15 ch 5 - enemy pt.3

The disguised kakashi meanwhile, continued his pursuit of Naruto. The amount that Naruto has improved shocked him. He didn't know how but somehow Naruto managed to keep up with Chunin level of speed that he is using.

Perhaps what the blond said about hiding what he's truly capable of was true. Perhaps the idiotic persona that he wore was truly just a mask. He's not too sure but at the moment he just believes that the blond is truly skilled. He is capable of dodging a kunai going at moderate speed and he's able to keep up with Chunin level speed. He's yet to see if he could keep up with Chunin level physical strength but he's about to find out.

He saw that as Naruto neared the clearing, he grew less and less stressed as if he already planned something.

Naruto entered the clearing and he immediately followed. When he got into the daylight, he saw Naruto standing still while looking straight into the eye of his mask. There is blood coming out of his nostrils and his upper lips look busted. He was holding the cross shaped handseal of the kage bunshin while giving him a vicious smirk.

"Kage bunshin no jutsu" the blond uttered and a large explosion of chakra smoke ensued, completely covering the clearing and a small part of the forest outside it with thick white smoke of the technique.

'So this is what he's planning? He's going to use the smoke of the shadow clone to make me lose sight of him so he could do what he's best at which is sneaking. He's either going to run in hopes of getting away or he'd try to catch me off guard and strike me down, Impressive' he concluded.

The thing about the smoke of the kage bunshin is that it wouldn't naturally dissipate immediately. It takes a long time for it to completely disappear and the only way for one to disperse it is to use a moderately powerful wind style technique. Kakashi could use a wind style jutsu to disperse it but he chose not to: to give Naruto a chance to enact what he's planning.

He heard multiple footsteps around him, circling him. But he also heard one that is slowly getting quieter as seconds pass. ' so he plans to run after creating a diversion… that is a bit underwhelming. I thought he'd use the opportunity to catch me off guard and fight me head on, but this strategy is still smart. Running away when you can't overpower your opponent.'

He ignored the footsteps circling him and started to dash towards the one that's slowly retreating, before he stopped and turned around in one quick motion ,as he felt the air behind him shift, he held his kunai in a defensive position.

Spark flew as he successfully blocked the strike aimed at his torso. He sent a kick towards the position where the attack came from but it didn't connect to anything. The footsteps circling him has completely disappeared and he's now only hearing one set of footsteps.

He felt the air on his right side shift differently so he sent a moderately strong left straight, it connected and he felt the thing that he hit, pop. Revealing it to be a clone. Though he noted that the clone was more fragile than a regular shadow clone, it could be either because it was made by a child or Naruto still hasn't mastered it, He's leaning more on the latter.

He could use his sharingan to better see within the smoke but he chose not to as he's limiting himself to Chunin level, his goal is to not beat up Naruto but to show him how the jonin instructor would've reacted had he caught Naruto. And also see how capable he is, but that's just his personal goal.

He felt two presence in front of him and another, a few meters behind him. The two clones in front of him dashed towards him, engaging him in taijutsu. The first clone sent a fist towards his face while the second jumped towards him with a kick aimed at his chest, but before it could make contact, he grabbed the punch with his right palm and slammed the clone to the ground. He dodged the kick of the second clone with a sidestep and he caught a glimpse of what the clone looked like. It was a little bit shorter than Naruto and it's also a lot skinnier, Proving his earlier assumption that Naruto hasn't mastered the technique yet.

The clone that sent the kick skidded before gaining Back his footing, it saw the third clone dashing towards kakashi, so it followed and they both sent a punch towards kakashi's unguarded back.

But much like earlier, their attacks didn't manage to hit as Kakashi turned around and delivered a powerful roundhouse kick towards them, dispelling both of them. The original just clicked his mouth as he felt some of the chakra from the clones return to him.

Tired of fighting clones, kakashi made his own shadow clone and made it fight Naruto's remaining clones while he search for the original.

Also, having had enough of the poor visibility, he quickly went through the necessary handseals and used a wind style jutsu to disperse the smoke " fuuton: daitoppa (wind style: great breakthrough)".

