Eternal love of the red dragon Book

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Eternal love of the red dragon


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WARNING MATURE CONTENT|| WINNER OF WPC #207|| SILVER PRIZE. Chosen as the protector and savior by the red dragon the princess destined mate. A young mistreated pink phoenix princess and a hundred of years old dragon {shapeshifter}crossed the path of destiny in an unexpected way. Their love for each other is forbidden in all of the kingdoms and in every possible way. Faith will test their trust in each other, friends will come together in the most desperate times, enemies will join hands, war will befall all the kingdoms. Will the two stick together or will their path get separated because of who they are? or will they fight for each other sake?. "I promise you princess i will always be there to protect you in this life and in the next". Disclaimer: The cover doesn't belong to me, i just edited it. If you are the artist and want it to be taken down plz msg me and I will do it immediately. Join discord server: https://discord.gg/Mg9FsrYH2n


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