86 Chapter 85: Helping Students

I sighed as I headed to my next target in my limo.

"It's not healthy to get depressed so easily, chirp" – Beni shook her head. – "In life, it is inevitable that there will be people who misunderstand your actions so don't think too much about this, chirp"

"Knowing that people see me as some kind of evil tyrant depresses me" - I sighed. – "Although to a certain extent it does not surprise me"

After Mifuyu stopped crying, she told me how the demihuman community leaders prepared a tribute where the most beautiful single women would be given to me as gifts.

Although I was furious at first, Mifuyu explained that the leaders were only afraid of losing my support and although I am already receiving alchemy materials from the demihumans, a small profit is not enough to ensure that I am willing to protect the demihumans considering all the enemies I'll have to protect them.

In fact, I have been receiving 'kind' letters recommending that I hand over demihumans to other supernatural organizations for the sake of developing human magic, other groups have even sent me death threats if I continue to protect demihumans.

Actually, there's a high probability that not only the Gentlemen's Club will try to assassinate me when I'm sent to prison, many groups will send assassins against me, but well, I'm a metapod so I'm not worried.

I wanted to talk to the community leaders to express my discontent in a civil way since they are just trying to survive, but the leaders themselves were the ones who sought me out to apologize while offering their own lives as a token of repentance...

In the end, I just said that I understand the actions they took and I will let it go this time, I also mentioned that everyone under my protection deserves dignified and respectful treatment, and those who violate the rights of those I am protecting will be my enemies, without exceptions.

In the end, the situation was resolved and Mifuyu thanked me while expressing her wish to walk with me again since we managed to become friends.

Asagi sighed saying that in two more meetings Mifuyu will be in my bed, but Asagi is exaggerating… I think so…

I finally announced to the demihumans that I will be going on a business trip for two months.

They might panic knowing that I will be going to a prison where all supernatural abilities are denied and where I will also be the target of multiple professional killers.

Looking at it like this, this sounds like suicide...

Fortunately for me, Medb, Kiara, Irene, Beni, and I cannot be restricted thanks to the system.

Seriously, being a system user is so convenient that everything is resolved just because yes.

I relaxed in the car while Beni gave me a glass of fruit juice. – "It is not healthy for your kidney and stomach to stay stressed, chirp"

I smiled and accepted the juice, Beni's presence is therapeutic for my heart.

Asagi and Medb stayed behind in the demihuman community to check on any trouble Enma and Kiara might cause so for now.

Although Medb is the same type of evil woman as Enma and Kiara, she is more interested in properly developing the demihuman community as she sees them as my subjects and by extension, her subjects.

I looked at the adorable Beni who was sitting next to me and started wondering how such a cute loli could be one of the executioners of the Japanese underworld.

Anime logic I guess.

"You want to hug me? chirp" – Beni asked me curiously.

I smiled awkwardly as my inner desires were easily seen.

"Non-sexual physical contact is important to maintain emotional and mental health, chirp" – Beni moved to sit on my lap and then grabbed my hands to wrap them around her body similar to a child hugging a teddy bear.

I smiled slightly feeling a sense of inner calm. – "Where did you learn about that?"

Beni remained calm which made her look like a cute doll. – "Yesterday I discovered the internet so I spent all night researching emotional health, chirp, I am surprised that there is study material focused on the search for mental health, chirp"

Cooking teacher, swordmaster, demon slayer, lovable loli, and now a psychologist. Is there anything Beni can't do?

I enjoyed the short time of peace until I finally arrived at the academy.

Beni shifted into her spirit form becoming invisible and hovered beside me as I made my way to my office.

Once in my office, I met Anida and Nao who were reviewing some documents.

While I am away, Anida and Nao will be in charge of managing and directing the academy.

Normally this would be the deputy principal job, but I bribed the board members to ignore the official processes, plus since this is my academy it was easy to change the rules to make Anida the new principal.

I'm sure this will bring trouble with the parent board and some branches of the student council, but I'm sure the women in my family will be able to deal with any issues, and in case they have a hard time, the Black Label killers have instructions to disappear any troublesome person.

