16 ch 6 - you can call me N. pt.1

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After dropping Naruto to the hospital, the clone then proceeded to head to the hokage's office to report everything that happened.

When he arrived he immediately told the hokage the situation and what he knew.

"Report" the hokage said, his back turned against the clone, facing the window.

"The original is injured and is currently on the way to the hospital, he looks pretty bloodied and he's also limping when I last saw him. "

"What exactly happened that led to him in that state?" The hokage asked.

" I suspect that he overdid what you asked him to do and it resulted in Naruto entering an enraged state. The original made me in the middle of their fight to catch Naruto off guard but that didn't happen so I just stayed underground and waited for a signal from the original. I was waiting when I suddenly received a weak distress signal from the original, when I arrived at the scene Naruto was giving a beat down to the original and the original couldn't do anything against it."

' how could Naruto possibly put kakashi in that state'. The hokage thought and raised an eyebrow.

He looked towards the clone and then asked. " how exactly was kakashi not able to defend against the strikes of Naruto, a child. The prospect of that just sounds outrageous to me. He's one of the most capable Shinobi I have, his is strength only below jiraiya, shikaku and the ANBU commander. So how is a child able to give him a beating?"

The clone acknowledged the question and quickly gave the answer that would give Hiruzen a pause.

"Naruto wields the adamantine sealing chains"

Hiruzen sighs before spinning his chair to look outside the window. " So he does. It seems that what we planned to lecture him has backfired." He took a puff from his pipe before asking the clone. "Is that all?"

"Yes sir" the clone simply answered.

"Then you may go, help the original get to the hospital and call inoichi to my office afterwards." The hokage ordered.

"May I ask why you need inoichi,hokage-sama?" The clone asked, curious about what the hokage is planning now.

"You do not need to worry about it" the hokage answered before dismissing him. "You may go now."

The clone didn't dig too much into it and just nodded before using shunshin to leave.

'This is the best time to see what other things the fox told Naruto. I know this is not the right way to go about this but it's the only way I have right now to find out whether Naruto's mind is being corrupted by the kyuubi.


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