19 ch - 6 you can call me N. pt. 4

Inoichi's consciousness returned to his body and he began gasping for air.

"What's wrong inoichi?!" The hokage asked, worried.

Inoichi took a few seconds to catch his breath before he answered. " Everything's alright, hokage-sama."

"Are you sure? You're quite winded"

"Hai, hokage-sama. We should leave now though, I suspect Naruto is about to wake up."

The hokage nodded and they both left the room. Leaving Naruto to rest.

When they arrived at the hokage's office, inoichi immediately began reporting everything that transpired in the mindscape. Starting from him arriving in a weird hallway with paintings that played Naruto's memories to him encountering the kyuubi because of N's prank. The hokage asked questions every now and then but he mostly just listened to Inoichi's report.

" Thank you, inoichi. You are dismissed. The pay would be transferred to your account by tomorrow. You may go now." Inoichi nodded and left the room.

"It seems like Naruto's fine for the most part. But a copy of himself, truly interesting. Haaah" he took a puff off his pipe before glancing at the stacks of paper on top of his desk. " More paperwork, I should really assign these to the civilian council. They don't do much anyways"


Naruto groaned as he felt water splash on his face. He unconsciously raised his arms to his face to block it but he dropped it back to his sides. Water splashed on his face again, causing him to somewhat wake up.

He blinked a couple of times before closing his eyes again to go back to sleep.

Water splashed on him for the third time he just ultimately ignored it until a booming voice shouted.

"" Wake up morsel!""

He sat up abruptly and blinked quickly. " I'm up!" When he finally came to his senses, he saw the face of the fox snarling at him from behind the bars. "Oh… it's just you" he yawned and stretched his arms.

"" You finally woke up. I have some questions and you better answer them truthfully, I'd know when you lie."" The fox ordered.

Naruto just blinked owlishly to it before he reluctantly agreed as He's not sure what the fox would ask. "Ooo-K shoot"

The fox, unfamiliar with the term, did not say anything




"I thought you're going to ask me something?.. Oh you're unfamiliar with "shoot" it means ''ask away."

The fox grunted before it started asking. "" I am curious… what happened to me in the future that you're claiming you saw?""

" If you're asking about the far far future then the short answer is you died." He answered quickly. Causing the fox to exclaim.

"" Outrageous! Me dying?! That's a ludicrous thing you're claiming. "" The fox shouted.

"Do you… want me to continue?" He asked slowly, not wanting to get shouted at by the fox.

"" Continue, I want to hear what other ridiculous lies you're going to tell me.""

"Okay! So me and Sasuke along with my future son, Boruto, were fighting-" he stopped mid sentence as he remembered how he ended up in this sealscape in the first place.

" Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! I need to get out of here! I was fighting someone trying to abduct me!" He stood up abruptly and quickly tried to leave but the fox prevented him.

""Stop"" it stated simply but the tone of its voice and the chakra that it carried was enough to make Naruto stop on his tracks and turn around.

" Why?! I need to go! I may be in the process of being abducted! Heck I might have been abducted already and they're now already planning to extract you from me! I'm going now, don't worry I'll be back and I'll answer all your questions!" He sent the fox a smile before vanishing from the sealscape.

The fox just huffed in annoyance and rested its head on its paws before closing its eyes.

Naruto woke up and began gasping for air, as if he just ran a marathon. He sat up from his laying down position and shouted.

"I'm not going down without a fight Y'know!" He noticed that his verbal tic is back but he ignored it for now and instead began scanning his current surroundings.

The walls of the room he's in are painted white. It has a window that is currently open, letting flows of cold night air come in and cause the white curtains to flutter slightly. On his side is a desk with what he recognized as a heart rate monitor that is currently turned off.

He let out a sigh of relief. Thankful for the fact that he's not in an enemy territory… or at least there's no enemy if he's in one.

He recognized the design of the room to be similar to the ones that hospitals have.

He got out of bed and walked towards the open window to see if he was in konoha or not. He let out another sigh of relief when he saw the hokage monument and the familiar rooftops of the hidden leaf village."Thank fuck"

He closed his eyes to feel the cold breeze on his face.

He turned from the window and began inspecting the things in the room. The clock on The wall shows ten pm. He then walked to the door and opened it before taking a quick peek on the hallways outside. It was completely dark and the only lights visible were from the rooms that had people that were awake in them.

He quickly closed it shut and locked it. It seems that he's still afraid of ghosts and creepy places. It also doesn't help that Navi had a mild nyctophobia or fear of the dark, it's not extreme but he's going to have to somehow cure it.

Shaking his head, he walked back to his bed and laid down. ' I guess I worried for nothing. Welp, I might as well go back to the sealscape and answer the fox's questions.' With that, he closed his eyes and focused his mind and soon enough, he's back on the seal facing the walls that contained the kyuubi.