I sighed bitterly seeing how busy Anida was as she didn't even notice my arrival. - "Hello…"

Anida put the documents down and looked at me with a friendly smile. – "Satou-sama, I will finish this paperwork in five minutes so I can fulfill my duties as a maid"

I smiled slightly awkwardly. – "Anida, if this work is too heavy for you you can look for a couple of assistants besides Nao, in the demihuman community there are people trained for this type of work"

Anida smiled. – "Thank you Satou-sama, but the truth is that now I can understand how difficult it is to manage a company, or well, a school, so I really want to do my best to be of more help to Satou-sama in the future"

I walked over to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. – "Just with your presence you are already very helpful, thanks for everything you do for me"

Anida flashed a beautiful smile and returned her attention to the documents.

I feel like I can spend hours admiring this beautiful woman while she works, but Nao's voice interrupted my moment of contemplation. – "The presence of Yamada-sama pleases us, but it is currently working hours so if Yamada-sama does not have official business to discuss, I would appreciate it if Yamada-sama does not interrupt our work"

This woman is too professional...

I smiled wryly and wanted to joke around a bit. – "If you are jealous for not receiving a kiss, you just have to say it"

Nao kept her expression absolutely calm. – "My body belongs to Yamada-sama so I have no reason to be jealous, but work is our priority since Yamada-sama is going on a business trip and it is my duty as a maid to ensure that everything works properly"

The Shinomiya family suppressed all the information about my arrest and the official news was released that I will go on a trip for one or two months so that the students will not question my absence.

Even wealthy families with connections will only know that I will cooperate with the police to assist in a fraud investigation while the issue of student sex trafficking is a secret that the public will not know.

I sighed and kissed Nao's cheek. – "I will walk around the academy, I will meet you for lunch"

Nao and Anida felt so that I left my office to take a walk around the academy. Now that my phobia towards beautiful women has been regulated thanks to medication I no longer have panic attacks walking around the academy so for the first time I want to take a walk around this place.

"That woman is strange, chirp" – Beni was still in her spiritual form that made her invisible, but because of our link I can see and hear her. – "It is as if all her emotions had been frozen and she only knows how to follow a certain role, chirp"

I also think that Nao's attitude is sometimes strange since she is similar to a robot whose only purpose in life is to be a perfect maid.

I even had Enma and Mikado check if there was some kind of mind control magic or neurological problem with her, but the reality is that she was raised to be a maid practically since her birth and thus she has that personality.

Hayasaka was supposed to be raised to be the same as Nao, but thanks to her growing up with Kaguya, she was able to develop her individuality and personality differently from her mother.

"In the future, I would like her to develop her own personality with her own dreams and goals..." - I sighed. – "But I don't know how to help her since she herself seems to be fine with being like that"

Beni nodded in her spirit form. – "You cannot help a person who does not want help, chirp, that will only be counterproductive and can cause a conflict"

I began to walk leisurely around the academy feeling relaxed and a little happy.

Because of bullying I always saw school as a dark and scary hell full of pain, suffering, and humiliation. The stairs and bathrooms terrified me as if horrible monsters were hiding in the shadows, the corridors were dark as if the light did not exist and the looks of all the people contained hate and contempt.

If it weren't for the fact that one of my greatest wishes was to fulfill my deceased parents' expectations of becoming an outstanding student, I would have dropped out of school since elementary school.

Now that I think about it, maybe hikikomori arise due to the stressful, competitive, and bullying environment of schools which is then reinforced by the lack of attention from parents…

I have become so focused on supernatural issues that I keep forgetting to help my students have a healthy environment.

Saki's case is a clear example of this, the girls who bullied her were clearly people who have bullied other students just for fun and it was only when Saki was involved that I intervened...

I sighed internally, I'm still not a proper adult.

I kept walking through the corridors and looked inside some classrooms to see how the teachers were giving classes.

It made me happy to see how the teachers strive to teach the students with such dedication and professionalism. It was good that Black Label removed teachers who were just a waste of space…

I kept walking, but when I passed an empty room I stopped for a moment as I heard a subtle sound of crying.

A female voice crying in an empty room… Well, at least I know that ghosts aren't scary so I peeked in to check what was going on.

I took a little peek inside the classroom and since the light was off I couldn't make out the person in the room, but I'm sure she's a female student.

"Beni…" - I murmured in a low voice. - "Any advice?"

