1 Iron Bones Clang Clang Sect

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"Young man, I can tell that your bone structure is wondrous. You are a rare martial genius that appears with odds less than one in ten thousand. You can consider joining my Iron Bones Clang Clang Sect as a disciple. In the future, your accomplishments will be immeasurable."

In the wilderness surrounded by mountains, the scenery was pleasant. Jun Changxiao laughed and spoke to a cultivator. His lips were curled up into a smile, and with his fair-looking face, he gave off a feeling of extreme handsomeness.

It was not a feeling; it was real.

If there were females there who saw him, they would definitely scream in excitement and would definitely be mesmerized so greatly to the extent where they could not even stand straight.


The cultivator had a green head-cloth tied to his head. He politely asked, "Sir, can you shift your feet away first?"

So, it turned out that Jun Changxiao had one of his feet upon the other party's face, covering half of it and even leaving a huge footprint.

Was this not a case of someone being beaten up?

From the looks of things, given that the other party was lying on the ground as well as the footprint on his face, the severity of this beating was quite severe.

Jun Changxiao retracted his foot before apologetically saying, "When I saw you teasing my beautiful female disciple, this seat1 acted rashly in a moment of impulse. I'm truly sorry."


The cultivator was speechless.

He encountered a beauty in the wilds and merely went forward to speak two sentences with her. After that, he immediately got pummelled by this sect leader of the Iron Bones Sect2. How unlucky.

"Friend," Jun Changxiao said, "why don't you consider it?"

The cultivator with the head-cloth weakly replied, "Can I say no?"

"Yes, you can." Jun Changxiao was serious. "Our Iron Bones Clang Clang Sect has always used virtue to convince the masses. We definitely won't force anyone to do things against their will!"

"I apologize then." The cultivator endured the pain and rejected the offer. "I've already joined the Spirit Spring Sect. It's impossible for me to become a disciple of your esteemed sect."

It had not been easy for him to pass the Spirit Spring Sect's test to become an unofficial disciple. Why would he choose to transfer to another sect, let alone the Iron Bones Clang Clang Sect?

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Just from the name, he was sure that this sect was a rubbish sect that was unranked in the Fallen Star Continent. It would be a waste of time if he joined it; it would even be a waste of his life.

"Sigh." Jun Changxiao shook his head and spoke with extreme pity in his tone. "Friend, you have no fate with my Iron Bones Clang Clang Sect."

He turned his head and yelled, "Qianqian, did this fellow bully you earlier?"

On a gigantic rock not far away, a white-robed maiden sat quietly. Her eyes were as clear as spring water, and her skin was as fair as snow. Although she was only about sixteen years of age, she had all the conditions required to be considered a beauty.

If one wanted to point out some flaws, it would be that because of her youth, some of her body parts that were supposed to be fuller were not that full yet.

"Sect leader." Lu Qianqian adjusted her cuff and calmly spoke. "He wanted to touch my hand earlier."


Jun Changxiao once again lifted his feet and stomped down on the head-cloth cultivator's face. His gaze turned cold and sharp. "You must be tired of living."

Earlier, his expression had been filled with gentleness, but now, his entire person became filled with killing intent. The speed of his face changing was even faster than someone flipping the pages of a book.

The head-cloth cultivator hurriedly yammered, "Sir… I… I didn't!"

He vowed that he only had the slightest thought of doing so earlier, but before he could do anything, he was pummelled and fell onto the ground. At most, one could say that his attempt at trying to take advantage was unsuccessful!

"Qianqian wouldn't lie," Jun Changxiao coldly said. "This seat believes her. I will absolutely teach you a good lesson today!"




Gentle gusts of wind blew over, blowing on the swollen face of the cultivator with the green head-cloth. He had been pummelled so brutally that his bones had almost fallen apart.


He struggled and lifted his head, staring at the two blurry figures before him. The cultivator gripped the soil on the ground angrily as he mumbled with hatred, "This daddy will definitely get revenge!"

Jun Changxiao.

The sect leader of the Iron Bones Clang Clang Sect.

The Iron Bones Clang Clang Sect was truly impressive.

