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Entangled Souls


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What is Entangled Souls

Entangled Souls is a popular web novel written by the author Ana_musings, covering ANGEL, DEMON, HIGHSCHOOL, REINCARNATION, R18, TEEN, ROMANCE, PARANORMAL, FORBIDDENLOVE, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 105.9K readers with an average rating of 4.9/5 and 54 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 85 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Small town girl Zara is a bookworm and a student who aces every exam. She is unaware of the fact that is an Oneiro, one to occur in centuries. She can see the dreams of both angels and demons, know their deepest desires and greatest fears. But, this blessing is a curse in disguise. Unbeknownst to her, this ability has put her in the middle of a war between heaven and hell. She is the key to find the most powerful celestial weapon ever. Heaven and hell have sent their best soldiers after her. On one hand, there is Ryan Jackson- the blue-eyed devil whose smile is enough to make her go week in the knees, and on the other, there is Jake Turner- the charming angel who is just what she needs. Before she knows, her life gets entangled in a complicated web of deceit, hurt, and love. What will she do when she learns about her power? What will she do when they break her heart and her will? How will a mere mortal stand against the might of heaven and wrath of hell? Excerpt: “It…It was a dare.” Ryan quirked his eyebrow, “What was the dare?” "V had made me walk out of the dance hall and given me a dare to say whatever I wanted to the first person I saw. It was you.” Ryan put his hand on the wall, “So, all of the earlier...confessions. Were they true or false?” Zara waved a hand in the air trying to act casual, “Your reputation is that of a bad boy.” Ryan chuckled, “Then why are you opening up your secrets in front of the so-called bad boy?” When pleading and tears won’t help her she turned frustrated and vented out all her anger on him, “V was right. You don’t care about me. I bet, you didn’t even remember me for a second these past months. And here, despite her multiple warnings, I somehow felt you were different. I was a fool to think of you, to wait for you, to love-” Ryan’s eyes darkened at the unspoken words. She was taken by surprise when he walked up to her and lifted her in his arms. She hadn’t known what fire she had kindled by letting the unspoken words tear at him. “What did you just say?” Zara’s face turned beet red and she tried to push him away but he didn’t budge. The effort to keep his hands firmly planted on the table was visible on his face. “Complete your earlier sentence, Z” She faked an exasperated breath and completed her line, “I was a fool to think of you, to wait for you, to…to love this stupid dress.” Despite her anger and despite the harsh words, he smiled. Not just smiled but chuckled and broke into his pearly white smile that formed a dimple on his cheek. Zara sucked in a breath at seeing him smile and laugh- his smile that had the magical ability to take away all the pain from her body and heart. He asked breathlessly, “Is that what you were going to say?” Zara said defiantly, “Yes, what else did you think?” (Cover is not mine, credit goes to the original creator)


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JUST.READ.THE.BOOK. DAMN IT. The writing quality is good. the story is not common. characters are intriguing. stability? crushed it. world background? what's there to complain? it makes me feel that it actually exists. So, just read the book. Damn it.


Let's just begin with my curiosity in clicking this novel due to two reason. One, the cover is amazing and shows how much the author cares about the novel. Two, the title of this novel, Entangled Soul. I think the author entangle my soul instead because I was captivated and became a captive to this novel. A great storyline and now I can't stop reading.


just wow. I mean, this book is just awesome. it's a wonderful read with such an interesting plotline and different view from what you would normally expect. if you're searching for something interesting, new and fun, then this is for you.... (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧


It's a wonderful story! The writing is not the usual, riddled-with-grammar-issues stories that can be found everywhere on this site. This feels like professional writing and it's really easy to tell the difference. Most importantly, the story feels easy to read, and the author is excellent at setting up atmospheres and creating characters that act like real, relatable people. At the same time, the subject, loosely paranormal romance, lends these likeable characters a certain air of mystery, which creates a sense of suspense regarding the development of the plot. Follow along to this one! I recommend read!! :D


This story builds up slowly, and steadily. Like a puzzle, all pieces eventually start to come up together to reveal the big picture and it's pretty neat. A good read that will keep you hooked !


The book has some mystery, paranormal stuff and romance going on in the first few chapters, that hooked me into reading all the other chapters. I need to read all of it right now. Please keep posting more, can't wait to finish it.


I have to say that the book is a decent read amidst all the other books that have loads of grammar errors and out of sync chapters. The sentence flow is pleasing to the eye and though the author seems to be a rookie, she does farely well. Nice job.


The concept is interesting..a human guarded by an angel and a 'demon'? The story flows brilliantly and (after the initial shock that makes you engrossed even more) sets the pace for the story that follows. Added to my library. Keep it up!!


The start of the book was sensational. Two deaths in the first chapter itself? And then the entry of the ML. I love the cute romance and flirting between the two leads that is light. I hate smut and I like that the author balances romance and the paranormal angle beautifully. To all those who are reading my review, please try it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


I have nothing else to say. Just beautiful. Your story is just beautiful. This could be made into a movie. I can't wait to read it all. Thank you.


The story is cute. I really like fantasy story and how you show the story is very great! I like how to choose the word to expressed and narrate what happened in the story. The flow of the story is good too. Thumbs up for you! 🥰


Way to steal my heart! I really like the characters (My daughter’s name is Veronica no one uses that name anymore) more so ryan and his smoothness. not me simping for a character in a book 😅 Easy to follow along with and highky addictive! Back to reading now.


Five mind-blowing stars. I would have awarded it a hundred stars if I could. This is such a cute fantasy/romance story. I like the fact that the author takes time to build the tension up rather than other stories that have smut that does nothing else save add pages and pages to a watered down story. The love triangle is going to tear me into pieces but I will read the story and maybe sob under a blanket. I LOVE IT.


Ok, at first I loved Ryan and then I love Jake too. How can you make Zara choose between such amazing guys? They each have hidden motives that are unclear yet and they both have such a swoon-worthy way of making Zara fall for them. If only boys like these two existed in the real world. Sigh!! But apart from my personal cravings, this is a superb novel. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.[img=recommend]


This book is a nice combination of fantasy and romance. The author takes time to build up the story but it as you read further you find clues and links to things you may have missed earlier. It's a clever tactic of making readers go back and think "Wait, is this why x had said that?" or "Oh, now I know l, what actually happened in that scene." Brilliant. A must read for all who love this genre and even for those who shy away from the same. Keep it up.


Paranormal romance is a trope explored by many but utilised by few to its full potential. I congratulate the author for writing an interesting prologue that adds an air of mystery to the subsequent chapters. It will be interesting to see how the story turns out. More power to you girl!!!


I totally fell in love with this book after reading the synopsis. The prologue was equally exciting. I love RZ. Much love to the author for creating the angsty romance I crave for. [img=exp]


Author here. I didnt know I could review my own book, so here goes nothing. I am a new author so votes and reviews will be highly appreciated. Lovers of fantasy and paranormal romance with handsome devils and angles featuring forbidden love angle- look no further. I have tried to add loads of plot twists to keep it intriguing while also focussing on keeping grammatical erros at bay. Hope you guys love reading it as much I love writing this story.


Just the perfect easy read I had been looking for. Love the story and the characters. 🥰❤❤ Hope the author writes many more awesome stories to help me relax after work.


This book has all the required ingredients of a blockbuster. Can't wait to finish it. Love the main characters and their witty banter. [img=recommend][img=update]


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