82 Chapter 82: Smiles That Heal Hearts

On the way to Mikan's parents' house, I spent my time chatting with Lala about video games.

Normally Mikan isn't too into video games or anime, but she seemed quite nervous so she joined in the conversation and the three of us enjoyed a quiet moment as if we were a group of friends, which makes me question if my age mental is very low since apparently, I can only make friends with childish people...

When we finally arrived at the Yuuki family's house, Enma sent me a telepathic message. – "I already made the preparations Master~"

She went ahead to prepare defensive barriers, kidnap Rito Yuuki, and prepare a squad of Taimainin in case of emergency.

I sighed internally, I really am a villain of an eroge game…

"Why are we here?" – Lala looked at the house curiously.

Mikan also looked at me curiously.

I smiled and patted Mikan's head. – "I thought we could do it here as a way for you to say goodbye to the past"

I feel bad lying to this pretty girl, even though those are partly my true feelings.

Although Mikan really treats the people in the mansion as her new family, sometimes she shows sadness when topics related to parents or older siblings are brought up so I'm worried that she's hiding her sadness.

MIkan looked at me strangely. – "Satou-san, I honestly don't think doing adult things in my old house is a therapeutic method and I think it's just a strange taste of yours…"

…I sighed internally, I've been branded as a weird fetish pervert…

"But it's okay" – Mikan showed a nice smile. – "If this makes you happy, I am fine with this"

I shook my head. – "Mikan, your happiness should not depend on me or anyone else, you should be happy because you enjoy your life, not to please others"

"It's ironic when you say it" - Lala smiled at me. – "Everything you do is for us"

"Well... A week ago I founded a video game development company just to make games that I like, sometimes I give myself my luxuries" - I smiled wryly.

Lala looked at me mischievously. – "You did that company because I told you that I want to play Half-Life 3, again you acted not for your own good, but for ours"

Sometimes I forget that Lala is quite perceptive despite her childish attitude.

I smiled wryly. - "Go"

I got out of the car while the two beautiful girls followed me.

We easily entered the house and the strange thing was that Mikan didn't ask because I was able to open the door of the house without using the keys. Sometimes I think that this loli accepts the things that she can't understand as a way to face reality.

It's already class time so in a normal situation, Rito should be at the academy so Mikan didn't ask because her brother wasn't at home.

We went to what used to be Mikan's room, but she froze when she noticed that the place had been turned into a warehouse full of manga sketches.

"...I didn't even leave for a month..." Mikan muttered under her breath.

When Mikan moved in with me, I bought her new stuff so her stuff should still be here, but apparently, her parents were so mad at the situation that they threw away Mikan's stuff.

I couldn't get mad since this is actually my fault, I just hugged Mikan.

"Satou-san…" – Mikan spoke in a low voice as she hugged me. – "Let's do it in my parents' room"

Is this her way of showing rebellion?

I quickly sent a telepathic message to Enma. – "This will be done in the parent's room, and there will be a change of plans, use a camouflage spell to make the boy invisible"

I originally thought to have Lala and Mikan blindfold themselves so they wouldn't see Rito, but on second thought, I'd be stupid if I didn't take advantage of the ever convenient magic.

We went to Mikan's parents' room and there I saw Enma and Medb.

"Master, wait a minute, we'll take care of it~" – Medb smiled at me as she took Mikan and Lala's hands.

"Fufufu, Master shouldn't worry" – Enma smiled at me as she made a subtle gesture towards a corner of the room.

I looked in that direction and didn't see anything, but knowing Enma, it's probably in that corner where the protagonist of To Love Ru is...

I sighed and left the room.

I took out my cell phone and started to play a gacha game while Mikan and Lala were ready.

It's unbelievable that I just spent 700 dollars just to get a waifu in a mobile game... Being a millionaire is nice.

After 10 minutes the door to the room opened as Medb smiled at me to let me in.

The room wasn't big and the bed was a simple double bed, but the whole place became irrelevant when I saw the two girls on the bed.

Lala was dressed in a cute set of black underwear. Instead of sexy underwear, her underwear had a gap between her breasts in the shape of a cat face while the bottom of her underwear was similar to a spaghetti strap bikini.

In addition to the cat-themed underwear, on Lala's head were a pair of pink ears that flapped happily as if she were a happy kitty.

Additional detail was that Lala's usual succubus tail was gone and replaced with a cat tail with pink fur.

Lala struck a kitten pose and smiled fondly at me. – "Nya~ What do you think Satou? Nya~"

*Lala has used seduction*

*It's super effective*

*Satou is stunned*

I shook my head to get out of my absurd thoughts and smiled. - "You look beautiful"

Lala's smile grew increasing her beauty.

I turned my attention to Mikan who constantly averted her gaze as her cheeks flushed bright red in embarrassment.

The loli had a similar outfit to Lala, but Mikan's clothes were white which gave Mikan a feeling of innocence and tenderness that was very suitable for Mikan, moreover, although Mikan is a loli with small breasts, the small space visible in the opening of her bra showed that she had started to develop a nice pair of breasts.