A cultivator with the surname 'Wang' had founded the sect. When he was young, he did not die after jumping from a cliff and was treated to a meal by a passerby, so he decided to establish the Iron Bones Clang Clang Sect.

The motto of the sect was—be a firm and unyielding person, and act righteously!

The first-generation sect leader went to great lengths to build a good foundation. In just a few dozen years, the sect became extremely famous in the pugilistic world. The sect also got promoted to the ninth grade from an unranked sect and became the most dazzling existence in Qingyang Village!


A storm could arise from a clear sky, just as unexpected things could occur.

The first-generation sect leader went to have fun at some 'places of entertainment' at a nearby town and was captured by the authorities. Because of his failed attempt to break out of prison, he was executed the next day.

Due to the sect having no leader, it naturally began to decline.

Nothing in the world was eternal. The glory of a powerful ninth-grade sect like the Iron Bones Clang Clang Sect was extremely short-lived.

Every time the storyteller of the village mentioned the Iron Bones Clang Clang Sect, when he spoke about Sect Leader Wang who was beheaded due to his unsuccessful attempt to break out, they would lower their heads and sigh. The children who were listening to his stories would all shed tears silently.

Although the Iron Bones Clang Clang Sect had declined, it still existed!

The three disciples sat together after that incident, and after having a farewell meal, one of them chose to stay and guard the sect, unwilling to abandon it.

Who was that person?

It was naturally the second-generation sect leader, Jun Changxiao!

More accurately…

It was the Jun Changxiao of the past.

This was because, during one dark and gloomy night, Jun Changxiao woke up and needed to go to the toilet. Just as he stepped out of the great hall, the signboard with the words 'Upright and Unyielding' fell and smashed into his head. After that, he breathed his last.

And just so coincidentally, Jun Changxiao, who was from Earth, crossed over to this world and successfully occupied the body of the Jun Changxiao of this world, who had passed away a moment prior.

"I… crossed over to another world?"

Realizing that he was not dead, Jun Changxiao fell into a daze for a while. After that, he accepted the memories of the original body and finally understood that he, fortunately, had become one of the many millions that succeeded in crossing over.

Excellent, excellent!

Ultimate cultivation arts, secret divine skills, all sorts of systems, please feel free to appear!

Since I, Jun Changxiao, have arrived in this world, I must do the same as those who crossed over in the stories and reign supreme here. I will crush all geniuses and become the supreme and peerless divine sovereign or sacred immortal!

The heavens would not let down people with aspirations. After he squashed countless ants and fleas to death, he finally managed to activate the system.


"Strongest Sect System is being activated…"


"Activation of the Strongest Sect System successful. Beginning to load the data interface for the host…"


As the mechanical voice faded away, rows of data appeared in Jun Changxiao's inner vision.

Sect Name: Iron Bones Clang Clang Sect

Sect Leader: Jun Changxiao

Sect Grade: Ninth grade

Sect Construction Level: 1

Sect Members: 1/100

Sect Contribution Value: 0/100

Sect main mission: Within 100 years, make the Iron Bones Clang Clang Sect become the strongest sect in the Fallen Star Continent with 100,000 members. Failure to accomplish this will result in the dispersal of host's soul when the time arrives!

After seeing the main mission, Jun Changxiao felt the soles of his feet turning cold. After that, his legs began to tremble.

After carefully searching through his original body's memories and learning that he was the only member of the Iron Bones Clang Clang Sect, he immediately went to the kitchen and placed a cleaver on his throat. After a long period of hesitation, he eventually put the cleaver down and did not do anything rash.

A ninth-grade sect.

A sect with a single member!

He had to grow this sect into the strongest sect in the entire continent and recruit 100,000 disciples within 100 years.

Were the heavens joking with him, or was the system joking with him?


In his despair, the mechanical voice rang out again. "Congratulations to the host for activating the system. You have obtained one interspatial ring!

"Interspatial ring?"

Jun Changxiao discovered that an exquisite jade bracelet had suddenly appeared on his right wrist. The words 'interspatial ring' were engraved on it. His lips could not help but twitch. "Such a large 'ring'? This is my first time seeing such a thing!"

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