4:30pm, January 24th. Every day is a miserable day for a high-school girl named Evadere. She goes to school and becomes a part-time butler on a high-quality cafe. She ways get to do the same things and think the same thoughts, but there's one thing she wants to happen— a complete family. Her mom is a neuroscientist while her dad is a business manager of one of the top companies of the whole world. 2 years ago, her parents separated because her mom became a criminal for participating in an experiment where they examine the memories of murdered people who passed a certain laboratory test.

After school, Evadere always thinks of going to the Sanjo Amusement Park to h/ng herself. All she wanted was to go back to normal, but she knows that she can't think that this is for the best.

She skipped going to her workplace and decided to go to the park. As she runs to her destinations, several gadgets are being displayed as commercial products. She first encounters a store of radios. It plays a song. She hears these words: "Never stop dreaming high, you only make yourself alive."

The next thing she encounters is a television store. What's being displayed is a commercial of a high-end fixing kit. The sponsor said: "What must be fixed should be fixed now."

She also crosses a television store that also sells security cameras. What's being shown on the TV is none other than Evadere.

The amusement park is 3 more blocks away. She must rush to the large pedestrian lane but is distracted.

She first sees a flyer of a president candidate with a motto of "Everyone is a problem and a solution. Let's change." After reading the motto, the stoplight says that people can now cross the pedestrian lane. She then hears a whisper of someone's voice.

"This is not your time."

"She turns her head to check who's saying it. No one's near her, so it must be an imagination. She rapidly runs without realizing the spotlight turned red.

She hears the same voice again, in a different message.

"I'm here. Let's fix this."

She looks at what surrounds her and still sees no one.

A bright light appears. A huge, white light shines at her back. She looks at it.

Her grandfather clock stopped.

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