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Era of Authority


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What is Era of Authority

Era of Authority is a popular web novel written by the author Gery_, covering ADVENTURE, CULTIVATION, ACTION, MALE PROTAGONIST, SWORD AND MAGIC, GODS AND MONSTERS, FANTASY, WEAK TO STRONG, ROMANCE, SUPERNATURAL, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 141.2K readers with an average rating of 4.68/5 and 20 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 47 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


If you have a choice, between staying ordinary and let others look down on you or getting powers from a God to change the world as it is, Which one will you choose? In this world, nobels are everywhere and poor ones has no right to talk or live a normal life. Greg is one of these few who can't live normally and people always look down on him, wherever he goes. However, his life changes after he get into a dire situation. After that moment, a nameless and mysterious God offer him power to change things... After that moment monsters and demons start to appear, making everything that humans believed so far to be false and unreal... After that moment other people also get powers from different Gods, turning everyday life into colorful and interesting... This is a story how Greg change the world into a wholly new one, known as the Era of Authority... This a story, which tells how he climbs to the top and beats everything that gets into his way! THIS IS THE STORY, which tells how he walks the road through Hell, Earth and Heaven to become a GOD! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you like action, romance, Gods and Demons, special school system and main characters coming through their obstacles and challenge even the strongest, then I hope you look into my novel, called Era of Authority. I hope you will like it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The boy on the cover is our main character Greg. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want, you can tell me what I should improve in, but please don't use any trash or dirty words! Thank you!:)

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It was a very interesting novel. I enjoyed it very well. He is a really nice guy and I think he will be a famous author. I am looking forward to read his next novel.


》 Giving the readers a glimpse of storyline inside. If one is into technology this is for you. If one is into destructive wold themes, this is for you. If one wants to see a poor, destitute male lead grow and become stronger, this is for you. ❤ The story revolves around a character who has supernaturally brainy mind, which is probably due to mutations occurred early. Author san takes his readers on a roller caoster ride with the main character, written exceptionally good.


I read just a few chapters, but I am already lovet. it has a unique flow and good fighting scenes. i hope he will continue his writing! Good luck!!!


Great, i'm still in the early chapters. Good phasing. Not rushed. Please continue your stable update and you'll definitely gain more readers as it has potential. :) good job author..


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


The story is quite interesting. There are some errors but it's alright since your writing will definitely improve through time. You do have a good fight scenes. You've written it in a way that the series of actions seamlessly flows together. Continue to write more!! Good luck!


I liked it so far. I usually don't read this kind of stories but I want to read something new and give it a try. The story is different and interesting. Those who like this kind of genre will love it. So just give it a shot if you want to read something unique and special.<3


Nice start. Full of actions with supernatural elements and a touch of romance. The mc is cool and on the path to becoming even a super-entity. Give this a try.


MORE!!!! PLS MORE!!! I like the way it is and I already see that it will be good even though it has some flaws, but who cares!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!


I really like how the main character changes his personality during fight and free time. I also like the sory. I hope there will be interesting fights not just one chap battles.


It has some mistakes, but I feel like it will be good in the future. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Really good novel. Full of fighting scenes and cool plot. of course there are some mistakes but it will get better with time I think! I'm looking forward to the other chapters!


Almost as good as knack Almost as good as knack Almost as good as knack Almost as good as knack Almost as good as knack Almost as good as knack Almost as good as knack 2


I like ur story, very interesting I almost can picture it, I also like the silver boy character and can't wait how he would develop. Keep the good work author-sama :>


It's certainly something I feel like I've seen before. The linearity of it makes it easy to understand and even imagine but there's also a room for improvement there. Especially in the grammar department but that shouldn't be a problem once you iron out the thing after editing. I've only reached a few of the earlier chapters but I can see the potential in this. Hope you give it the time it deserves author, might just turn into a noteworthy stepping stone for your future works!


I am looking forward to where you take this story. It reminds me a lot of a shounen anime. Though you could do with a slower pace., you go through a lot of stuff at a breeze.


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