"If you want to help then offer help, if the person doesn't want help then back off and try to talk to the person's parents to check if this is a potentially dangerous situation, chirp" – Beni-sensei demonstrated her wisdom.

I think I should take some educational psychology courses.

I gently opened the classroom door so as not to startle the girl who was crying.

When the door opened, the crying stopped and the girl seemed to have hidden.

I tried to speak kindly. - "Hello? I heard someone here…"

I didn't get an answer so I turned on the light, but the girl had already hidden.

I sighed internally. – "If there is no one here then it must be a ghost… I can be an adult, but ghosts scare me so please answer because if you don't answer I will think you are a ghost, and believe me, seeing a middle-aged man screaming like a little girl is not something you want to see…"

I heard a slight snort of laughter.

"A ghost that laughs? That's terrifying" – I made a dramatic voice of fear.

The girl was hiding behind the main desk that teachers use and she finally stood up.

When I saw her I recognized her immediately since she belongs to one of the first animes I saw.

Purple hair, ice-blue eyes, snow-white skin, and a beautiful face.

Mizore Shirayuki from the anime Rosario + Vampire, although the manga is much better...

I smiled slightly. – "Miss, it is not good that you scare adults"

Mizore had an expressionless face and gently lowered her head. - "Sorry…"

… Something is not right.

From what I remember from the anime, she is a quiet girl who shows few emotions even though she has a sensitive heart and a jealous attitude. Basically a combination of Kuudere and Yandere.

The current Mizore is more like a person who suffers from depression and has a serious inferiority complex, I know because I have the same problem.

I entered the classroom and closed the door softly, but I didn't approach her so as not to scare her since this looks like a doujin stage and I'm tired of people keeping misunderstanding me.

"Miss, as part of this academy it is my duty to ensure the welfare of the students" - I smiled kindly trying not to think that I look like a pedophile who offers sweets in an elementary school. – "If you have a problem, I hope you can talk to me or I can find another teacher with whom you feel comfortable to talk"

Mizore's shoulders trembled, but since she keeps her head bowed I can't see her expression.

We were both silent for a long time until she finally spoke in a harsh and slightly hostile voice. - "It's not your problem"

I know that feeling, she's afraid of being hurt or judged so she chooses to push people away.

I want to help her, not only because she was one of my waifus in my past life, but also because I understand how devastating depression is.

Since I don't know what to do, I chose to use one of the most powerful techniques in shonen, Talk no Jutsu.

"Before I used to be scared when people offered me help, I was scared that others would make fun of my pain or that people could not understand me and say that I am complaining about insignificant things…" – I am happy to be able to face my past without having thoughts suicidal. – "But even though it has been a short time since I allowed other people to help me, I discovered how valuable it is to receive a hand to help me stand up when I trip over my own feet"

Mizore seemed to calm down a bit and sat on the ground as she hugged her legs.

I walked over to her and sat down next to her making sure to respect her personal space.

"Even if I tell you, you won't understand..." - Mizore had her face pressed into her knees hiding her expression.

I sighed. – "Is it something about demons?"

Mizore shivered as her nails dug into her legs cutting into her skin. - "How do you know?"

Her voice sounded full of doubt and hostility to which I responded with kindness. – "Some members of the academy staff know about the demihumans so you should not worry, this is a safe place"

It seems like she doesn't know that I'm the man who sheltered her community, but that's okay. I don't want her to be intimidated by my status like other demihumans.

Mizore calmed down again. – "Yes… The demons attacked my home… Everything was destroyed… Even my father was devoured… After we came to the human world we were persecuted by hunters of the supernatural… I don't know what to do… Why does the world hate us so much? Did we do something wrong? Is our existence a mistake?... I don't know..."

I kept quiet and waited for Mizore to finish venting.

"Tell me… What was wrong with me? What did I do to deserve this?" – Mizore looked at me desperately in search of an answer.

