80 Chapter 80: NTR Laws

(3rd person perspective)

Inside a car, Satou sighed as he looked at his own hands.

His hands weren't the hands of a man who had known hard work, they were fat and charmless hands, and most importantly, right now those hands were shaking.

In Satou's two lives, he had three moments that were so painful that they left emotional trauma in his heart and mind.

The death of his parents made him yearn for a family as well as increased his fear of losing loved ones to an obsessive point.

His girlfriend's betrayal made him fearful of beautiful women and romantic relationships.

His loss of self-control that led to his killing his family led him into an abyss of guilt and self-loathing.

Despite the scars on him, Satou had managed to start to get better.

Satou raised a family with people who loved him and who he himself loved with all his heart, and even if some members of that family went against Satou's moral standards, he would not stop loving them.

Satou was still nervous around beautiful women, but he no longer feared them and was even able to appreciate the beauty of women. Most importantly, Satou was able to open his heart to love the people who loved him, which was his biggest breakthrough.

Lastly, Satou still felt guilty and hated himself, but he no longer yearned for death because his greatest wish was to see his daughters grow up, take care of their wives, and make a better future for those people who trusted him.

Satou managed to improve and mature, but right now he was terrified.

Satou remembered the most painful betrayal of his life. His being tied to a chair, and even when he closed his eyes to not see what felt like hell to him, Satou could still hear his girlfriend having sex with the cousin who always treated him like dirt.

Satou already considered himself a worthless scum, he felt that he lost all right to speak of justice since he himself became a rapist, but even though his ideals were destroyed with his own hands, Satou was still afraid of what he was about to do.

Satou sighed and clenched his fists. He really didn't want to do this, but time was ticking and he needed to complete the system quest, Satou couldn't let a hentai protagonist get his hands on his family.

Satou sighed heavily and opened a bottle of pills, luckily for him, Ryouko Mikado was a true genius and in just a couple of hours, she was able to make an enhanced version of antidepressants so Satou wouldn't have an emotional relapse.

Satou swallowed two pills and put the bottle away, now he just had to wait.

After a couple of minutes of silence, the car door opened as a cute blonde-haired girl smiled warmly at the fat man.

"Everything is ready now" – Ai Hayasaka smiled gently.

Satou felt that seeing this beautiful girl smile fondly at him was more effective than antidepressant pills.

Satou got out of the car and looked at the old cheap apartment building.

"Are you excited about this?" – Ai tried to joke, but seeing Satou's expression, she held the middle-aged man's hand and spoke softly. – "Just think that you are punishing a naughty girl, this is for Kaguya, do not think about anything else"

Ai knew that despite his appearance, Satou was a kind man so he should feel uncomfortable with this situation.

"Why do you agree to this?" - Satou asked with a sigh. – "It would be normal for you to support Kaguya's feelings for Miyuki"

"That boy can't protect Kaguya, the more I see how complex the world is, the more I understand how cruel reality can be" – Ai looked down with slight bitterness. – "Demons, ninjas, magicians, other worlds… The patriarch of the Shinomiya family will drag Kaguya to hell and Shirogane Miyuki cannot protect her"

"Also…" – Ai looked up and smiled. – "I am sure that with time Kaguya will be able to fall in love with you, even though you have great flaws, you also have your good points"

Satou smiled wryly. – "It is strange that a beautiful schoolgirl would say that to a middle-aged man"

Ai shrugged. – "There is something called Sugar Daddy so I don't think it is something so strange"

"…" – Satou was left speechless by Ai's impudence.

"Come on, we can't keep the others waiting" – Ai led Satou to one of the apartments in the old building.

The place was extremely quiet as if the entire city was empty, but this was actually due to multiple magical barriers, after all, Satou's head had a high price so it was better to be discreet.

Ai opened the door to one of the apartments and after taking off her shoes, Ai led Satou into the main room.

Arriving in the room, Satou stared at the bed in the bedroom.

On the bed were two beautiful girls dressed in skimpy bikinis that barely covered their virginal private areas.

Both girls looked embarrassed and flustered, but the subtle blush on their faces and expectant gazes made Satou feel a bit excited.

Kei Shirogane had on a white bikini that highlighted the beauty of her smooth skin, though the thin fabric showed the outline of her nipples giving a sense of forbidden eroticism.

Kaguya Shinomiya wore a red bikini that showed off her small breasts and slim waist which highlighted her porcelain doll-like beauty.

Satou felt very uncomfortable seeing Miyuki Shirogane like this since he himself was once in that position, but he swallowed his regrets and focused on Kaguya and Kei.

