1 the nin9

long ago when the earth was starting to cool down , an absolute power was rising ,there on the land where was nothing something was creating , something that now we call LIFE.

there were a lot of beings being created but the rulers were the society of the nin9 , the first one 's were the vampires they were pale white , very fast and strong they originated from the ballkans in europe the first born white race from the yllirians they were called vam (dham)which means teeth and pires (pires)which means drinkers because of their habits of drinking fresh human blood from their teeth , the second were the werewolfs who could transform their human bodies into wolfs who originated from america and werewolfs and vampires were enemies for life, the whitches who lived in harmony with the nature were the third species they could manipulate with their chackras and control the waves around them so the vibrations could manipulate the elements of the nature , the fourth ones were the hybrids the mixed ones who were hated by their own blood because of their parents poisoned love, the fifth ones were the humans who were contolled by their ego and their brains and they were the most in number compared to the other species, the sixth ones were the celestial beings those who could move through not only space but time and parallel universes noone knew what they are , what can they do , if they are here or how they look this was the mystery of them as higher beings, the seventh ones were called ateros they were the first beings on earth and lived in africa they were known to be very strong and they could transform different rocks into gold and stones most of them were known as the golden gods everyone thought they were special because they had the nuber seven with them all the time the number which can 't be divided, the eighth species were called solisos the people in the east the one who could heal the beings who made the sun rise and last but not least the bladers everyone describes them with wings covered in blades with red eyes and they can be the worst nightmare if you come across one .

The humans were scared of them because they were more powerful and stronger , the humans knew that they were weak but outnumbered them so they decided to do something so evil and unfair that will strike the harta of the moon in the night sky egoistic creatures but they had a point , after all when the brain is smart and controlls a body you never know what may happen??

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