293 A Relaxing Afternoon and...




After gifting Amiphossia with her first Dungeon, and leaving Athos's Soul Copy with her, I finished breakfast with my family as everyone went to their respective daily activities.

Nephiana stayed in the room with her eggs while Rimuru and Ailine went to the Kitchen with Chokumotsu to polish their cooking proficiency.

Brontes and Vudia went to have a small trip around town, as Brontes wanted to buy new clothes for the girl.

Zehe had magic classes with Ryo today, so she grabbed him with her Shadow Manipulation and went to the library with Herbell. Yiksu also followed her "adoptive mother" and wanted to know what was learning Shadow Magic all about.

Nesiphae went to the Dungeon to level up accompanied by Nixephine and Valentia, hopefully, they don't wreck things too much and scare the normal adventurers or knights trying to level up in peace.

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