1 Prelude : The World Of Altis

In this world of Altis Everyone Has An Ability, Aura, Mana And Element. To Judge how strong your ability is we use a power system called Ability Rank. Ability Rank is determined by the number, if your ability is strong you would get an 8 or 9. The strongest being 10 but if you get a 10 you are viewed as a threat to the village and will be immediately banished. There have only been two recorded cases of a 10 rank.

On the other hand, those who have a very low ability rank are labelled as inferior. 1,2,3,4 are the ranks to be inferior.

Elements are given to you at birth although without magic you cant use your element, as you need to join your magic and element to use it.  There are different Elements,





There are also rare elements such as,



Families often have the same element but on rare occasions, they change. If you have the same element as the royal family you will be banished once you are 15 years of age.

Aura on the other hand is what colour your Mana. If you don't have magic you cant have an aura, the rarest auras are the strongest,

White is the rarest







Black is the most Common Aura. Your aura cannot change colours.

And finally magic is the source of all power in the world of Altis without Mana you can't do anything those who don't have magic are considered a Zero.

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