55 Chapter 55: Headpat Doctor 

I sighed looking at the girls in front of me. - "Then let's talk calmly..."

"I feel empty without you! I need to feel your semen in my uterus to be happy!" - A cute girl with long black hair and an absurdly voluptuous body cried out with tears.

"Okay, I got it, just don't yell" - I shook my hands wearily, hearing this kind of thing is bad for my heart.

They were eight beautiful girls with well-developed bodies that were not according to their ages, without a doubt they came out of a doujin or hentai.

I recognized two of them from two quite bizarre hentai series for my liking which only increased my discomfort.

"Let's talk civilly" - I massaged my forehead.

Now we are in the living room, almost all the girls went to their own rooms except for Rinka and Lala who stayed with me to talk to these crazy girls.

"Satou, they are not bad girls ..." - Lala spoke to support her new group of friends.

Looking at the eight girls I realized a problem, three of them were looking at me with complete lust and longing, they should be the ones who are completely broken. Two girls looked uncomfortable looking at me, but they still had a hard time looking away from my crotch. Another girl seemed upset with me, but her thighs were rubbing each other like she was in heat.

The real enigma were two expressionless girls, one of them seemed empty as if she lacked any concept of emotion what worried me.

The other expressionless girl was more complicated, she had a firm expression as if she saw me as an enemy.

She didn't seem to want to be here which was weird, as I texted them to tell them they could go back to their own homes and they didn't need to continue to please me.

I sighed internally. - "Well, to begin with, you no longer have to please me, you can go back to your normal lives"

Instead of happy expressions, they all looked scared, even the firm-looking girl frowned.

"Did I do something wrong?! Sorry! If I was wrong, I'm sorry! Please don't abandon me!" - A beautiful girl with black hair threw herself at my feet and hugged my legs. - "I'll be an obedient bitch, I'll do anything, just don't abandon me!"

"I ... Without the Master I have nothing ... Only the Master needs me ..." - A pretty girl with purple hair began to tremble as tears came out of her eyes.

"If this is a joke, I ask you to stop" - The girl with a determined expression told me with a frown.

"It's not a joke, you really are free" - I feel like there is something I am not realizing.

"Free?" - The girl smirked. - "We will never be free"

The determined-faced girl seemed to be the only one with the ability to speak directly so I focused on her.

Since this discussion doesn't seem to be going anywhere I decided to be honest even if it's not a good idea. - "You see, some things happened and I lost some memories so basically I have no idea who you are so if you are here to be friends with Lala you are welcome, but if you are here because you want to be in a relationship with me, I have to ask you let them stop "

"..." - The girls were silent.

"I didn't know you lost your memory" - Lala came over and looked at me with concern.

Now that I remember I did not tell her about this since for me it is not an important matter, after all, I did not lose my memory, I was reincarnated.

"It's not something important" - I patted Lala's head and smiled at her so she wouldn't worry.

"Aren't you a pedophile anymore?" - The girl with the firm expression asked me in a doubtful voice.

"... I'm not a pedophile" - I sighed.

"True" - Lala nodded. - "Satou prefers adult women, that's why he is forming a harem of something called milf"

… You are not helping me Lala.

"... You've changed" - The girl with the firm gaze let out a sigh.

"You can say that I have reconsidered" - I smiled wryly. - "I'm serious when I say that you are free"

The girl shook her head. - "That is not possible, even if you set me free, Sasugaki will not leave me alone"

"Who?" - I bowed my head in confusion.

The girl sighed. - "It seems that you really lost your memory…. Let me introduce myself, my name is Konome Kiritani, I am your fiancée "

Oh I see, my fiancee…. My fiancee?!

"That's not fair! Satou is my husband!" - Lala pouted.

"…." - I massaged my forehead. - "I have no idea what you're talking about ..."

I wish Enma was here to explain the situation to me...

"Sasugaki is the resource manager of the southern branch of the student council, a long time ago my family lost a bet with his family so I became his property, then that man lost a bet with you so I am now your property" - The girl named Kiritani calmly narrated as if not speaking of her own life.

"Stupid hentai arguments ..." - I mumbled in your low voice.

"Did you say something?" - Kiritani asked me while she raised an eyebrow.

"Nothing, you can continue" - I shook my head.

Kiritani nodded. - "I thought you would take my virginity on the first day of school, but now it turns out that you have changed so I don't know how to react..."

"Shouldn't you be happy?" - I felt uncomfortable with her expression.

"Why must I be happy?" - Kiritani shrugged. - "If you are not the one who takes my body, Sasugaki will do it, and even if that idiot does not do it himself, he will sell me to another pervert"

I thought for a moment and took my phone out of my pocket, then I opened an app Lala made to register academy staff and looked up Sasugaki's name.

Since Black Label's cleanup was extensive, I needed a record, or I could mention the name of a teacher who 'had an accident' or 'escaped to another country'.