The smoke disappeared and the whole clearing became visible again. His clone has also finished getting rid of all of Naruto's scrawny clones and goes into hiding underground with the use of (hide like a mole jutsu) to catch the blond off guard when he eventually comes out.

"There's no use hiding now, I can easily find where you're hiding" he sent a barrage of shuriken to where Naruto is hiding, which prompted the blond to jump out before sending heated glares towards him.

"That's a nasty expression you're making there, be careful it might stay like that." He taunted but the blond didn't even react and just continued to glare at him.

"Well, I'm getting tired of this game that we were playing so I'm gonna finish it now." He slowly began walking towards Naruto, his hands on his sides each holding a kunai. The way he's walking is giving off a menacing feeling and it made the blond flinch ever so slightly. The blond is again gritting his teeth in frustration, clenching his free hand so hard that his nails dig into his skin causing blood to drip from his palm.

" What is your purpose here?! Why are you attacking me?!" The blond shouted his question. And the disguised kakashi replied, playing the role of a kumo nin perfectly. "Isn't it obvious? Well it's not like you'll be able to tell anyone so I might as well tell you, I came here to take a clan heiress from either the hyuuga or the Uchiha. The clan heiress of the hyuuga was heavily guarded by her clan while the last Uchiha is well… she is heavily guarded by the hokage's best ANBU and they guard her twenty-four/seven." He paused to allow Naruto to take in the Information he just told him, unaware of the shock that he gave the blond.

The blond's face turned into a shocked expression registering what the masked Shinobi just told him.

'she? She?! What did he mean by she?! Sasuke is clearly a guy! He has short hair and he dresses like one!'

Kakashi then continued. " I was about to return to my village but picture my surprise when I heard that an uzumaki lives in this village and he's a jinchuriki too!. Getting information on civilians was so easy to the point that it's just disappointing, they happily gave me the information when I told them that you did something unpleasant to my business. You had ANBU guards too but I easily took care of them."

He stopped a few meters away from Naruto and gave him a choice. " Now, you can either come with me peacefully or you can fight back. If you fight back well, it's not like you'd be able to defeat me so you'd be coming with me either way. All you'd end up doing is annoying me even more and make the process more gruesome"

Naruto snapped out of his trance and shouted his reply. " I won't go down without a fight! You cloud fucking dickhead!"

Kakashi just shook his head. " That's really rude, don't blame me for what's about to happen. Remember, I gave you a choice."

He ran towards Naruto with Chunin level speed, his Head leaning forward with both his arms at his sides. He arrived at Naruto's location two seconds later and he immediately tried to sweep Naruto's legs to make him lose balance and fall but Naruto jumped up to dodge his sweep and sent a kick to his head.

He raised his hand and blocked the kick with his forearm and he noted that it stings slightly. He then shifted his wrist and grabbed Naruto's ankles and flipped the blond in the air before hurling a punching to his face.

Naruto seeing the punch and with no way to dodge, crossed his arms close to his face to block the punch. But the power behind the punch is still too strong that it managed to push his forearms and his wrist impacted his face, causing his broken nose to bleed again. It also sent him a few meters behind and he bounced on the floor before his back hit a tree.

He slowly picked himself up with great struggle as the pain on his back was killing him. 'at least the kunai I was holding didn't pierce me.'

He looked up again and saw the disguised kakashi standing over him. ' of course he's fast! He wouldn't have been able to dispose of the ANBU guarding me otherwise!'.

"You're resilient,huh. Just another proof that you really are an uzumaki"

Naruto raised his hands again, but this time it wasn't to block or attack. He quickly formed the cross-shaped seal of the kage bunshin. "Kage bunshin no jutsu!" And a large explosion of smoke ensued again.

Kakashi fake groaned, acting as if he's annoyed. " Ugh, this again? Haven't you learned that trying to hide from me is useless? fuuton: daitoppa (wind style: great breakthrough)"

The smoke vanished, but Naruto too vanished along with it.

Kakashi sighed inwardly. ' I think I should finish this already. I'm pretty sure I've dragged this for too long now.'. The plan is to show Naruto how the jonin would've reacted and compare it to his reaction and lecture him. He should've finished his act the moment Naruto ran away but he got curious about the extent of the blond's abilities.

