189 One's loss is another's gain

She was a guest in the Crystal Castle and despite the number of times the King had offered her things like this, she never accepted it. She accepted the clothes to wear, the food to eat, and the roof over her head. She was grateful for that but she did not want to take advantage of the King's kindness. 

As Jeremiah's fiancee, she just had to open her mouth and he will give her anything. She knew it because she had seen the assurance in his eyes.


But Esme did not know why she could not bring herself to do it. She never needed crystals or extra luxuries than she was provided with but even if she was in any dire circumstances, she believed that she would not be able to ask Jeremiah for help. 

Just like right now. 

It was as if something was forbidding her from doing that. 

Maybe it was because they were not married yet hence she was shy. Or maybe, she had lost the memories of their time together which was why she was taking time. 


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