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*** This book is about the journey of Nick, Noah's sworn brother. Excerpt "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Nick shouted as he dashed towards his siblings, trying to save them but his plead was ignored. Those bullies kicked and punched all of them merciless while laughing at their helplessness. The bruises on their bodies were formed so fast after a few kicking and punching because of the lack of the nutrients. Habitually, Nick adamantly bite his lip and his teeth painfully pierced into his own flesh until it was bleeding and yet, he didn't shout or scream unlike his siblings. Only the tears silently rolled down on his sunken cheeks. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" The continuous wailings from his siblings echoed through the air and emitted the exceptionally solemn and gloomy atmosphere. "You're acting tough huh? Let's see if you can endure this..." taunted the leader as he dragged one of his little brothers to the river and drowned the face into the water repeatedly. Nick's teary eyes widened in rage. He saw his brother aimlessly threw his hands and legs in the air as to escape from the water. This inhuman act of the leader forced his inner demon to retaliate. Unbearable, Nick couldn't suppress the burning rage inside him and the bomb finally exploded. Nick went rampant at last as he used every energy he had to shove those bullies away from his brothers and sisters. He pushed them with strong force and some of those bullies were caught unguarded hence they couldn't defend themselves on time so they even fell down on the cold ground and hissed in pain. He ran wildly to the leader with full speed and bumped his head onto the leader's torso like a mad buffalo attacked his prey. The leader ended up plunging into the water. Who knew that small and weak body with only bones left could unleash such a tremendous force in the desperate time. "Quick! Run!" With the ferocious look in his eyes, he raised his voice for the first time to his siblings and told them to escape. Fear of their brother's demon side which was scarier than those bullies, they hurriedly went hiding the bridge as they limped heavily all the way to the bushes nearby with the body full of blue and purple bruises.


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