He quickly used shunshin towards the direction where Naruto ran and he immediately caught up to the blond.

He made some sounds to make Naruto notice him and continued his chase.

Naruto looked to where the sound came from and cursed. " Fuck"

He felt Kakashi land behind him, he stopped and turned around quickly. Kakashi rained multiple high-genin level punches in quick succession towards Naruto and Naruto just crossed his arms and blocked all of them without faltering even one bit.

The barrage of punches continued and Naruto just stood there, there's nothing else he could do. 'stop!..' he thought.

'Stop!..' he just focused on defending and nothing else. If he moves his arms away, his face would be hit so he continued blocking.

Kakashi continued his punches, thinking of a way he could end this and move on, to lecture Naruto about spying on comrades. But on the other hand he wanted to see just how capable Naruto could be.

Naruto's thoughts stopped and only focused on one thing. He wanted the punches to stop. His arms are starting to hurt and he can't do anything to stop it. He's getting desperate, he just wanted it to stop.

He considered asking the fox for chakra but decided against it. His mind is already in disarray, and the negative emotions that comes with it, is only going to make it worse.

He started drawing on the hatred and sorrow that he kept inside his heart slowly but surely until he gathered so much of it. He doesn't know how he's doing it but he somehow managed to imbue his negative emotions to his chakra.

And then he closed his eyes before he shouted. " STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!" He became surprised when the punches actually stopped so he opened his eyes.

"?!" The shock that filled him when he opened his eyes was nothing he's ever experienced. The shock that he felt when he saw the jonin use the kage bunshin earlier was nothing in comparison to what he's feeling currently.

he saw the masked ninja suspended into the air, bound by so many chains that are gold in color and has an angry red ethereal aura encasing it.

Kakashi's body was being held up by chains. that seems to be coming from Naruto's chest. It snaked around his arms, legs and torso.

Kakashi too, was shocked at the development. He tried to break free from his bindings but nothing… the chains didn't even seem to budge as it held him up the ground. He struggled visibly but it was all in vain. He couldn't do anything to destroy the chains.

Naruto looked at the chains coming from his chest with wide eyes. He began breathing fast but he stopped and calmed himself. He doesn't care about how he summoned the chains, all he cared about at the moment was that the one that attacked him, the one that Intended to capture him, is now bound by chains that he wouldn't be able to destroy.

He slowly walked towards him and he WILLED the golden chains to lower the disguised kakashi. He charged both his fist with ridiculous amount of chakra, like he did with his feet earlier.

When Naruto arrived in front of the bound kakashi. He wasted no time and hurled a devastating punch to his chest. Kakashi heard his ribs audibly crack And he grunted loudly. "ACK!"

He tried to speak but found that he couldn't as Naruto continued to deliver devastating chakra-enhanced punches to his chest. And the chains, the chains are nigh unbreakable and he suspects that it's being enhanced by the kyuubi's chakra too based on the red aura outlining it.

' It's slowly draining my chakra?! This is ridiculous! And these punches too! He's unconsciously enhancing the power behind it with his chakra!.'

He tried to use his sharingan to put Naruto in a genjutsu to try and stop him, but nothing happened. He knew that he successfully put him in a genjutsu but Naruto still continued his punches as if nothing happened.

'this is outrageous! The tables have turned and now I'm the one being pummeled! If this continues I might actually die! It's getting harder to breath!'

He began coughing blood and he quickly concluded that a rib had punctured one of his lungs.

He looked at Naruto and saw a vicious snarl on his face. ' he isn't in control and neither is the kyuubi! He's moving unconsciously!' he tried to think of a way to stop Naruto's rampage and he suddenly remembered the shadow clone that he made earlier.

Gathering his remaining chakra, he sent a distress signal to his clone.

The clone quickly arrived after sensing the signal and quickly knocked out Naruto. Naruto, still in his rage state, tried to turn around but it was unsuccessful.

The chains that were binding kakashi disappeared and he fell to the ground, clutching his chest while heaving heavily.

"Bring him to the hospital then report to the hokage immediately" he ordered the clone and the clone nodded, before picking up the downed Naruto and promptly using shunshin.

Kakashi got up slowly and slowly walked out of the forest.


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