I found the name and saw that it was marked 'Arrested' which almost made me smile wryly.

"Shortly before starting classes, I realized some problems with the academy's finances so I called the police to investigate..." - I began to explain the excuse that I prepared a long time ago. - "It turns out that several professors had been stealing the funds from the academy so they have already been arrested"

"What?" - Kiritani widened her eyes in surprise.

"Look, here is the list of the academy staff who were involved in the theft of resources, some have been arrested and others are still being wanted" - I gave my cell phone to Kiritani.

Of the other seven girls, only four were interested in the list while the other three kept looking at me anxiously, even the expressionless girl seemed to want to get closer to me.

Now that I think about it, is there a way to cure mindbreak in a hentai world?

I'll discuss it with Mikado, maybe she can make medicine to deal with this.

Kiritani and the other girls who seem to have an undertone NTR looked at the list with different expressions of disbelief, happiness, and satisfaction.

Since I did not know what to do and taking advantage of the fact that Mikado's medications helped me to regulate my emotional problems, I decided to talk to the girls who did not take their eyes off me.

"So good, as I said I lost part of my memory so I would like you to introduce yourself" - I tried to be nice not to intimidate them since the three girls acted like abandoned dogs.

"Serizawa Yukiha ..." - Said a beautiful girl with black hair and big breasts, her whole body looked too soft and with her youthful face she was a really beautiful girl.

She looked vulnerable like she was an easy bullying victim, but the way she looked at my crotch was worrying.

"Akimiya Sayaka, although my name does not matter since I am only my Master's bitch" - Those horrible words came from a beautiful girl with black hair and a voluptuous body.

I recognized her from rather unpleasant hentai, especially from an orgy scene where this poor girl was forced to cum more than seventy times…. I do not know what to say.

"Minase Sumire" - The expressionless girl spoke in a monotonous voice.

She is more like a machine than a person because of her lack of expression, but I have to admit that her body is really amazing. Even if her curves are not as exaggerated as Enma's, her figure is too good.

"Well, I hope you understand that you can return to your normal lives" - I smiled kindly trying to ignore the discomfort that their gazes gave me.

"I don't understand" - Sayaka looked at me sadly. - "Did you get bored with my body? Am I no longer useful? "

My lip trembled. - "You are not objects, you are people, you deserve a dignified life and not be treated as mere sex toys"

Sayaka smiled kindly. - "Although those kind words are moving, I am only a meat toilet that was born to be filled with semen"

The contrast between her smile and her words left me speechless.

The worst part was that the two girls next to her nodded.

"Better tell me about you..." - I tried to change the subject, but I immediately regretted it.

Sayaka gave me a summary of how the 8 girls had become my possessions, not my lovers, they were literally my property.

First there are the five girls who were interested in seeing the list of people arrested (killed).

Kiritani Konome (Peace Hame! Ge. Author: Shiwasu No Okia) became my fiancee/possession after I won a poker game.

She is the only one who is not broken in the group since she remains a virgin, apparently the previous owner of this body planned to take her virginity on the first day of classes in the music room. On a final note, she is a representative of the kendo club and seems to be quite popular for her kind and protective demeanor.

Akane Nanao (Akane wa tsumare somerareru. Author: Takeda Hiromitsu) is the name of a girl with large breasts and short hair.

She was given to me by one of the former sports teachers as a form of bribery not to fire him for sexually harassing female students. Nanao is one of the women who smells the most of pheromones as if she is in heat while she takes a few glances at my crotch…. No comment.

Shiina Chiuru (Chizuru-chan kaihatsu nikki. Author: Mucha) is a cute girl with purple hair, she has the same background as Nanao, with the difference that the teacher who gave her to me was actually stealing funds from the academy to use in bets. Although Shiina looks cute she seems to be one of the most perverted girls in the group.

Hina Ayase (Black Gal NTR diary. Author: Kemigawa Mondo) is your typical gal with tanned skin, blonde hair, and big breasts.

She was given to me by a teacher who used to harass female students. Hina seemed to have a boyfriend even when she became the mistress of the previous owner of this body so it is likely that she will return to her normal life.

Yurika Hana (Daraku Reijou Hakoiri Ojou-Sama Netorare Choukyou Kiroku. Author: Kemigawa Mondo) is a beautiful blonde-haired girl with the appearance of being the daughter of a wealthy family.

Her father's company had some problems and to avoid bankruptcy her father made a deal with the previous owner of this body where Yurika would be my wife. She used to have a boyfriend, but apparently, he received the video of Yurika losing her virginity which led to a deep depression.

They were hentai-type situations, but the situations of the 3 girls who didn't want to get away from me weren't pleasant either.

Akimiya Sayaka (Rinkan Biyaku Chuudoku Nigeba Nashi!) Is a beautiful girl whose appearance is that of a noble and respectable woman, but her lustful gaze and scent of pheromones show that she is just a pervert.

