Ethereal Love in Dreamland and Reality Book

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Ethereal Love in Dreamland and Reality


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Do dreams come true? She kept on wondering yet she know it's impossible. There's this vivid face of a man whom she feels a great spark with. Everything was romantic when she's with him. Clearly, she feels safe and obviously in love. Cherishing every moment with him in a big castle where she is the queen and he is the king, or maybe they were opposite and differ from each other yet slowly, they'll end up together and end their waging war. Sounds very cliche but for her, it's dainty. Their love story seems to be ethereal but everything is just a part of her dreams. Would they ever come true? Is he even existing? What if he is? Will they have the same story and probably end up together or this is a tragedy wherein everything doesn't fall into their places? or maybe she's meant for her newly friend who calls her master?