Before arriving at the Shirogane residence, Kei admitted that the idea of having sex in front of her brother made her uncomfortable, but that she was willing to do it in order to have sex with Satou since she was going crazy hearing the intense moans of women of the mansion while she herself could only masturbate in frustration.

Kaguya wasn't comfortable with this either, but she saw it as her own punishment at the same time that she was secretly excited as she couldn't forget the taste of Satou's crotch, and even she fantasized about being penetrated into unconsciousness the same way Satou penetrated the blonde girl's anus.

Satou took a deep breath, took off his jacket, unbuttoned his pants and in a matter of seconds, he was completely naked showing how hard his crotch had gotten.

Kaguya and Kei gulped audibly.

Every night, Kei saw how that thick pillar of flesh penetrated other women until they passed out, so her intimate area began to get wet just by looking at Satou's dick.

Kaguya kept thinking about the taste of Satou's cum and her desire to approve it again was driving her crazy.

Something that Satou didn't know is that his [Emotional Ingredient] ability also affected his semen and since he felt lust and love most of the time he had sex, women literally tasted how much Satou loved them which made them addicted to the semen of this fat man.

Satou walked over to the girls and sat on the edge of the bed, he chose to allow the girls to do as they please since, if he took the initiative, these two virgin girls might mentally break.

Both girls got off the bed while crawling like two cute kittens, they both knew about Satou's fetishes so they decided to make the most of this knowledge.

When both girls were kneeling on the ground, Kaguya couldn't resist her lustful desires anymore, she really wanted to lick that pillar of meat, but before she could jump like a hungry kitten seeing tuna, another kitten was faster than her.

Kei had no experience with men, but during the short time that she was kidnapped by The Auction people, she learned the proper way to perform oral sex and even asked Lala to build her a dildo in the shape of Satou's dick to be able to practice.

Kei had already agreed to be one of Satou's lovers and she was actually looking forward to her first time so she hesitated to open her small mouth to try and engulf Satou's thick crotch.

Kaguya was sad and furious when she saw the pleasure in Kei's eyes, she herself knew how satisfying it was to have Satou's dick in her mouth and she wanted to feel the same.

Despite her frustration, Kaguya didn't push Kei away as she had started seeing that girl as a younger sister so instead of fighting, she decided to cooperate.

Kaguya leaned down and brought her thin lips close to Satou's crotch. As the white-haired girl licked the top half of the thick meat stick, Kaguya began to run her little tongue along the bottom of Satou's crotch.

Both girls were completely immersed in the happiness and pleasure of the salty taste on their tongues.

Satou slightly moved his head to see how both beautiful girls licked his crotch and he couldn't help but feel a tender feeling in his heart.

Although he constantly said that he saw both girls as his daughters, the truth is that his mind was still that of a young otaku who loves waifus, so he really saw almost all the girls in his mansion as beautiful women with whom he would love to have a relationship, except for lolis, Satou wasn't a complete lolicon yet.

Satou reached out his hands and started to caress both girls' heads, but then he noticed something that melted his heart, both girls' cat ears moved as if they were real feline ears...

Actually, both headbands were made by Lala so that the ears would move according to the emotions of the wearer.

The combination of tenderness and pleasure made Satou unable to contain his need to ejaculate.

Kei and Kaguya were inexperienced to recognize when a man was about to ejaculate so they were both shocked to receive a load of white liquid on their faces.

When Kei smelled the liquid that she had long dreamed of, she licked her lips to taste the liquid while Kaguya got ready and started licking Satou's crotch to extract more of the substance that she longed for.

As Kei used her hands to wipe the cum off her face before licking the liquid off with her tongue, Kaguya stood up and untied the knot holding her bikini bottoms.

Spreading her legs around Satou's waist, she was about to hug the fat man, but a hand on her shoulder stopped her.

"First you need to clean up" - Ai smiled gently at her best friend and with a wet towel wiped Kaguya's body to leave no trace of Satou's semen.

She even made Kaguya take a drink from a bottle of water which took the taste and smell out of Kaguya's mouth.

Kaguya was a little sad to lose the taste in her mouth, but she had heard that Satou didn't kiss women who drank her cum so she could accept this.

When Kaguya was free of any male scent, she sat on Satou's legs making her wet vagina rub against Satou's hard erection.

Ai walked behind Kaguya and helped her support herself so that she could press Satou's dick with her virginal area.

Satou carefully grabbed Kaguya's waist and gently helped her down making his dick penetrate the Shinomiya Family's virgin princess.

