1 Master

I did a powerful punch to his face.

"Ugh!" he muttered in pain. 

He began to compose himself and throw a punch to my stomach. I didn't see that coming but I was able to dodge it.

My eyes were fixated to the truck behind him. I think the driver is drunk but that wasn't an exception.

"losing your focus now, Shin, huh?" he said arrogantly.

I smirked at his remark.

So yeah, this is me, your normal teenage girl in a solo gang fight. My name is Bae Min Shin, 16 years old.

the truck is getting nearer, I forcefully grabbed his arms and went to avoid the truck.

His eyes went wide.

"You saved me!" he said in a surprised tone.

I ignored him though and shouted.

"Yah! can't you drive safely?!" 

the truck stopped and apologized.

"I'm very sorry, I was drunk and completely lost in thoughts" 

"then you better stop driving." I said bluntly.

"Yes, s-sorry" he replied and sighed.

I started walking away to go to the bus station. My class starts at 8:30 am and it's already 7:45. 

"Master! Master, wait for me!" tsk.

"Jae, stop calling me master!" I said in an annoyed tone.

"what? no way! you saved me master, but I wonder why though? I am your enemy in the first place, so why?" 

"Because if you die, I'll feel guilty for not taking you with me as I avoid the nearing truck. If you were in my position, I know you'll do the same."

"I guess you're right. From now on, I'll be with you and do orders from you, master"

"master's feminine form is mistress, keep that in mind."

"Yes, mistress pfft" he replied, trying to hold his laugh.

"Just call me master, I know what you're thinking" 

Last time I've checked, I'm a solo fighter, now I have Park Young Jae. I guess it won't hurt if I have him beside me, besides he'll come in handy when gangsters in a group would attack me.


School was boring as usual with tons of activities like solving mathematical problems during math class, playing badminton during P.E. class, studying how to deliver an impromptu speech during English Literature class and such. 

I guess, graduating will help me someday.

But to tell you, education doesn't promise you a great future, thus, non educated people have gotten successful with only their great strategy.

But education have perks of giving you opportunities to have a great career.

It's already break time and I'm sitting alone in the cafeteria with my favourite cheese cake and hot chocolate.

"Eyyooo, Master!!!" gosh, he's unbelievable!

Jae's shout ricocheted inside the canteen, it was a scene stealing moment and it's very embarrassing!

He ran fast to my table and started to devour his meal like he's competing with someone.

"Who are you competing with?" I teased.

he ignored me though, and signalled me instead.

"shh, my crush is on the other table" he hushed me.

I closed my eyes as I felt my nerves being triggered by his remark.

"you looked serious, I thought you're in trouble!" I said in an annoyed tone.

"I'm shy, and I'm really serious about her" he said.

Wow, Jae is a loverboy! I almost chuckled at that thought.

"GAAACKK!" a loud burp suddenly slipped out of Jae's lips.

I tried to stop myself but I couldn't contain it anymore. I chuckled and chuckled even more when his eyes went wide and his face heated up and turned red like a tomato.

That was embarrassing as hell! Everyone in the cafeteria was shook and already looking at us. Some started to gossip then everyone went wild with their undying laughs.

"Silenceee!" I shouted in an authoritative manner.

Everyone went silent, but it wasn't because of me.

The so called '2 popular guys' just entered the cafeteria.

Darius and Karius. They're the usual school badboy-handsome geeks...and nope, they're not twins.

'they're so handsome, I can't take it anymore!'

'I prefer Kairus, my loveees!'

'I think I'm gonna faint anytime sooner due to their undeniably hotness!'

Whispers of their so called 'fans' then filled the cafeteria.

Kim Darius has his hair dyed with dark blue making him look so boyish and a playboy. He was smiling unlike Yoo Kairus with a serious look. Kairus hair was plain black.

They both have defined jaw lines and collar bones making them smoking hot.

I'm not one of their crazy fans though. In fact, I don't care about them but I can't deny that they have the looks and they're pretty well off.


Few hours later, it's time to go home.

I packed all my stuffs and walked through the hallways.

"gosh, it was tiring!" I said to myself.


"I'm homeee!" I informed them.

I took a bath and opened my instagram after.

I started getting bored at scrolling, so I decided to take a selfie.




I checked the photos I took and started posting it.

"Yahh! Shin, come down it's dinner time!" mom shouted.

My eyes started twinkling and I stood up and hurriedly went to the dining room.

I was almost one step close to the table when I slipped.

My butt hurts at my sudden fall. I closed my eyes because it really hurts.

My parents were speechless and shock was evident to their eyes.

"Gosh, are you okay?" mom asked.

"pfft, you deserve it!" my brother, Hyun ki.

He's still in the 8th grade, I'm probably older than this crazy-annoying brother of mine.

I glared at him but he laughed even more.

"aish! let's eat" dad announced.

I almost laugh when I remembered Jae and his burp.

"Yah! why are you smiling alone?" mom asked.

"maybe she's gotten crazy!" Hyun-ki exclaimed.

"I'm just happy, shouldn't I be?" I said pouting. I probably looked dumb.

"Well, that's great. Smile even more sweety, it's the best curve in every women's body."


After eating dinner with my family, I went back to my room. I finished all my homeworks and started idling on my phone.

My post on IG already have 110 likes! Gosh, I'm really cute-ooopsiee, I'm being narcissistic again pfft.

I started doing my skin care routine after.


a message popped up from an unknown number.

'Helppp Masterrr!' was stated on the message.

"Master? this was probably Jae...but how? and help? with what?" I'm so confused right now.

'Why?' I replied to his message but he didn't respond.

I'm starting to lose my patience and I'm starting to panic.

I took a deep breath to calm myself and patiently wait for more seconds.

then a call from him came.


"Shin...help me"

To be continued...

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