Ephemeral Despondent Book

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Ephemeral Despondent


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Do you ever wanna give up? Here I want to tell you about the room knowing how broken I was inside. When I felt down, it always by my side. We all have problems. However, sometimes I can't even control the sadness inside of me. Being tough is everyone's desire. However, not everyone can do it. Only certain people can be tough. Wounds, struggles, suffering, and all other painful things. I've been through it, though maybe your wounds are worse than mine. Sometimes, being alone is not an option but a necessity. Everything seemed disappointing to me. So what should I do? When I believe I can, I don't even deserve it. When I believed, I was even easier for them to fool. How cruel this world is to the weak me. This is about me, my despondent, and my bedroom. I'm, the one, who always believes all this pain must pass.


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