87 Chapter 86: A Pig Not Afraid of Death

The day has finally come when I will go to prison… That sounds strange.

I made every possible preparation to avoid any legal, supernatural, or NTR doujin issues.

Maybe I was a bit paranoid about the latter since after checking my [Oppressive Patriarchy] skill a couple of times, I understood that any woman who tastes my semen is considered my woman as long as I see her as my lover or my property.

This includes the women that the previous owner of this body had sex with and while I am sure that this will bring me problems in the future, I do not have time to think about every problem that surrounds me.

The point is that Enma gave vitality potions to all the women in my mansion which contain, well, that thing... Now all the women I consider my family are protected by [Oppressive Patriarchy].

Another benefit of this skill is that it suppresses the libido of the women within what is now my harem, thus avoiding the ridiculous scenario where a woman I love is horny and that makes her sleep with the first idiot that comes along.

This ability is a blessing for people with betrayal traumas like me…

Anyway, putting aside that I don't want to think about the fact that Mari drank one of the potions despite being my daughter, I made every possible preparation so that my family would be safe for more than 100 years in case by some chance I ended up dying.

Asagi got mad at me because I'm considering my death as a possibility, but my family's safety is my priority.

I sighed internally and looked out the car window as I headed to the city police station.

On the bright side, Medb and Beni will accompany me while I go to prison so I won't feel alone, although they will stay inside my body in spirit form to avoid drawing attention, they won't talk much either as never know if Alaya can track them down by chance.

When I arrived at the police station they gave me access to go to the underground parking lot. Gan'an made a deal with the police to do this as discreetly as possible.

Once in the parking lot, a police officer approached me with a professional attitude and indicated that I should get out of the car. – "Sir, please come with me"

I nodded and followed the policeman while my driver started the car to return to my residential area. From here the important thing begins.

Although my clothes are luxurious, I don't bring any magical artifacts so I'm technically unprotected from any assassination attempts, but my body is the strongest shield so I'm not worried about falling into a trap.

I was taken to a room where I was instructed to empty my pockets for any dangerous artifacts.

Maybe it's because I'm a high-status person, but the person assigned to check my body was a beautiful, big-breasted policewoman.

Although she was attractive and looked nervous as if she was afraid that I would do something lewd to her, I only found the situation amusing since it seemed like I was an evil wolf and she was an innocent bunny.

Luckily she didn't ask me to take my underwear off and she didn't do anything weird to me so the check was over in five minutes with no problems.

When the woman left, she seemed relieved that I didn't do something kinky to her.

Does everyone here think I'm a sex offender?

This depresses me...

I sighed and waited for a policeman to show me where to go.

I was taken to the typical interrogation room that appears in police programs, those rooms where there is a mirror so that the police can see me without me being able to see them.

Once in the room, I sat down and waited to see what would happen.

"Mr. Yamada, if you need something just say so" - The policeman spoke respectfully.

I smiled awkwardly, this feels weird.

"Emmm, well, I'd like a strawberry ice cream…" – I wanted to joke, but the policeman nodded and left.

Is he really going to bring me ice cream?

Capitalism surpasses the judiciary...

I sighed and waited for someone to come talk to me.

Gan'an explained to me what is going to happen.

My group of evil businessmen made a connection with some high-ups in Japan's justice system so I will get preferential treatment in exchange for paying large sums of money for every profit I make.

Women, high-quality food, movies, massages, massages, and entertainment. I can get almost anything as I have set up international savings account solely focused on giving money to corrupt police officers ensuring a comfortable stay in prison.

After five minutes the door opened.

It was disappointing to see that the person was not the policeman I ordered ice cream from, but a tough-looking man with a scar on his face.

In the last two days, I did deep research on the Japanese government and police as well as made some plans together with Issei Ichijo so I recognized the man in front of me.

Gen Tachibana, a police department lieutenant and the father of one of the main heroines of the Nisekoi anime, Marika Tachibana.

Gen sat in front of me with an intimidating expression, although I think that's his normal face.

I smiled friendly. - "Hello"

"…" – I didn't get an answer, Gen just stared at me.

We were silent for a few minutes. I think this is an intimidation tactic, but instead of fear, I'm just starting to doubt if this man is gay with strange tastes since he keeps staring at me...

