with a strong man who can protect himself and who is also just and incorruptible.

"What happen?" – Momoko asked coldly as she internally screamed like a girl in love who sees her idol.

"The new prisoner's cell has been prepared" – Hajime spoke seriously while trying not to look at Momoko's eyes.

Hajime was honestly scared of Momoko since she might lower his salary if she found out that he smokes in areas where smoking is prohibited.

Momoko frowned and nodded. – "Take the prisoner to his cell"

Although she wanted to talk to Hajime, the job was important and she wanted to find out more about Satou.

Hajime was relieved that he didn't have to interact with the terrifying woman so he hurried over to see the new prisoner. He didn't care how unfair the justice system was in allowing a prisoner to have privileged conditions, Hajime only cared about doing his job.

While Hajime was in charge of assigning his cell to Satou, important news spread among the prisoners.

$50 million, the forgiveness of all past crimes, and freedom from taxes for twenty years. That was the bounty on Satou's head.

The contract stated that this reward is only available for one month, and the method used for the assassination has no restrictions.

Prisoners and guards began to get excited as they planned how to get that money.

As most of the prison planned how to kill the fat bald man, Satou sighed as he stood in his cell.

"My duty is to take care of Mr. Yamada at all times" – Honda spoke apathetically.

"..." - Satou sighed. – "But this is my room, will you sleep here?"

"My duty is to protect Mr. Yamada and satisfy Mr. Yamada's wishes" – Honda replied apathetically.

Satou sighed heavily.

"Don't worry" – Medb's cheerful voice could only be heard by Satou. – "You can fuck me while she sleeps, it will be more exciting~"

"…" – Satou fell silent, refusing to admit that he liked the idea.

"It's not healthy to repress sexual desires, chirp, just keep in mind the importance of the moment and place, chirp" - Beni joined the conversation.

Satou looked at Honda's nonchalant expression and decided not to worry too much, she was just his bodyguard.

Thus began Satou's first day in prison.

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