2 ch1 - dazed and confused pt 2

He has been walking through the streets of konoha for about an hour now. 'Finding my way to the academy would've been easy if I could ask people for directions but the idiots just scurry away every time I go near them like I have cooties' he thought with his left eye twitching from annoyance.

He was walking along earlier just fine before he got distracted by something that he already forgot and got lost.

'why did Navi's ADHD have to be sent to me too?' 'It's fine, I just gotta continue heading... north' he stopped walking as he realized something.

He slowly turned his head to face the hokage mountain that was located on the... NORTH... he wanted to shout and rain curses but resisted the urge. people already don't want to talk to him, he doesn't need to give them even more reasons to avoid him.

He took a few calming deep breaths *inhale - exhale, inhale - exhale * 'right, I'm just gonna start walking again and not get distracted'


The gates were already closed when he arrived at front gate of the academy, meaning that he's late for class and would most likely be scolded by the teachers...

He walked towards the gate and saw that it wasn't locked and no one was guarding it making him sigh in relief

'thank God for small blessings' he opened it proceeded to jog to his classroom.

He stood in front of his classroom staring at the sliding door for a few seconds before opening it. the moment he opened it the teacher standing in front of the class stopped his lessons and looked at him.

"You're late" the teacher said two words but it was enough to make him cringe.

The teacher was a middle aged, slightly overweight man wearing a chuunin vest and the konoha head protector on his forehead.

Quickly thinking, he decided to pull a Kakashi and make up an excuse that he was sure no one would believe.

"Sorry sensei, I got distracted and got lost, I tried to find my way here but I somehow ended up in the women only part of the hot springs and got chased by the females, but that's not even the craziest par-" he was about to add something before the teacher interrupted him.

"Just get to your seat uzumaki, just make sure it doesn't happen again" the teacher said before turning to the students again.

Naruto just blinked before he said a brief thanks to the teacher and walked towards the empty seat at the back of the class. He was surprised, normally other teachers beside Iruka would be more mad than that and even shout at him for being late. Not this teacher though.

Maybe he just didn't notice before because he's always either skipping class or just doesn't pay attention to anything, but it's still nice to know that the current teacher doesn't hate or isn't openly showing him his dislike towards him openly.

"huh, it seems like not everyone hates me' he thought.

actually Iruka also originally wanted him dead in the anime but he changed his opinion of him, enough for him to shield him from a fuuma shuriken.

The lessons continued and he just sat on his chair while

listening to the teacher in front.

He has no intention of being deadlast like the naruto he saw in Navi's memories. He would make use of the knowledge he got from Navi's memories to be the rookie of the year and pass the academy without needing to fall in mizuki's ploy.

'speaking of mizuki, is the dumbass already working here or not. If he's already working here then there's a chance of him sabotaging my grades to make me look like an idiot because of his idiocy and false belief that I am the kyuubi reincarnate. Such stupidity 'he shook his head before putting it on his desk, dozing off in the middle of the class.


"...maki! Uzumaki! Did you hear me?"He got woken up by someone calling his name. He raised his head to see the teacher looking at him.

"I asked you a question uzumaki, are you sleeping on my class again" the teacher said.

"Sorry sensei, what was the question again I kind of dozed off Naruto said sheepishly while scratching his neck.

"What an idiot" someone behind him said. He looked back and saw kiba sending him a gloating smirk.

Now normally he would argue and shout at kiba for insulting

him, but not this time though. With the help of Navi's memories he now know a way to get back at people like this who thinks the world revolves around them.

He sent kiba a questioning look before saying" that's cool and all but, who asked?"

He turned to the teacher before he could see whatever ugly expression kiba is having at the moment.

"I asked you, when the hidden leaf village was founded" the teacher said.

"The village was founded during the warring clan era by Uchiha Madara and senju hashirama" he answered quickly. "Well done" the teacher then turned to the blackboard again to

write something while explaining things to them.

With that Done, Naruto looked around the classroom trying

to find faces that he could recognize through his and Navi's memories.

He saw choji munching on chips, sitting on the corner seat next to shikamaru who was napping and ino in their far right. Behind them and adjacent to him was Sakura, writing down the thing written on the board.

He then looked behind him and saw Kiba, who was looking at him with an annoyed expression and he was growling?. He chose to ignore him and looked towards shino, who he doesn't know if he's awake or sleeping behind his dark shades, and Hinata who was looking at him while blushing but turned away when she met his gaze.

'Umm, it seems that she already has a crush on me' he asked in his Thoughts while sweat dropping.

'aren't you a little too young to have a crush though?' he asked in his thoughts before shrugging it off.

Looking in front to listen, not wanting to get called out again. He noted that Sasuke was missing and he wondered' according to my jumbled memories, Sasuke has been absent for a few days now. It most likely means that the Uchiha massacre has already happened'

Thoughts for later.


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