1 Enn's Dream

Dreams are considered to be visions, predictions, and desires. Dreams aren't reality but for Enn, it is.

The scent of the sun, the aroma of the grass, and the humming of the wind lingers on her senses. Around her was nothing but grass and serenity. One day, while Enn was running around the grass field, a hole in the ground appeared. She peeked in the hole and saw darkness. She ignored it and just played around the field. The next day, a cockroach came out from the hole. Enn didn't know what a cockroach was so she just considered it as a friend. Every time the cockroach would fly, Enn ran away thinking that Mr. Roach will chase her but it did not. The next day, Worms started to appear on the grass field. Enn thought they were just visitors on her field and ignored them. The following day, Enn saw that the grass field was gone and pure dirt stands before her. Mr. Roach came to her mind and made her worry about it. "Mister Roach! Mister Roach! Mister Roach?" she said with worry and anxiety. When she found out where the cockroach was located, Worms were eating it and sees the cockroach twitch to its death. Enn tried to pick up the cockroach and save it from the worms but even more of it came out oozing from Mr. Roach.

She chose to run away from the worms to save the cockroach but the worms themselves are starting to climb unto her. After running a lot, she slipped down and accidentally threw the cockroach away from her. Eventually, the cockroach slowly revives itself while worms are starting to melt Enn's consciousness away. Enn, who was just lying there, calls the cockroach.

"Mister Roach, help me. Come here…"

The cockroach was actually still alive and glanced to Enn. "Help me, Mister Roach" she said with a suffering tone on her voice. Mister Roach doesn't understand her and just flew away from the noise and On its departure, Enn was eaten alive.

"Mrs. Wysteria, please wait outside."

"Why, Doc?" Mrs. Wysteria said in a hysterical manner

"Just please wait."

After a short while, the doctor said, "Mr. and Mrs. Wysteria, I am sorry. We did our best. Enn couldn't make it."

4 years ago, cockroaches entered from her ears and grew to live within Enn's skull. The hospital that took care of the young girl made her sleep while they treat her. They used biological worms to melt down the roaches from the inside of her head but instead, it melted down Enn's brain and broke her skull.