Ero Trap Dungeon Book

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Ero Trap Dungeon


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What would happen a sadist were given a system, a system that turns him into the demon king of lust. How many girls would fall to his hands and have their whole body be assaulted by pain and pleasure? ______________________________________________ Taking a break Tags. Milf, R-18, Cultivation, Netori, System, Anal, Sex, Slime, Dungeon, Magic, Loli, Demons, Elves, Evil Mc, BDSM, Sadist Mc, Harem, Bondage, Comedy. (I'll add more after I think about it) Photo not mine, Credits goes to the rightful owner, if you are the owner and wanted me to take it down please say so. ______________________________________________ You horny? Me too, too bad you ain't my type.


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