1 Chapter 1: The Escape

In the world of Oblivion, there are four kingdoms. The kingdom of Valhalla, known as heaven, is allied with the kingdom of Emerald, the human kingdom. As the Utopia kingdom was split into Fel Utopia and Tranquil Utopia kingdom, a war broke out in the peaceful forest between the races. On top of all of them is the Nether Kingdom, known as the underworld, where all hell breaks loose.

The princess of the Nether Kingdom, Lareia Mishika, fell in love with a lowly angel. They first met in the Emerald Kingdom, where Lareia is hunting and Remiel protected the Emeraldians. It was well-known that meeting someone from other kingdoms, without an official assembly, is a sign of betrayal to the Netherians. Being reckless, they met every week and eventually fell in love. They once thought it was all sunshine and rainbows when it suddenly rains and thunders. They were caught, by her uncle, the king of Nether.

"I hereby, sentence Princess Lareia Mishika to Death!" The king's verdict repeated inside her mind.

'I'm going to die tomorrow, and it is by the hands of the one I looked up the most. I never betrayed the kingdom, I only loved someone I shouldn't have, so why do I have to be betrayed by the closest person to me and the kingdom I swore to protect and fight for?' She thought as tears fall from her beautiful orbs.

Sighing, she looked at the packed things and transferred them inside a cube that can store anything, no matter the size and quantity. It was meant to store souls known as the anima cube. The princess made it to torture souls, even after their deaths.

Sporting a black crop top and shorts, she covered herself with an invisibility cloak that was left by the late queen. Using magic inside the palace will be detected by the king, so teleportation is not a choice. Doing it the hard way, she sneaked through the guards and flew away from the palace.

Landing outside the palace walls, she hid her wings and uses wind magic to hover around. In this kingdom, there is no sun, moon, or sky. Living in the underworld, the only source of their light is the lava flowing in different directions, covering the whole kingdom. It felt hot, and most of the creatures here specialize in fire manipulation, except for her and some unique beings.

She can control any element but specializes in ice manipulation. Being the only living demon who can control any element, she was treated as the ancestor of the creator. Expectations were high, and everyone watched her every move, turning her into a stone-cold sadist princess. She was loved and secretly hated at the same time.

Hovering above the ground with no direction, she ended up in Vale of Mourning. This is the place for souls that have no purpose and mourn their pathetic lives. Smiling bitterly to herself, she watched the souls cry and scream, telling their regrets to the air, and suffer as their mind goes crazy because of their thoughts. Like them, she also has regrets, but seeing them suffering gave her pleasure that not a person she met can understand.

Passing by the fields of asphodel, she witnessed how the souls run for their lives as some got eaten by the harpies and bloodhounds. Meanwhile, in the fields of punishment, souls got revived endlessly, only to fight each other and suffer.

She also passed by the elm of false dreams, the grove of Persephone, Elysium, Tartarus, and River Styx.

Before leaving, she went to Cerberus, the three-headed hound. "Hi there... Cerberus. I'm sorry... I cannot stay no longer with you anymore... Being forsaken by my kingdom, I hope you would forgive me and still be my familiar," she said, smiling bitterly before shape-shifting into a demon child, and taking off her cloak.

To cross the river Styx to the Emerald Kingdom, the only way out is by using the Charon's ferry or using the golden chariot. Flying or swimming will only pull you into the abyss hiding under the river. It is ruled by the sin of Envy, where the souls fight endlessly or got sucked into the abyss.

It was the break of dawn when the ferry finally crossed the river. As she set foot on the ground, they heard a loud howl coming from the Nether Kingdom, signifying that a prisoner escaped. As if on cue, the six sins appeared in front of her. Some have sad expressions, while others are blooming with happiness.

"Escaping, the sin of Wrath?" Envy mockingly asked, making me smirk.

"You said it. I am the sin of wrath. As long as I am alive, there will be no substitute. Just a warning, I'm not the sin of wrath for nothing," she stated as her expression turns darker and her aura became more deadly. The sin of wrath is the scariest out of all of them because she barely gets mad, but she can destroy a kingdom in just one look.

"Come on, Princess. Are you underestimating us? I don't want to fight you, but this is your choice. Not ours," Gluttony said, a sad smile on her face. She was the closest one to Lareia since they were food buddies. Lareia committed a lot of sins, but wrath is her most prominent, making everyone feel threatened by her.

"Should we settle this with a fight?" She suggested, summoning her scythe. Other than the Grim Reaper, only she can use the scythe as if it is water flowing around her body.

"As you wish," Pride said and was about to attack when a flash of light interrupted him and a figure of a man can be seen in front of her. Remiel, her lover who is a lowly angel.

"What the hell are you doing here, Remiel? Trying to interrupt my fun, aren't you? You don't stand a chance against them. Move," she stated. They can hear the remorse in her bitter voice. Remiel only smiled as he unleashed his golden wings, leaving all of them in a state of trance. Golden angel wings are meant for royalties and members of the commandment.

"What is the meaning of this? Did you lie to me, Remiel?" She asked, her voice full of disgust.

"The fierce, cold-hearted princess of the Nether Kingdom. Lady with long wavy silver hair, blood-red eyes, a perfect hourglass body, and a soft-hearted heart. I have loved you ever since the first time I heard of you. You're my queen, my home, so I beg of you. Let me handle them and escape. Escape to a place where no one knows, and I will find you. Please?" He pleaded, looking away from Lareia. He felt guilty for lying to her, but it is the only way to protect her.

"You lied?" That was the only thing she could say. She felt betrayed for the fourth time. Her kingdom, her uncle, her friends, and now her lover. What else could go wrong?

"Escape now! I promise to find you!" He said, facing away from her and watching the sins intently.

"Don't dare kill any of them or I will turn heaven to hell. I warned you," she said as she opens her black wings, covered with ice, with violet tips. Flying away, she let her tears fall from her beautiful orbs. She knew deep inside that he would not survive, and finding her would be impossible.

Knowing her friends, they are all equally powerful, particularly Pride. He won't let anyone defeat him for his pride, making him the most powerful out of the sins. Gluttony and Greed are almost at the same level as her. If it were her who is against them, the chances are low, so she already knew her lover's faith.

Flying above the emerald kingdom, a thunderstorm forms, as the emeraldians cast spells at the sight of the princess. Fear eating their minds, they panicked, thinking that she was there to hunt. Lost in thought, she wasn't able to protect herself and got flown away with a whirlwind.

Slowly, she lost consciousness as her wings got damaged. The whirlwind brought her to the sacred forest, where the Utopia kingdoms are. She landed right in the middle of the forest, where it was split. The left side was dark, eerie, and dead, while the right is the opposite.

The Fel Utopia Kingdom is the place for vampires and wolves, creatures who are more active during nighttime. They are at war against Tranquil, but there is also a war inside the kingdom. War for food. Everything was bloody as if it is hell, but not in the underworld.

The Tranquil Utopia Kingdom wants peace and is blooming in resources. The tree of life that is being threatened by the Fel Kingdom is their only reason to fight. If they could avoid it, then no bloodshed will happen. It is like heaven but inland.

Slowly, she woke up only to be greeted by two men from different sides.


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