She was given to me by her father with the condition of sending him some videos of how I fucked her daughter, this world is horrible.

Yukiha Serizawa (Toshoshitsu no Kanojo) is a beautiful, big-breasted girl whose attitude seems like the submissive and weak type.

A teacher raped her and then handed her over to me so as not to be reported to the police since there were recordings of his actions.

Sumire Minase (Onaji class ni natta muboubi muteikou kyonyuu bishoujo Sumire-chan ni yaritai houdai na shingakki. Author: Yac) is one of the most beautiful young girls I have ever seen, although her complete expressionlessness makes her more doll-like than a person.

She was harassed and abused by some of her classmates while she did not show the slightest reaction, a kind teacher thought that Sumire was a victim of bullying so she took her to the previous owner of this body to talk to her parents.

The result?

She became the toy of the previous owner of this body.

So these 8 girls with stories from a doujin had become my problem.

"Satou, you have to help them, they have suffered a lot" - Lala hugged Sayaka while she looked at me with puppy eyes.

Can't you see that I'm part of the problem?

They need professional help so that they can be cured of nymphomania. I am not a doctor, I can only offer pats on the head and cookies, this will not work.

[New mission]

[Doctor with D of Dick

Hello miss, are you feeling sick? Here's your injection!

Objective: Get to stabilize the broken minds of 3 women who have been raped to madness, then make them addicted to your semen.

Time limit: 2 hours

Reward: Skill 'Headpat (F)'

Punishment: None


1 Rinka Okino (Completed)

2 Saki Yoshida (Completed)

3 Asagi Igawa (Completed)]

[Mission completed: Doctor with D of Dick

Reward: Headpat (F)]

[Headpat: Who is a good girl? You are a good girl~

When the user strokes a woman's head, stress, mental fatigue, emotional distress, and other adverse effects that affect the mind and heart are reduced. In addition to satisfaction and warmth, this ability will increase libido in women. The effect is doubled in women with a loli appearance regardless of age]

…. Thanks system, too, fuck you system.

Why is this ability inciting lust and doubly effective on lolis?!

The sick jerk who designed this system must be some kind of perverted lolicon...

I sighed and looked at Lala who was making puppy eyes which almost melted my heart. - "Lala, it's cheating if you make that expression..."

Lala didn't look away and hugged Sayaka tighter as she moved her hand towards Sumire and Akane. - "Girls help me, make puppy eyes, Satou is weak against that!"

… - "Who told you?!"

Lala pointed to Rinka who looked away as if this wasn't her problem.

"Rinka!" - I was betrayed by my own daughter, life is pitiful...

"Oji-san, this is not so bad" - Rinka stood up and stood in front of me with a cute smile. - "With more girls, you should feel less stressed, also..."

Rinka leaned in and whispered in my ear. - "They could help take care of all my cute onee-chans, after all, they are too cute and there will be no shortage of handsome boys wanting to get close to them, especially Lala-nee who could easily be fooled by a bad boy~"

Rinka turned her face away and looked at me with an innocent smile.

"But..." - I wanted to explain why this was absurd, but Rinka moved her small hand to silence me and then looked at Lala.

"Lala-nee, did a boy say hello to you today?" - Rinka asked in an innocent and curious voice.

"Many boys approached me, it was strange, especially two boys, one with brown hair who appreciates Mikan a bit and a friend of his with spiky black hair, the boy with spikey hair insisted on approaching me" - Lala nodded and He then pointed to Kiritani who was still looking at the list of Black Label victims. - "Kiritani helped me and so we became friends"

It seems I have Kiritani to thank for helping Lala as despite being a genius in science, Lala is too trusting and clumsy.

"Do you see it Oji-san?" - Rinka smiled and then showed a pleading expression. - "Besides, it is my dream to have a great family where I can feel safe..."

Looking at Rinka's pleading expression and remembering her past, I sighed and patted her head.

Most likely, she's just manipulating me, but I can't bear to see her sad expression.

"We will talk about it when Asagi returns" - I decided to ask the advice of someone more intelligent and rational than me. - "For now you are free to stay here, there are many empty rooms so I will ask Anida to give you a room"

Thanks to Mikado's medications I was able to handle this without wanting to run away like the cowardly mouse that I am, but it starts to worry that I have a hard time taking my gaze away from the girls' breasts and thighs.

Is curing my phobia and depression increasing my libido?

Or is it my emotional issues that restrict my endless libido?

I'm starting to worry, maybe it's better if I stay depressed...

"Ehehe, that feels good Oji-san" - Rinka smiled adorably with the pat I gave her on the head.

It's hard to feel depressed seeing such a cute smile.

I'll talk to Mikado about this later to see if she can make a libido suppressant for me. Enma tried to give me the same libido suppressant that orcs use, but to no avail as that suppressant reduces libido to 10% and 10% of infinity is still infinity...

Yeah, being an Ugly Bastard sucks as I'm always horny which is frustrating me.




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