10 ch 3 - their names pt. 5

A good 20 minutes later, there's only 3 slices left and Naruto was sitting there bored. He's already full and there's nothing else to do. He doesn't want to prank' because 1 - there's nothing he could gain from it, 2 - having Navi's memories made him think clear and not like a child that seeks attention, and three he realized that instead of pranking them and not gaining anything, he could train and be stronger instead. Hes physically strong enough to backflip from ground to a roof of a small house and jump through the rooftops of buildings with no problem. If he trained hard enough he'd be able to achieve his goal of graduating early at 8 years old. After graduating from the academy, he'd have five years of Time to become a jonin. His goal was to become a jonin instructor by the time the rest of his batch graduate.

' tomorrow I'll start exploring this village and try to see if I can see a konoha Shinobi perform wall sticking and water walking. If I can do that, I'd be able to train without arousing suspicion. Not that I'd care for their suspicion, but I'd very much like it if I can avoid as much trouble as possible before becoming a jonin.' he laid out his plans for tomorrow before a knock was heard from the door.

' oh great, the old man really did come' he closed his eyes and did a mental eye roll. 'naruto childish mode on, haaah' *sigh*

"Coming!"he shouted while running to the door.

When he opened it he saw the person he was expecting.

"Jiji" Naruto greeted with a smile. " Why are you here?" He asked with a confused look on his face.

"Oh? You don't want me here Naruto-chan?" The old man replied with a question while having a faux hurt tone and a sad frown.

" No no no! Not that! I'm just wondering!" Naruto quickly denied, his hands waving in front of him and shaking his head vigorously.

The old man smiled before ruffling his hair " I'm just messing with you, can I come in?"

" Yep " the blond replied, popping the P, opening the door wider to let the old man in. The interior of his apartment is tidy and clean. Unlike most would think. He may be a goof but he didn't want to live in a room filled with critters.

" Do you want food, Jiji? I just finished cooking" Naruto asked

The old man got a bewildered look on his face.

He didn't know Naruto could cook. So he simply said. " I didn't know you could cook. And sure I'd like some"

"Of course I can cook Jiji! I'm not an idiot y'know!" He defended with his signature verbal tic showing.

The old man simply chuckled and walked towards his living room.

When he arrived, the frost thing he saw was the plate with food on the table. beside it was a pitcher filled with cold water, a ketchup bottle and what looks like a hot sauce. On the floor was a pile of leaves some charred but most were normal green. There also seems to be ashes beside the pile. The tv was playing a show but he chose to ignore it.

On his side Naruto was looking sheepish while scratching the back of his head " please ignore the mess. I was trying the leaf sticking exercise earlier and the ashes were from the leaves that I used. They almost immediately burn after I try it." He explained before the old man could ask.

"Anyways just sit there old man, and eat the food! I already ate so you can eat all of it." He suggested, smiling.

"Well don't mind if I do"


"Thanks for the food" Hiruzen said, clapping his hands together.

It took several minutes to finish the three large slices of pizza, he and Naruto talked about mundane things and other more important stuff like his thoughts on the academy and his progress with the leaf sticking exercise. He became amazed at how much he's progressed in his first day of trying said exercise and even even complimented Naruto on it. Prompting a genuine smile to appear on the blond's face.

The food was delicious and he wondered where Naruto learned how to make it. He'd love it if he could have it for his meals also.

Now though he wanted to ask a more serious question than before, an ANBU reported to him that they saw Naruto crying on the playground earlier today. He's asked them to inform him whenever Naruto got home to visit the blond boy and check on his condition to see if he is fine.

He turned to Naruto with a serious expression and asked " say Naruto-chan, have you been feeling alright lately?"

He hummed before answering, looking the old man in the face"Hmm, oh yes I've been alright Jiji. Just a had a few headaches but I'm alright." With a questioning expression, he asked " why d'you ask Jiji?"

" Someone told me that they saw you crying on the playground earlier. I got worried so I came to check on you to see if you're alright. Are you sure that's just a headache? Or do you want me to accompany you to the hospital." The aged hokage didn't buy Naruto's answer but he decided to just let it go. If the blond didn't want to tell him it's alright.

Naruto blinked for a few seconds before answering." I think I'm good,Jiji."

Hiruzen nodded before he said '' well if you say so, I'm gonna go now."

He turned to leave and before he exited the door, Naruto asked him something that he's already asked for many times. And he looked at Naruto through his shoulder

"Jiji, who are my parents?" He asked, looking the old man in the eye. A serious expression on his face. He already knows who his parents were thanks to the memories but he wanted to hear it from the hokage's mouth; this will be the last time he'd ask the hokage about this.

The old man just sighed looking at Naruto through his shoulder before turning around to face him.

" Didn't I Tell you before? Although it's been quite some time now-" that's all he has to hear, he proceeded to ignore the old man and interrupted him." that's not it, old man.who are my parents? Please tell me" he pleaded, he's hoping that the old man will finally tell him and that unlike in the memories he'd actually tell him who they were right now. He could understand the old man hiding his father's identity to him, it's logical. But his mother? No, there's no reason to hide her name from him. He could've told him in the 'anime' but he didn't. He wouldn't become even more of a target than he already is… being a jinchuriki and all, and almost all the populace of the village knowing it, knowing his mother's name wouldn't paint a larger target on him. He already gave him the uzumaki last name anyways, so why hide his mothers name?

Hiruzen's expression turned serious and he said "there's no use asking for it now, it wouldn't bring back the dead anyways" he once again turned to leave but he froze when Naruto said two specific names.

" Uzumaki Kushina and Namikaze Minato… that's their name, right?"


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