Now that I think about it, I think that since I lost my fear of death I began to see threatening situations as fun scenarios… I must talk to Beni to check if this is a sign of some mental problem.

As the awkward silence stretched on for several minutes, the door opened as a police officer from earlier entered with a cup of strawberry ice cream.

"Mr. Yamada, here's the ice cream..." – The policeman entered the room with a smiling expression, but was surprised to see Gen. – "Huh, hello boss"

Even though the policeman looked uncomfortable, he still came over to give me the ice cream and then bowed before leaving in a hurry.

"…" – I don't know whether to laugh or worry, so I started eating the ice cream.

"…" – Gen was still staring at me but now he seemed to be angry.

I rolled my eyes. – "If you are going to say something just say it, if you keep looking at me like that I will be scared, and let me inform you that you are not my type"

Gen's mouth twitched angrily. – "Mr. Yamada, I would like you to explain the situation to me so that I can help you"


Oh right, the president of the Kengan association warned me that there are still honest people within the police so they will try to make me admit that I am a criminal to give me a real trial that will sentence me to prison.

I smiled. – "Sure, but first I have a question"

Gen frowned making his face even more terrifying. – "What does Mr. Yamada need to know?"

I asked curiously. – "Do you really think that the Gentlemen's Club is going to cure your daughter?"

Gen stood up with a terrifying expression as his fists hit the table with such force that the steel tabletop shattered.

Fortunately, I have the ice cream cup in my hand so I could continue eating calmly.

"Don't you dare talk about my daughter!" - Gen yelled furiously.

I shrugged. – "Issei Ichijo could have helped you to give medical treatment to your daughter, but instead of trusting your friend you chose to look for a group of perverts…"

I smiled wryly. - "You are an idiot?"

The president of the Kengan association gave me some advice:

"When facing a smarter enemy, you must be a nuisance until the enemy becomes stupid with anger… When facing a strong enemy, you must build his ego until stupidity makes him make a mistake… When facing a stronger and smarter enemy, you must be stupid to be underestimated and have a chance to attack… In the end, stupidity is a sharp sword when you know how to take advantage of it"

That old man is the capitalist version of Sun Tzu.

Gen is smarter than me, and even though he's also stronger, he won't hurt me even if he hits me so I'm going to pester him until he spits out blood like a cultivator.

Gen was so furious that his face was red.

He is a good father and that is why mentioning his daughter is taboo. Although I can sympathize with this man since I also love my daughters, I will do anything to protect my family.

"Don't look at me like that, I'm just worried about your daughter's well-being" - I shrugged again. – "If I am not mistaken, the cure for your daughter's disease will be a large dose of old man's crotch"

"Bastard!" - Gen pulled a gun out of the back of his coat and pointed it at my face.

"It is illegal to point a gun at a law-abiding citizen" – I kept eating ice cream.

Since I am a person with a strong impulsivity problem who does terrible things out of anger, I could tell that Gen was about to shoot me in the face.

Well, a bullet can't kill me so I don't care.

"Are you going to shoot or are you just going to keep making your face redder? Seeing a man blushing is unpleasant" – I smiled mockingly.

Gen's finger on the trigger trembled and was about to fire, but the mirror glass to watch for criminals shattered.

My reflexes are mediocre so I couldn't see what happened, in a second I just saw Gen pinned to the ground while a beautiful raven-haired woman was holding him down with a key normally used by cops when immobilizing criminals.

"I'm sorry that Mr. Yamada saw such an unpleasant scene" – The door opened showing a man with a smile suitable for someone offering to sell NFT, a scammer.

I finished eating my ice cream. – "Not every day I have a gun pointed at my face, it was a bit scary"

The man smiled. – "Don't worry Mr. Yamada, I will make sure that you do not have to face this type of situation again"

"Honda, what the hell are you doing?!" – Gen yelled furiously at the woman who had him immobilized.

Oh, now I recognize this woman, she is Marika Tachibana's personal bodyguard from the anime Nisekoi. It seems that the head of the Ichijo family already put my idea into motion.

