Ethereal World: Vicious Cannon Fodder's Immortality Road

Bei YueYue was an unselfishness and a gentle person. Afterwards, she transmigrated and became 'Huang Ying Yue', a female cannon fodder who is being famous for her viciousness, merciless, lustfulness, inhuman and had a nymphomaniac personality in the immortal novel which she just read. In the novel, the original ‘Huang Ying Yue’ has done uncountable evil deeds to offend a lot of the powerful characters inside. Not only the heroine in the novel, even all the heroine’s men in the harem were harassed and abused physically and mentally by ‘her’ in different methods. The road to immortality is full of spicules, hazards, and unforeseeable threats. Evil cultivators, monsters and demons are rampaging everywhere. While pursuing the immortality road, all the cultivators have to join force to eliminate those evil beings. While trying to accomplish her goal, YueYue has to face countless powerful enemies whom 'Huang Ying Yue' offended in the past as well as the debts which 'Huang Ying Yue' committed. Simultaneously, she has to face the iceberg beauty heroine, Huang Bai Xing who is surrounded by countless beautiful men, and heaven defying fortunes. With golden finger and the love from the heaven, Huang Bai Xing received golden fingers. With golden fingers, Huang Bai Xing grew stronger day by day and await for the best opportunity to kill ‘Huang Ying Yue’. Powerful people, Huang Bai Xing’s men, one by one take out their weapons, intend to kill and teach her the horrible lesson because 'she' hurt their beloved woman. Fortunately, with the heaven-defying Ethereal small world that she received, she could plant the spiritual plants, harvest the spiritual fruits, cultivate with the abundant spiritual power and cheating time, bathing with the spiritual waterfall inside the space, while keeping her ‘peaceful’ life of pursuing the immortality road. With her loyal beast army, she embarked on the cultivation road to meet new people, love, friendship, hardships, excitement and mysterious past while changing her and everyone’s fate around her for the better future. Subconsciously, she didn’t even realize that because of her personality, she attracts countless peach blossoms that changed her dull life eternity. Warning: 1VN ending, one female end up with many men. There are taboo love here Please read the tags before you immerse yourself in my world. Cover from: Webnovel AI Generator Character Image: Pinterest, Credit goes to all original owner My Instagram Account: Littlecarrot006_ My DISCORD Username: littlecarrot6510 Please comment for the discord link. My second book: Myth Of Miracle: Reborn To Defy My Fate That book is for participating in WSA 2024 (Progressing) #Portalspace #Reverseharem #Taboolove #Femaleleadxianxia #Xianxia #Np #Cultivation #Adventure #Immortality #polyandry #Manybeautifulmen #transmigrated #cannonfodder #Romance #Fighting #Beast #Multicontinents #Mysteriouspast #KindandgentleFLbutnotweak #Forgivebutnotforget #CleverFL

Littlecarrot · Fantasy
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617 Chs

XieXie's Transformation

Just when XieXie was waiting for the thunder to destroy him, XieXie suddenly turned its head in shocked.

"Mas....ter!" Why does it see the Master in front of its eyes? Is it its imagination?

Shenlian YingYue felt that her heart seemed to be pierced by something. Looking at XieXie's eyes that contained million words and emotions while it was lying in the pool of blood, she didn't hesitate to rush to XieXie.

She slammed her old sword into the golden barrier that enveloped XieXie's figure. But no matter how she slammed, the barrier didn't break.

"Hey you, come to me!" Shenlian YingYue pointed her finger to the thunder and made a rude gesture of provoking.

She apologized, to the thunder and heaven in her heart. She didn't mean to be disrespectful to the nature, but she had to attract the thunder's anger toward her so XieXie will be safe.