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Era Of The Kobold


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What is Era Of The Kobold

Era Of The Kobold is a popular web novel written by the author CraigUzumaki, covering ISEKAI, MONSTERBEASTS, REINCARNATION, MAGIC, FANTASYADVENTURE, MONSTERMC, SLOWPACE, FANTASYFICTION, DUNGEONANDDRAGONS, FANTASYACTION, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 51.3K readers . The novel is being serialized to 31 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


All he wanted was to spend his life gaming. Samuel was an absolute nerd when it came to video games, RPGs especially. He'd play them all day, rarely leaving his house, or even his room for that matter. His peaceful days were sadly ended before he even finished college, however. Despite his expectations, he finds himself reincarnated in a new world as a Kobold. He must now live a hard life as a weak creature that tends to die young and is seen as a monster. How will he manage in this new life and what will he do with it? The rate of publishing will slow down, as I focus on my education.

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Hey there! Altough the isekai chenre is filled to the brim with sub-par power fantasies and poorly thought out worlds this story seems to me like a gem in a pile of garbage. The protagonist starts out as a weak creature both hated and preyed upon by most other beings as well as seen on enviously by his tribe due to his growing wings(?) On his back and therefore offers a more interesting view on the fantasy tropes. Besides some holes in the story, for example being hit by ice magic in the back without having any lasting consequences even though he is portrayed as a weak being, or that they can sneak around in the human village without ever facing any difficulty and plot is well though out. The world itself hasnt seen much attention yet but i am hopefull that it will organically increase in scope as the protagonist sees more of it. Ill be waiting impatiently for further chapters :)


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Leí todos los putos capitulos que hay y solo puedo decir que tu historia es una mierda. Un mc que no sabe usar su magia, es débil y desconfía de todo es una mierda porque no hiciste de mc al hermano? Era mejor aniquilaste a toda su familia y ahora los haces trabajar para alguien que vende droga.


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