When Satou's dick was half inside the beautiful red-eyed girl, Kaguya began to tremble as her vagina overflowed with feminine fluids.

The act of penetration alone was too stimulating for Kaguya and since Satou's skill [Virgin Hunter] negated the pain while she maximized the pleasure, Kaguya had a strong orgasm as soon as Satou snatched virginity from her.

Although Kaguya's mind went blank due to pleasure, her stubbornness and willpower allowed her to start moving her hips in small circles allowing Satou's meat to feel each of the little folds inside Kaguya.

Kei watched as Kaguya began to shake her hips making her small peach-like butt appear to be dancing.

Kei felt a bit lonely at being left out so she took Ai's towel and bottle to clean herself and when she was free of any strange smell, Kei walked over to Satou and used her small hands to hold the fat man's face.

"Just so you know, you're not my kind of man…" - Kei frowned even though her flushed cheeks and glassy eyes showed that she was enjoying this. – "But I don't dislike you either…"

Kei parted her beautiful lips and kissed Satou making sure her little tongue intertwined with the fat man's tongue.

As Satou enjoyed the beautiful white-haired girl's lips, his hands caressed Kaguya's slim body who kept gently moving her hips enjoying the intoxicating pleasure of unprotected sex.

Ai looked at this and nodded so she moved away to let the audience watch the whole scene unhindered.

Ever since Kaguya and Kei had started licking Satou's crotch, Ai had removed Miyuki's blindfold so the blond boy watched in horror and pain as his younger sister and the love of his life went out their way to please the lust of the disgusting and perverse middle-aged man.

Although Satou was uncomfortable and annoyed at the idea of ​​other men seeing the naked bodies of the women he loved, the fat man had been so absorbed in the beauty of the two girls that he forgot about Miyuki Shirogane's existence.

Miyuki tried to use all his strength to break free of his bonds to stop the hell he was witnessing, but the knots made by Ai were not something a normal teenager could undo.

When Ai, Kaguya, and Kei arrived at Miyuki's house, the blond boy was confused but happy to see that his sister was safe and thought that Kaguya had done something to help her, but that gratitude quickly turned to confusion as Ai pinned him down and tied him to a chair.

Miyuki didn't understand what was going on, only he heard Kei apologize with a sigh, and then his eyes were covered.

He then listened as Kei and Kaguya changed clothes and even though his teenage hormones kicked into high gear at the thought of Kaguya's naked body, he was in a panic as he realized something very wrong was going on.

When he heard both girls using anxious and excited voices as they called out to a so-called master, he realized that things were on a level beyond his worst nightmare.

When the blindfold was removed from Miyuki's eyes, he witnessed hell.

As if that wasn't enough, Miyuki noticed that both Kaguya and Kei didn't seem reluctant to hand over their bodies to the fat principal, they were really looking forward to losing their virginity to the fat man.

Miyuki was horrified when he saw the principal's gigantic dick penetrate the slim Kaguya. It seemed that the black-haired girl might break before such a pillar of flesh, but not only could Kaguya accept the thick object inside her body, she seemed to be having the time of her life.

Miyuki looked at this with extreme desperation and even when he tried to close his eyes, he couldn't look away almost as if his mind wanted to see the way the fat man fucked the love of his life.

The system only gave superficial descriptions of most titles so Satou was unaware of the full potential of his titles.

The titles [Perverted Scum], [Netorinator], and [Human Trash] had no effect on women but on men.

Together, these titles developed the effect called 'Loser Netorase', a strange phenomenon where men with small penises would feel despair, excitement, and resignation upon seeing the women they loved in Satou's arms.

To understand such a phenomenon, we must go back to the Gospel of Saint Netori:

'It is well known that faced with the desperation and anguish of impotence, the perverse fetish of masochism arises. When the man with a small dick watches his beloved woman being fucked by a real superior male with a big dick, that's when the man with a small dick realizes his own insignificance and accepts the fate of being a pathetic loser with premature ejaculation and microscopic dick. This is the natural order of the world, a world where big dick alpha males dominate horny bitches while precocious losers jerk off in a dark room in complete solitude'.

That was why Miyuki could only ejaculate in his own pants while Kaguya shook her lovely butt on Satou's legs.

Kaguya let out several moans of pleasure as the phallic object hit the entrance to her womb.

Kaguya's reproductive instincts had been fully aroused making her body want insemination, and although that wouldn't happen due to the drugs Ryouko Mikado made her take, it didn't stop Kaguya from yearning to receive Satou's semen deep inside her uterus.

