3 Chapter3:The box

The pressure was just building up she could not hold it anymore. She had to just let it out. She cried and cried out that night.

Why her?

What had she done wrong?

Could she be ever happy?

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These thoughts kept repeating in her head. She wanted to know how happiness felt for once. She thought it was fine to let it out as no one was watching her. She hated people watching her cry, it made her angrier..

But she had no idea the black hoodie man was sitting there on a house roof watching her cry from the window. He stayed there until she fell asleep. He quietly made his way into the room and placed a small box with a bag on the side table. And then jumped out of the window.

The next day

Y/N woke up with a headache caused by all the crying. She reached for her phone which was on the side table, before getting her phone she noticed a little box and a brown bag placed next to it. She didn't remember buying and placing something there. She curiously held the box and the bag in her hand. Still, wondering if she should open it or not? she  opened the small box and found a small wooden boy slowly

Moving in circles. It looked beautiful, it brought a smile on Y/N's face. Still observing the wooden boy she noticed a piece of paper in the box. She gently opened and read it.

This made Y/N confused... What was happening? Who wrote this? what did he mean? Then she got distracted by the bag, she carefully opened it and found small glass balls. They were so colorful and eye-pleasing.

She was still examining when the apartment bell started ringing.

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