"You were not wrong and you did not do anything wrong" - I sighed and looked at the ceiling. – "Sometimes bad things happen to innocent people, it is not a divine punishment or a curse, sometimes it is bad luck… On the other hand, sometimes bad people hurt good people for no reason…"

I looked at Mizore. – "You went through painful things because of bad people, it is not your fault, it is their fault, do not hate yourself, but do not be obsessed with revenge either, the best thing you can do is live fully, if you enjoy life then People who seek to harm you will have failed"

"Enjoy life?" – Mizore smiled with mockery and contempt directed at herself. – "That is impossible for me, I am a snow woman, we are destined for tragic lives…"

I smiled slightly. – "Well, I am a fat middle-aged man, my destiny is to be a sedentary turtle, but I can do squats all day without getting tired"

"…" – Mizore looked at me blankly and then smiled wryly.

"Fate is an abstract thing" – I shrugged. – "There are heroes who trust too much in destiny and in the end, they fail in their adventures... Villains obsessed with destiny and that is why they make absurd mistakes… If destiny really exists then we can accept that there are things that we cannot change while we focus on improving what is within our possibilities"

"What if I don't know how to improve my life?" – Mizore asked with slight sadness.

"You can ask other people for help" - I smiled softly. – "If you cannot talk to your family and you have no one else to talk to, most of the staff at this school is willing to support the students, you just have to see which teacher you feel more comfortable talking to"

Mizore pressed her forehead to her knees again, but her posture seemed less depressing.

"Although it is not good that you skip classes, I can accompany you to your classroom to explain to your teacher that you were helping me, and that way you will not be punished" - I spoke softly as if I were speaking with a child. – "Tell me when you feel better to go to your salon"

"Thank you" – Mizore replied in a low voice.

We spent an hour like that in silence until Mizore stood up.

"Thank you for listening to me" – Mizore showed a subtle smile that looked a bit forced, but at least I already had that hopeless look that she had when I entered the room.

I walked Mizore to her classroom and on the way, I saw a couple of students who muttered under their breath when they saw us.

"Those girls are muttering that student Mizore is a slut who sleeps with any teacher, chirp" – Beni confirmed my concerns.

I sighed internally, I'll have to talk to Kaguya and Mari to devise zero-tolerance strategies towards bullying.

"Before you react..." - Beni continued speaking. – "Those two girls don't seem to hate the student Mizore, rather it's a rumor so my suggestion is that you don't get angry or the rumors will only get worse, chirp"

I kept walking next to Mizore and when the two girls walked away, I looked at Mizore. – "If something happened during the time you have been in this academy, you can talk to me or to the members of the student council of the north branch"

Mizore looked down. – "The first day of classes I rejected a student's statement and since then rumors have arisen that I sleep with anyone…"

I definitely need to talk to Kaguya.

"Since you trusted me, I'll make sure to help you" - I smiled without showing how angry I feel.

Mizore nodded expressionlessly, it seems she has no expectations that I'll be able to help her.

I sighed internally and led her to her classroom.

I was surprised that she was a student of Mafuyu, this woman had very bad luck receiving so many students with complex and supernatural problems.

I knocked on the door so Mafuyu stopped his class to open the door for me.

"Principal…" – Mafuyu looked at me first and then looked at Mizore with a slight frown. – "Miss Shirayuki, this is the fifth time you have skipped class"

The fifth time?

The bullying is affecting Mizore too much…

I smiled bitterly. – "Sorry, I asked Miss Mizore to help me arrange some documents and I did not see the time so this is my mistake"

Mafuyu's anger was directed at me. – "Principal, it is very harmful to make students miss their classes, that will lower the performance of the students"

I scratched my cheek awkwardly. – "What if later we open a place to give extra classes and you could take charge of tutoring the students? This way the students will be able to review the topics that are difficult for them…"

Mafuyu thought for a moment and nodded. – "Sounds good, but for now, I need to continue with the class"

"Keep up the good work" - I smiled and then I said goodbye to Mizore. – "Young lady, thank you for helping me with those documents"

Mizore nodded expressionlessly and entered the classroom.

I took a quick look and noticed that Kogarashi was sitting next to Yunna while the other students couldn't see Yuuna which is good since that girl is showing her underwear again.

Maybe Yuuna could become friends with Mizore, friendship helps to deal with bullying so it's not a bad idea.

I left the room and headed to the east section student council room, the place where Mari is in charge.

I will discuss this matter with her first, and then discuss it with Kaguya.

Because of my stupidity, I only noticed this problem one day before going to prison so I have to make as much preparation as possible or I won't know how to react if bullying drives one of my students to suicide.



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