3 Chapter 02

"Is that really true?"

"Is it real? Is it real?"

"Yes they said there was a lightning esper and two of them to be exact! I also heard that they underwent an academic test and they both passed! They really are lucky, wielding lightning and fire, while the other is lightning and psychokinesis. That's so cool. I heard they'll undergo physical battle later to see if they're deserving to rank up to S class."

"Really? *sighs* they're very lucky then. Look at us, stuck here in Class D, the mind weirdos."

I heard them talking about the lightning espers. I did not know that there were two who can wield lightning. Guess they were blessed and yeah we, the badgeless class is called, Class D, the mind weirdos. You see, even though we excel in academic performances, we can only have free uniform and tuition for the academy and what we do is support them, the class C to S.

"'Kay guys listen up. Now, that you're entering a new league in the academy, I want you all to participate in the Manifestation that is being held today so that you can have hope in moving up into higher ranks in the academy.. Some of you might be lucky but some maybe won't. Say your prayers at in this moment. Your future will depend on the result. I will only give you ten minutes." Prof Rolly said.

"Shione, I feel nervous. What if I don't really have a power? Ugh, I'm sure my brother would definitely kill me." He said with fear in his eyes.

This guy here is my best friend, Hans. we've been friends since we moved here.

I grabbed him through both of his shoulders and looked him straight in the eyes.

"Don't ever think like that, I'm really sure you'll have a strong power. Maybe you'll have something that's very rare. No doubt about it. You're something." I cheered him up.

He then hugged me tightly that made me unable to breathe.

"I-I- Cant--- Breathe--" I said as I tap his back.

I wheezed as he let go.

"You-- haaa I think you have super strength." I said while racing against my breathe.

"What do you mean. I'm not strong, it's just that you're too cute. like a child, you're small so that's why." He teased.

"But seriously Shione. If you've got a chance to have the power you want what would it be?" He asked.

That's obvious everyone wants to be a lightning esper because it's subtypes is nearly limitless.

"Do you really have to ask that? Of course I want to be a lightning esper duh." I answered.

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He just pouted and raised both of his eyebrows.

"Yeah but isn't lightning esper is a bit overrated?" He asked again.

"Well you know that lightning has its own unique subtypes you know. Even you don't have an affinity to a certain power you can still use it to some extent. Having lighting as your ability makes you as good as those who can control three elements." I answered but this guy here, is like an idiot.

"Dont give me that 'I didn't know about that look.'" I said as I slap his shoulder.

"Okay guys I'm here with one of the Student Council." Sir entered the room together with a girl with a blonde hair, fair skin, pointed nose, green eyes and she has a good body too. Especially those... melons so big and bouncy.

I looked at Hans and as expected, he's literally drooling right now also most of the boys here in class while the girls on the other hand has brows on flick while some also adores her.

Overall, she's gorgeous.

"This is Katarina McLubia. She's from Emerald class and she'll be helping here today for your Manifestation so we should be honoured as she chose us." He said.

"It's an honour to have your help ms. Katarina McLubia." We all said.

She then bowed and responded. "It's a pleasure to meet you all, I hope you good luck for your Manifestation, don't worry I'll do my best to help you with all of my ability."

As I can remember her powers were healing and assimilation. She can heal almost any injuries and her assimilation makes her understand almost anything that's why she's also known as the 'all knowing divine princess' Katarina also help students who could not control their powers using her assimilation. It's like she was born to be someone who guides and teach people.

"Let's start your Manifestation."

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