I smiled and walked over to both girls to hug them. – "I thank life for allowing me to meet you two"

Mikan blushed brightly as Lala smiled and imitated a kitten's purr.

I was worried that Mikan was too flustered, but I was surprised when the cute loli ignored all sense of embarrassment and used her small hands to hold my face, and then started kissing my lips.

As my mouth enjoyed Mikan's sweet taste, Lala began to undress me slightly awkwardly.

Although Mikan was an innocent girl who had never had a boyfriend, she was extremely passionate about our kiss and although I could see her obvious lack of experience, her desire to unite her body with mine was clear.

My right hand caressed Mikan's slender waist while my left hand moved to her round little peach-like buttocks.

Although I don't really have a fetish for lolis, in my past life I admired many times how well-defined Mikan's subtle curves were in the To Love Ru anime. Now that I have this cute loli in my arms, I can say that her slender body is quite attractive despite her young age.

As my hands and mouth enjoyed Mikan's body, I shivered as I felt a pleasurable sensation in my lower body.

I didn't separate my lips from Mikan, but I understood that Lala had started sucking on my crotch.

Once I heard that Lala had built a dildo similar to my dick to practice oral sex so Lala once again proved to be a genius because the way she licked my dick was too pleasurable.

I undid the knot that held the lower part of Mikan's underwear which allowed me to more easily feel the soft texture of Mikan's cute butt.

Mikan's small buttocks practically fit in my hands so I started to caress them and squeeze them gently so as not to hurt Mikan.

Mikan had to separate our lips as she had begun to let out small moans of pleasure as she felt my hands kneading her soft flesh.

With the tips of my fingers, I began to caress the entrance of her two lower holes, making her genital area completely wet.

Mikan pressed her face into my shoulder as her small body trembled, she squeezed her thighs as a stream of liquid ran down her legs showing that she couldn't resist the pleasure and she had an orgasm with just my gentle caresses.

Mikan looked up and met my eyes. Her pretty face was flushed like an apple, her glassy eyes were full of longing, and the way her thin lips let out light gasps was extremely erotic considering her youthful appearance, she was the representation of the temptation caused by the forbidden.

"Mikan, you're too cute" - I smiled and kissed her thin lips at the same time that Lala managed to put my entire crotch in her warm mouth which made me ejaculate directly inside her throat.

I stopped kissing Mikan and looked at Lala only to notice that she showed that her practices were not a waste of time as she managed to swallow all my cum without difficulty.

"Satou, you should start with Mikan" – Lala stepped back as Enma handed her a bottle of water to remove the smell and taste from her mouth.

Even though Lala's gaze showed that she was intoxicated with lust, she was willing to give up the first turn to Mikan. Surely she is too good for this rotten world...

I looked at Mikan who had an expression of expectation and happiness as all traces of fear disappeared from her eyes.

"Are you ready?" – I smiled gently at this cute loli.

Mikan nodded and lay face-up on the double bed, then extended both hands while spreading her legs apart looking like a cute koala looking for a hug, although the fact that her intimate area was overflowing with sticky liquid gave a sensation of erotic tenderness.

I carefully got between Mikan's legs and pressed the point of my crotch into her wet hole.

I gently began to insert my thick dick into her small hole making Mikan's body shudder as an expression of pure pleasure covered her face.

When a third of my dick was inside the pretty girl, I started to move my hips gently as she is not ready to receive all of my dick or the pleasure might overwhelm her.

I stayed on my knees on the bed as my hands gripped Mikan's slim waist and my hips moved to make the cute loli moan in pleasure as her small hands gripped the bedsheets.

Mikan's small body shuddered with each of my movements. Her little nipples stood out on the bra because of how hard they were. Her hair had become damp from sweat making strands of hair stick to her face making her euphoric expression even more erotic.

Mikan's whole appearance gave off eroticism and tenderness at the same time, which was a fatal weapon against me, so after ten minutes of enjoying Mikan's warm interior, I had the need to ejaculate, so I was about to move away so as not to ejaculate inside of this loli.

"Inside… Satou-san… do it inside…" – Mikan gasped with a lost look so she spoke with difficulty.

I smiled fondly, seeing this pretty girl maintain a strong and mature attitude is nice, although sometimes I wish she was more childish and she could enjoy her childhood.

I let go of Mikan's waist and with my hands, I took off her bra to start caressing her small breasts.

Mikan bit her lip as if she was trying to hold back her moans which made her all the more charming.

I couldn't stand Mikan's stimulating tenderness so I ejaculated inside her.

The cute loli was not prepared for how stimulating it is to receive my cum inside her so she widened her eyes in surprise, then her gaze went back as she opened her mouth with her tongue hanging out, showing a perfect ahegao.

Mikan lost control of her body so she not only came, but her bladder lost strength releasing her urine.

I don't have a urine fetish, but seeing Mikan in such an embarrassing situation was oddly enjoyable, almost like a father's feeling seeing his young daughter acting like a baby, although well, a father shouldn't be having sex with his daughter…

Mikan fainted with a goofy smile of pleasure, and although her expression wasn't suitable for a twelve-year-old loli, at least she looks happy so I won't think about it too much.