The kyuubi is reluctant to admit it, but it is anticipating the return of the blond that is its jailer. It wants to hear about the future that the blond seems to know. The kyuubi has concluded that the outlandish claim of the blond has some truth to it.

Though one thing has made the powerful being annoyed, It's the claim that it died or will die in the future. It also made the fox curious. With nothing else to do it just continued to lay down and enjoy the silence.

The accommodation on the blond's seal is much better compared to being restrained by chains and impaled on a rock by its previous jailers. And though being split in half and sealed inside a boy is not much different from the previous ones, there's really nothing the fox could do at the moment.

The fox continued waiting for the blond's return a little more while laying down. The fox didn't need to wait for long though as it heard splashes of water and tapping against one of the bars of its prison.

It opened its eyes and saw Naruto leaning against one of the bars with a smile on his face.

"Yo!" The blond greeted.

"Continue your story now" the fox ordered, not even bothering to return the greeting.

Naruto shook his head and sighed. " So impatient. Well anyways as I was saying, Me and Sasuke along with my future son and my adopted son were fighting this alien dude more powerful than kaguya and enhanced with the chakra of a ten tails and we were losing. I couldn't use ninjutsu and Sasuke's weapons are also useless as the guy we were fighting had the ability to absorb ninjutsu and shrink any inanimate object and even ninjutsu. Even Sasuke's rinnegan is useless against him."

The fox raised an eyebrow and asked. "" Rinnegan? ""

Naruto blinked a couple of times, confused about the fox's question before realizing that he hasn't told the fox anything about it so naturally the fox is gonna be confused about it. " Oh yeah I haven't told you about that yet. Basically super gramps, the sage of six paths, gave Sasuke and I half of his chakra and a seal on our palm to seal kaguya in case the seal holding her gets broken. Sasuke developed a rinnegan in one of 'his' eyes and I gained access to six paths chakra and six paths senjutsu, super gramps also apparently gave me truth seeking orbs but we're not gonna talk about that as I'm still annoyed that the future me lost them throughout their battle with kaguya and his fight with Sasuke.

Oh yeah, speaking of Sasuke, i believe that this is a parallel universe since Sasuke is a guy in the future that I saw but the Sasuke here is apparently a she, some of the things I'm going to tell you may not be accurate but it should be close."

" Now back to what I'm telling you. We were out of options and Sasuke already ran out of chakra, and then you spoke to the future me about this technique that you know that would basically be a suicide move. That baryon mode, it is called. You explained to me in the future that it's similar to nuclear fusion, where we'd collide our chakra to make a new form of energy. The energy that was then created by the technique had the ability to steal the opponent's lifeforce with every punch. It also grants speed, fast enough to blitz the Otsutsuki without him being able to react. Unrivaled strength, more powerful than anything that this world had seen. but the time I was able to use it was limited to how much chakra we got.. And like I said earlier it was a suicide move as the chakra that was used to make the new energy would not be recovered and would essentially be gone forever."

Naruto pointed at the fox. " The me from the future was already expecting to die after the technique faded and I know this might be unbelievable for you but…" he paused, contemplating whether he should tell the fox or not. There's a chance of him angering the fox should he decide to tell it the truth, The same thing could also be said If he chose to lie. And if that happens all the chance for the fox to be cooperative would be almost impossible to achieve.

""Tell me"" the fox said calmly. The malice that its voice usually carried is gone.

Naruto sighed, he's going to tell the truth." You chose to sacrifice yourself, you chose to die in my future self's stead. He became your friend and you got close enough to him to even sacrifice yourself when there's no other options. You told him that he's the one that's going to die so he'd accept your offer. Because the version of you from the future knew that if you told him that you are the one dying, he'd refuse and would try to find another way even though it's the only option."

He looked to the fox's eyes and braced himself from the suffocating auro that would be sent his way but nothing came. The fox just stayed silent as if it was thinking.

" You pulled the me from the future to this sealscape, and bid your farewell. I do not know how he survived being an empty vessel but I suspect that it was also because of you."

"Well, I'm gonna leave you to your thoughts. Meanwhile I have many things I want to figure out." He prepared to leave but he remembered something.

"Oh I just remembered, are you the one responsible for my new ability? When I was fighting the Shinobi earlier, I remembered that I suddenly became able to use the negative emotions or at least the hatred I have to enhance my chakra. I know the chains didn't come from you but I figured that the other ability came from you because you seem to have an ability related to negative emotions. Negative emotions sensing if I'm not wrong."

The fox looked towards him and answered "" I have no involvement in your recent developments and new abilities. I am restricted by these walls and the only thing I am able to do is pull you inside here and communicate to you to a small degree.""

Naruto frowned slightly."Is that so? Well this is confusing. Thanks for answering my question"

He turned to leave but the voice of the fox stopped him."" Be sure to come back… I want to hear about the adventures and stories of your future self. I want to hear it from the beginning to the end.""

Naruto faced the fox and gave it a wide smile. "Sure"


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