Even After Death I will Return to You
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Even After Death I will Return to You


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What is Even After Death I will Return to You

Read Even After Death I will Return to You novel written by the author SweetPeace21 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is LGBT+ stories, covering romance, magic, transmigration, family. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Ethan was a normal high school student who was preparing for the upcoming college entrance exam. He was pretty average in everything except for his shocking talent in life like painting and for his unearthly beautiful face. It was a daily routine for him to be confused as a girl by the people who didn't know him. Ethan could only endure. Everything changed when one night suddenly a light sphere akin to the size of a human fist came running towards him at a lightning speed and without any warning merged with his belly. From that day onwards he began to feel somewhat strange. After almost three months Ethan noticed that his belly became somewhat...bloated? As he went to the doctor, Ethan was forcefully smashed with a report of ' pregnancy '. The puzzled doctor told him to go through another check up. But the results didn't change. At last the doctors diagnosed him with a different constitution that could bear child. Ethan cried. He didn't even do the unspeakable deed. How come he became pregnant? Five years later Ethan was busy nursing his five year old baby girl. Forget about entering college his own family had completely abandoned him for this shameful act. As if it wasn't enough, to add more trouble one day he was transported to a different world with his baby. And the first thing he heard was the death of the Queen in the largest empire with her unborn child. Also the king had gone mad from grief. But Ethan had no time to care. He had his own baby to feed. But suddenly a unknown man came to him one day and said with abandoned puppy like eyes, " My Queen, I knew you won't leave me alone." Ethan,"?!!" " Queen, let's go back to home. I promise I will always listen to you." Ethan, " Who is your Queen?!! Damn it!! I am a man!! A pure man!!" The man confusedly looked at the small boy in Ethan's embrace. Then said," Isn't this child born from you?" Ethan,"........" *The cover isn't mine. Credit to the artist.*


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