1 Prologue

Long years ago, as the evolution and progression of technology goes by, humans finally achieved the one of the greatest inventions, the immortality.

Indeed, it was the greatest discovery. But the great inventor Eom didn't wanted to tell and show his amazing work to everyone. Though it gives the ultimate desire what the human wants, he knew that his invention will cause a great havoc and imbalance in the world's order. Therefore, he wanted to keep it secretive only to him and to his fellow men.

Eventually, this kind of success was easily to spread throughout the entire humanity. When a lot of people heard the great news, mostly who were powerful, influential, wealthiest and with an authority individual were willingly to had it at any cost. Since he knew what the greatest outcome would be, Eom refused to sell it to anyone. Unpleases on what decision he made, The greedy and evil doers make an evil scheme to kill and stole his work. But the Great Inventor was a brilliant, wise and tactical person. Any threat in his life was nothing as long as he was in his haven, the home of the most advance technologies, The Tetorium.

Countless of assassins, mercenaries and hit men were sent to assassinate him, but no one ever succeeded to even go through the gate of his haven. For almost a year, its defenses was unbreakable and became the graveyard of hundreds of thousands of people..

Everything was fine not until one of his fellow men betrayed him. During their celebration, little did they knew that the culprit putted a Venomous nanobots into their drinks. A nano-robots that carries a deadly venom. In just a flick on his finger these things will instantly trigger and kill its host. Almost all of them drank it, except to Eom. He was cautious at the moment when he felt different about it. When it was clear to him that there was something wrong, he immediately warned everyone, but it was too late to tell.

With just a snap, all of them suddenly fell into the ground without any signs of life. Eom saw this with his very own eyes. Stood froze and shocked, the culprit took this opportunity to kill him before he goes back into himself. But he didn't succeed, when he saw the furious gaze of the great inventor, he felt a shiver down to his spines. He can't make any single move for his body was devoured by terror.

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Eom wanted to kill the one who betrayed him. But also, he didn't want to harm anyone whom he was close with. Despite of hatred and anger, he realized that he gains nothing on taking a revenge. So that, he let his comrade escape along with his invention. Out of emptiness, he allowed this to happen. He was tired and hopeless as he mourns the deaths of people he cherished the most, including his wife.

For his life was already nothing to him, Eom sacrificed himself to hid the Tetorium. He used one of his invention to place the laboratory where no one would ever know, and will only appear again when the time comes. He was always prepared for the unexpected things to happened. Thus, he created his final inventions to give humans a power either to save humanity or lead them to destruction, the "Eva's Gear"