Maybe it was because of what Ai mentioned to her about Satou's fetishes, or maybe it was Kaguya's childish instincts, but the more aroused Kaguya became, the wilder her movements became as her sweet moans transformed into erotic cat meow sounds.

With Kaguya's constant nya, Satou felt a new level of tenderness and arousal so he grabbed Kaguya's waist and made his move faster making Kaguya's lust skyrocket.

Satou parted his lips from Kei to kiss Kaguya as the red-eyed girl's thin arms wrapped around the fat man's neck making them both look like a couple of lovers deeply in love.

Satou felt an infinite amount of tenderness for the girl who normally acted like an ice princess so he hugged Kaguya's waist as his cum filled the girl's womb.

Kaguya's eyes widened in surprise and happiness as she felt the hot liquid fill her body. This made the little princess reach a new level in the realm of lust making her mind unable to process the excess of pleasure which led her to pass out with a silly smile on her face.

Ai smiled wryly, she knew this would happen so she reached over and gently pulled Kaguya's body out of Satou's arms and then moved her to another part of the bed so she could sleep.

Ai was about to clean Satou's body so that Kei could take her turn, but the young fourteen-year-old girl couldn't control her own lust and not caring that Satou's dick was covered in semen and Kaguya's fluids, she spread her legs to climb on top of Satou's legs.

"Finally… I can finally have it…" – Kei began to salivate as if she were a starving person who finds a free banquet.

Satou didn't think the stoic and sarcastic girl was so lecherous, but he didn't stop her and instead held onto Kei's waist so the girl wouldn't fall over in excitement.

Kei smiled as she felt Satou's sincere care. Even though she always made sarcastic and derogatory comments towards the fat man, she had really started to develop affection for Satou and although she was not the same as Mikan who had fallen romantically in love with the fat man, Kei really appreciated Satou's kindness.

Kei gently lowered her hips losing her virginity.

Like Kaguya, Kei felt an orgasm as soon as the phallic object was in her body, but she didn't have Kaguya's willpower so Kei stood still for a moment.

Satou watched as Kei froze in delight so he smiled softly and hugged the girl gently and lovingly.

"Don't force yourself" – Satou gently caressed Kei's back making the girl relax.

When Kei managed to recover from her earlier orgasm, she tried to move her hips, but every little movement made her mind cloud with pleasure so Satou had to take control of things.

Carefully and slowly, Satou made sure to satisfy Kei's pent-up lust as the girl began to awaken a new feeling in her heart.

After ten minutes, Kei couldn't bear the pleasure and she fell asleep in Satou's arms with a satisfied smile making Satou think this girl was as cute as a kitten.

Even though Satou didn't ejaculate again, he wasn't frustrated as seeing Kei and Kaguya's sleeping faces was enough to satisfy his heart.

Satou gently placed Kei on the bed next to Kaguya, but when he turned around, a pair of arms wrapped around his neck as a pair of soft lips kissed him.

Satou hugged Ai who had changed into a small black bikini that gave an erotic feel to her shapely body.

Ai parted her lips from the fat man and smiled as the cat ears on her head fluttered adorably. - "You like what you see? Nya~"

Satou felt as if an arrow had pierced his heart and he kissed Ai again.

He couldn't deny it, he was in love with this beautiful girl with blond hair and blue eyes.

Ai felt that Satou's kiss was full of affection and not just lust which made her heart fill with happiness.

She didn't care how strange it was to be in love with a man three times her age, she just knew that she had fallen in love with Satou and it made her happy that her feelings were reciprocated.

Ai parted her lips from Satou and smiled fondly. – "I want to give you my virginity when all this trouble is over… But for now, there is another place you can use~"

Satou didn't mind taking Ai's virginity, he would be happy just to be able to hug this beautiful girl since for him love transcended lust.

Ai took off her bikini fully revealing her naked body, then turned around and crouched down as she used her hands to cup her fleshy buttocks showing how wet her intimate region was.

Satou pressed her crotch with Ai's anus and using Kei and Kaguya's fluids as a lubricant, he entered Ai's tight hole causing the beautiful blonde girl to moan with happiness and lust.

That was how Satou and Ai lost themselves in the pleasure of joining their bodies while a blonde-haired boy looked at the situation with a look of self-loathing and resignation as if he had accepted complete defeat in the face of Satou's superior masculinity.

Satou had officially become an Ugly Bastard, but he didn't care, he just focused on loving Ai Hayasaka.



Author's Note:

When I read what I write, I start to wonder if I'm crazy, a masochist or if I'm just an idiot... I think it's a bit of everything.

Anyway, I hope you continue to enjoy this novel since I honestly felt too uncomfortable writing this chapter.

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