I took my dick out from inside Mikan causing the white liquid to overflow from her inside, I ejaculated quite a lot...

I sighed and saw that Enma approached me to spray me with a spray making Mikan's urine and fluids disappear from my body.

"Good job Master" - Enma smiled at me strangely. – "Should I give this girl the medicine to prevent pregnancy or does the Master want to enjoy the feeling of having impregnated an innocent loli?"

I sighed heavily. – "I know I am a pervert and now I cannot deny being a lolicon, but I have my limits, and getting Mikan pregnant is something I will not do for now"

"Fufufu, Master admits that he will impregnate Mikan in the future~" – Enma smiled at me mischievously.

I smiled bitterly, the way things are going that's not impossible as long as I don't have an early death.

"Hey you two" – Medb caught attention so we turned to see her and I noticed that she was next to an excited Lala. – "Master, do not forget that there is still a princess to be inseminated"

My lip trembled, Lala is still too young to be a mother.

"Satou…" – Lala seemed to be fighting the urge to pounce on me like a hungry lioness.

I smiled gently. – "Come Lala, you don't need to hold back"

Lala's expression became similar to a predator seeing her prey and she hurriedly jumped into my arms.

Lala wrapped her arms around my neck and started kissing me intensely.

I hugged her waist and regained my balance so as not to fall on my back since Mikan is sleeping on the bed.

Lala didn't seem to mind that we were standing as she started rubbing her body against mine making my dick rub against the bottom of her underwear while my chest enjoyed the soft feel of Lala's breasts even if she was still wearing her cat bra.

Lala separated her lips from mine and looked at me with an expression full of love and lust. - "Love you!"

Lala kissed me again and one of her hands released me to unwrap the knots that held her underwear.

In an instant, Lala was stripped naked with just a pair of cute pink cat ears and a fluffy cat tail.

Lala held my dick and led it to her intimate region which was totally wet.

My dick began to enter the interior of my waifu, letting me taste a pleasant sensation that was too pleasant.

I don't know if it's because of the genes that Lala inherited from her mother, but this beautiful girl had one of the nicest vaginas I've ever been in second only to Kiara.

When half of my dick was inside her, Lala grabbed me by the shoulders and did a little jump to wrap her legs around my waist and a little violently she received all of my dick inside her.

In a panic, I hugged Lala's waist for fear that she might fall, but she clung to my body as her hips began to shake despite how awkward her posture was.

When our bodies were fully joined, Lala began to let out small gasps which were intensifying with every second.

In just a few minutes, she was moaning loudly filling the room with her erotic voice.

Lala seemed to be having the time of her life as she shook her hips as kissed me. Sometimes she would separate her lips from mine and begin to weigh down my neck and shoulders as if some erotic instinct had awakened inside her.

Lala stared at me as my hands clung to her soft fleshy buttocks. Her eyes were overflowing with love and her pupils were practically two little hearts.

Looking at her expression of love and pleasure, I couldn't help but smile. – "Lala, I love you"

My words seemed to stimulate Lala as the inside of her vagina contracted as she experienced an intense orgasm.

Even though Lala was caught up in the pleasure of an orgasm, she didn't stop moving her hips and even her movements became more intense as if her body was feeding on the pleasure.

Lala's body was covered in sweat making her smooth skin have an erotic sheen. Her look in love was only suitable for a madly in love wife who sees her husband. Her passionate movements were so intense that I needed to lean against a wall to keep from falling.

With the passing of each second, I enjoyed Lala's body to the fullest, making me feel grateful to arrive in this world.

"I love you Satou!" – Lala seemed to share my thoughts as she cried out with joy only to then lose herself in the pleasure of sex and moan incoherently again.

I don't know how long it was, but after Lala had her fifth orgasm I felt the urge to ejaculate.

Lala seemed to have noticed this so she smiled as her legs tightened around my waist. – "Satou… I want to have your son…. Love you…"

Those words hit my heart like a bomb making me fall even more in love with this beautiful girl which I thought was already impossible.

Even though I have no intention of getting Lala pregnant when she is still young, I released all my semen inside her causing Lala to let out a loud cry of ecstasy and happiness.

Lala's orgasm lasted almost two minutes after which she hugged me as she rested her head on my shoulder and spoke in a low whisper. - "Love you…"

"I love you too" - I whispered in Lala's ear and allowed her to sleep.

I carried Lala to bed and settled her down next to Mikan so she could rest.

Looking at both beautiful girls, I felt the cracks in my heart stop being painful and the only thing on my mind was the endless love I feel for the women in my life.

If it's for the women I love, I'm not afraid to face the world.

"Mom… I love my husband…" – Lala murmured softly as she smiled.

Mikan had a cute expression as she slept and seemed to be thinking happy thoughts as he would sometimes let out small smiles.

… Why do I feel like I'm forgetting something?

Ah, it doesn't matter, if I forgot then it shouldn't matter, only Mikan and Lala matter right now.

Yes, I will do whatever it takes to protect those smiles.



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