204 Invitation

Jeremiah frowned, ''Your Majesty, what did I do?"

''On the breakfast table yesterday, I was talking about a kingdom which met its downfall some time ago, and for someone who has been in closed space cultivation, honing his skills, you were quite fast to recognize which Kingdom it was,'' Rezeph crossed his arm in front of his chest, watching Jeremiah's face paling gradually.

''Y-Your Majesty…'' Jeremiah realized it slipped off his mouth at that time in a rush.

''If you are wondering why I didn't bring it up earlier, then it's because of that little girl who would have tried to talk me out of punishing you,'' Rezeph's eyes narrowed, ''I don't like to say no to her because she barely asks me for anything. As for you, go into closed-door cultivation inside the Norwell Manor now. You are not to come out unless I ask you to,'' the man's tail moved as he approached the gates. 

Norwell Manor. For a month. Not inside the castle, ''Your Majesty, I…''


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