Honda had an expressionless face and a monotone voice. – "Madame Tachibana has decreed that Mr. Yamada cannot be hurt"

"My wife did what?!" – Gen was so furious that he could turn into a green giant.

Gen looked up with difficulty as his body was pinned to the ground. - "What did you do?!"

"Me?" – I pointed to myself with false confusion. – "I am an honest man, I do not know what you are talking about"

I suggested to the head of the Ichijo family that we offer an alliance with the matriarch of the Tachibana family, although I don't know if the deal went the same as my idea.

I tapped into my memories of the anime Clichekoi… Ahem, Nisekoi… I remembered that at the beginning of the anime Marika's mother is a woman with no love for her family and only sees her daughter as a tool whose sole purpose is to grow the Tachibana family.

My idea was to offer a charity fund to the Tachibana family to form orphanages and social support projects. It's a fancy way of naming money laundering.

In addition to money, my group offered a cure for Marika's illness as well as magical artifacts at only half the price of the global market.

In exchange for all these material benefits, my group asked for the support of the Tachibana family to strengthen the new political party formed by the Shinomiya family.

The Tachibana family is far inferior to the Shinomiya family in terms of wealth, but they excel in connections to other important families in Japan.

Although this is an exchange with great financial losses, the important thing is to obtain allies of high status in order to strengthen the political party of my group and thus begin to diminish the political authority of the Gentlemen's Club.

In order for this idea to run smoothly, I offered my own money to bribe the Tachibana family. Nothing beats capitalism.

My three allies were shocked by my idea, but the truth is that I'm just throwing money at people's faces, it's not impressive.

By the way, since I'm spending a lot of money I need to be careful not to empty my pockets so yesterday I focused on preparing several businesses that will increase the thickness of my wallet. I think that when I get out of prison my money will double thanks to [Midas Touch].

Gen stopped struggling, but he continued to glare at me.

"Your daughter will be healthy and so you thank me... How disappointing" - I sighed, ungrateful people disgust me.

Honda released Gen allowing the man to get to his feet. – "This will not stay like this…"

After saying a cliche villain phrase, Gen headed for the door to leave.

"Oh right, thank your wife for me" - I smiled.

"…" – Gen almost stumbled and hurried to leave.

I don't even know his wife, but this sure looks like an NTR scenario...

I looked at the man with the face of a scammer. – "Well, what next?"

The man extended his hand to me. – "My name is Tsunenaga, I will be the intermediary of the Tachibana family to handle the needs of Mr. Yamada during the next month"

I dislike this man, but well, at least I have someone to talk to order some video games so I don't get bored.

"Nice to meet you" - I smiled and shook his hand.

Tsunenaga introduced Honda. – "She will be assigned to the jailer position so Mr. Yamada can give her any order to ensure a pleasant stay"

Why does that sound sexual?

I'll try not to think about it too much.

"With the introductions made, I will inform Mr. Yamada about the situation" – Tsunenaga was still smiling like a con man. – "The prison to which Mr. Yamada will be sent is the main prison in Japan and the only place where death sentences are carried out…"

"In that prison, the worst criminals who have been sentenced to death are taken, but it is also the place where people with preferential treatment like Mr. Yamada have been assigned" - Tsunenaga's smile turned flattering which made me feel disgusted.

Although it is rare for VIP prisoners to be brought to the same place as death row inmates, there is a reason for this that was explained to me by Metsudo.

On the one hand, there is no government supervision in that place so it is possible to have a luxurious life without citizens complaining about the injustice, on the other hand, people who can pay for a VIP service can enjoy events such as fights to the death between prisoners, killing prisoners for fun, or acts of **** because it is a mixed prison...

I used to think that corruption was something exclusive to Latin America, but the world is a dark place…

I sighed and walked Tsunenaga to a car to head to the prison.

On the way, he told me about the characteristics of the prison, the different costs of the privileges that I can obtain, and the exclusive benefits that will be provided to me by the Tachibana family since they have various contacts within the prison.

I blankly looked at a sheet of paper that was the record of privileges I can buy. – "… Twelve-year-old girls?"

This couldn't be worse...

"That's right" – Tsunenaga nodded as if this was something natural. – "If Mr. Yamada is looking for something younger then there will be an additional charge"


I hate this world.

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