20 ch 7 - recovered. pt.1

It's been a week since the incident happened and nothing really noteworthy occurred during that time. He got discharged right the next day after he woke up.

The hokage also visited him before he got discharged and checked on him if he was okay. He tried to ask the hokage about the masked Shinobi but all he got was a " don't worry about it, it's already taken care of" from the hokage. He knew that there's something the hokage is hiding but he didn't dig deeper into it.

One of the two things that he did throughout the week was visit the kyuubi and tell it the adventures of his future self. He started with the first episode when mizuki tricked him into stealing the scroll of seals and his first use of the kage bunshin all the way to the middle of the wave country arc, he didn't manage to get so far into the stories since he needs to recall them and it's a hard thing to do considering that based on what he saw on Navi's memories, it's been a while since he rewatched the series. The fox just listened and grunted when he asked if it was still listening. And although there's no visible change into the mood or expression of the fox, he could tell that it was enjoying the tales that he was retelling to it.

And lastly, the thing that brought the widest smile on his face. It was the fact that he mastered the shadow clone on the third day of his training! It was nothing to scoff at since he was only able to train for about three hours a day right after he got home from the academy. And add to the fact that he did it with no instructions from others and only using what he knows about the technique from the anime, which isn't a lot, it was nothing short of incredible.

Soon after he mastered the technique, the next thing he got down was the surface sticking exercise. He did it on the fifth day with the help of 30 clones. What made it difficult to do was the fact that his chakra coils are expanding faster than he could train. Meaning he constantly needs to train and adjust the amount he was using for the exercise lest it becomes much harder when his coils expands to an even ridiculous degree, even with the help of shadow clones the process still took him two days just to get the basics down.

The last two days of the week was spent on trying to master the surface sticking exercise, he made a substantial amount of progress but he still needs to hold a single hand seal while using it.

It brought us here right now, at the start of another week.

The academy just concluded and Naruto is now currently sitting under a tree, staring at the thing that was twisting and turning above his palm. It was a plain golden chain that's making a helix like pattern as it turns slowly.

He is still confused as to how he has it. It shouldn't be possible because according to the memories, the chains aren't a (kekkei genkai) but a hidden technique, much like the Nara clan's shadow jutsu.

'is this somehow related to that weird energy that I used?'

He carefully observed it as he commanded it to move. The movement that it makes is kind of hypnotic. He then sent it forward with great force and it managed to Pierce through the thick trunks of multiple trees with relative ease.

He walked closer to the trees that the chains pierced and inspected the damage that it caused. ' it went through easily' he noted.

With a thought, The chains then dissolved into yellow light particles and disappeared into the air.

He sighed. 'another thing that I need to master. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that I have this but at the same time, it just makes things even more difficult as It just adds to the things that I would need to practice.

I'm not even sure if my shadow clones even has the ability to use this.'

He turned to the group of clones that were practicing the surface sticking exercise, he was about to yell at one to come but he decided that he's just gonna make a new one.

He made the cross shaped hand seal and a puff of smoke appeared beside him. "Yo" the clone greeted.

"Could you try using the chains? I'm not sure if you guys are able to use it." He asked the clone.

"Sure thing, boss" the clone held his right hand forward and pointed it towards the trees the Naruto's chains previously pierced.

Nothing happened for a few seconds and Naruto was about to order the clone to dispel but suddenly, a golden chain manifested on the clone's palm, shooting Forward and piercing the tree.

A broad smile appeared on both the clone and the original as they did a high-five.

"It seems like we're able to use it too, eh?" The clone said with a broad smile on its face.

"This makes things a lot easier" Naruto commented.

He then made nine more clones dedicated to practicing the use of the chakra chains, and sent them to another part of the training ground to practice.

'I have approximately four hours before it starts getting dark.' not wanting to waste more time, he created two more shadow clones and had them fight him so he could practice and better his taijutsu.


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