7 Shiranai

"Woi. Kazuma, go clean up your dishes before going upstairs." A fat Asian lady's voice rang inside a typical Japanese household. She was speaking Japanese but the author can only speak and write English.


Kazuma, who was already walked up a few steps on the stairs, was bummed out. He wanted to instantly go back to Immersion Online because a friend was waiting for him.

'That noob better not die.'

He was worried about his new friend, who was as clueless as the chicken that he brings.

"Alright. Mom, can I stay up late tonight?" Kazuma asked his plump mother as he walked towards the sink.

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He planned to pull an all-nighter to explore the new game that he installed on his Full-Dive Smoke Virtual Reality Rig. The virtual reality rig that he bought was also brand new from the renowned company, Faucet. (AN: This is the best name change I can do for Valve. And Smoke = Steam.)

As he was washing dishes, the television within the living room was playing loud and clear. There was something of interest within the news broadcast.

[NotSoNews: Bernilli Klein has made a statement regarding her twin sister's disappearance.]

[Bernilli Klein: It is with a heavy heart that I proclaim the cease of all searches for my sister, Angela Klein. Our full focus will now be pointed to further developing the game, Immersion Online.]

A soft and beautiful voice spoke from the television.

[Interviewer: Bernilli, are there any changes that the players should expect within the next couple of months? Anything surprising or big enough to be considered an update instead of a patch?]

[Bernilli Klein: There are a couple of changes. I can't say much because it would ruin the fun for everyone. All I can say is that the players should expect a major overhaul.]

'Wow. I just joined the game and now there's a massive update? I need to level up fast.'

Kazuma thought as he heard the interview. He was washing the dishes and soon went to wash the cutlery and silverware.

[Bernilli Klein: We already finished testing the overhaul but it would take some time to get beta feedback. This overhaul has been in development for years before the release of Immersion Online.]


Kazuma looked at the television to take a look at Bernilli Klein's face. She was not beautiful at all. Kazuma felt betrayed by the beautiful voice that he was hearing since earlier.


'Ah. Nuts.'

Kazuma was drenched because he washed a spoon with the faucet while the spoon was faced upwards.

'Done, and done!'

Kazuma finished washing the dishes and went upstairs to his room. He changed his shirt and immediately laid down on his virtual reality rig.


Log In:


Clack Clack~

Kazuma was still using an input type of login credentials instead of using biometrics. He was paranoid that the government was spying on him. The irony is that he's a social media addict as well.

'And enter!'

*Wrong password


Clack Clack~

Kazuma re-entered his password with full alert. His key presses were now precise.


*Wrong password

"What's going on?"

Clack Clack~

*Wrong password. Please check whether Caps lock is toggled on.



Login Succesful.


*Welcome to Immersion Online. Where -


*Welcome Back. Chikinsupu.

Kazuma, who was using Chikinsupu as his in-game-name, just logged into the game. After the scene loaded, he opened the Friend Menu to send a private message to his new friend, Bob.

"What the hell? He's already level 10?"

He was only gone for a few hours. He was met with a surprise as he came back.

Rewind to a couple of hours before. Bob was rolling on the floor due to the first explosion he experienced. Due to the explosion, he gained experience.

"What the hell was that?"

Bob knew that there were exploding hamsters but he was never alert against such critters. He was a person that didn't know anything about how the real world works because he stayed safe at home. In essence, Bob was like your typical webnovel reader.

*Your HP value has reached 0.

*You are an Essential. You can't die.

*Your HP is set back to Minimum.

*You have gained a huge amount of experience from exterminating a monster 4 levels above your own.

*You have leveled up.

The prompts covered Bob's vision. He was bombarded with the prompts due to the sudden event. He panicked because he could not see anything in front of him at all.


Another explosion ensued. Bob could not see the exploding hamster approach him from the front. The prompts were still blocking his vision, and more were to come.

*Your HP value has reached 0.

*You are an Essential. You can't die.

*Your HP is set back to Minimum.

*You have gained a huge amount of experience from exterminating a monster 4 levels above your own.

Bob was once again blown away. He experienced two explosions in quick succession while wearing rags. It was a miracle that his clothes did not break.

*Your 'Hideous Rags' has lost all of its durability.


*The item disintegrated.

He was hurting from the initial blast but the pain goes away after a second. Having nothing else to do while spinning as he was blown, Bob read the prompts in front of him.


Bob suddenly felt chilly. He was not nervous because of what he read. He was only feeling chilly because he was now butt naked.

This process continued until Bob was fed up with being thrown around.

"What was that?" A random noob was looting a Horned Rabbit's corpse.

She was wearing the standard newbie set with a default sword on her left hand. She heard the explosions further in the forest and grew curious.

She peeked and saw something that she never expected to see outdoors.

'That's a long schlong!'

The phenomenon of a naked man rolling around the forest while explosions rang soon become a myth told within Bagel village.

Ring Ring~

*A private call with Chikinsupu initiated.

[Hey, Bob! How the hell did you get to level 10 so fast?]

A voice rang in Bob's ears.


Bob looked around his vicinity to look for his friend that suddenly vanished earlier. He could not find him.

"Where are you? Why can I hear you?"

[I'm on the outskirts of Bagel Village, where I logged out. And I am calling you via PM.]

"Wow. I don't know how that works at all." Bob was amazed by the technology that he never knew existed.

[Where are you?]

"I'm on a rock."

[..... Is that all?]

"Uhmm. I'm naked too."


Chikinsupu was speechless. His new friend named Bob never failed to amuse him.

"I'm surrounded by exploding hamsters."

[Ah. You're in the forest?]


[The forest that I specifically told you not to go to?]


[Sigh. I'm coming to you. Tell me more details as I walk.]

Chikinsupu was a level 6 player. He tried partying up with other players to proceed to the next city but the party he was with fell to disaster.

There were buses that offered their services to guide new players to the next city and acted as body guards. They either tank all of the damage or kill the hamsters before they explode.

Chikinsupu did not want any of that. He wanted to gain enough battle experience while he was still low leveled where death penalties were still negligeble.

'Let's be careful.'

He slowly made his way to Bob, who was telling him where to go. And after a gruesome 30 minutes of running from suicide bombers, Chikinsupu made it to Bob.

"Hey! I'm here!" Bob exclaimed and raised one of his hand. The other hand was covering his long schlong.

"I can see you just fine. And it looks like you weren't lying about being naked."

Chikinsupu said as he focused his gaze towards the horde of hamsters that surrounded the rock Bob was on.

'How do I get up there without dying?'

"Alright! Let me clear these guys first!" Bob said as he jumped from the rock with his shiny butt for all to see.



The loud sounds continued ringing until all of the hamsters met the 72 virgin hamsters in hamster heaven.

Chikinsupu looked at the rock that no longer resembled the rock it was before. He looked for the blue light that signified a player's death but he couldn't find it.

"Hey! I'm over here!"

Bob exclaimed. This time, he was stuck on a tree after he was blown. He jumped down the tree but his balace was off. He fell face flat onto the ground.


Chikinsupu was more amazed than weirded out by the scenario. But now was the time to think of something else.

"How did you not die?" He asked with an inquisitive gaze.

Bob, who was still facing down the ground while fully naked, stood up. He looked at Chikinsupu and opened his hand.

"Do you have any extra clothes?" Bob wanted some warmth.


Chikinsupu instantly gave Bob the used newbie set that he used before.

"Now tell me!"

Bob began wearing the clothes and finished up. He opened his mouth as he checked his clothing.

"Alright. To tell you the truth. I-"

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