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ERROR {bxb,gxg}


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!This story originally comes from Wattpad! (by AylaCarsonYA) { BxB, GxG } {suicidal thoughts, slavery} Living in a world filled with immortal creatures when you are a mortal can be brutal. A human life is only worthy when the said human is dead. From enslaving them, to selling their organs to the Ink Black Market, mortals are very unfortunate creatures. Errot White is an 18 year old Merlot- human- who desperately wants to escape his world and flee to the most dangerous dimension of them all, the Ink Blood. There, in a craving attempt to run away from his human nature, he snaps a deal and goes undercover, pretending to be an Ink Blood himself. But he could never imagine that the wicked elf who wears the crown will be the one he ends up falling in love with.


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