1 Chapter One

Stealthily, I make my way down the cramped busy streets of Japan and observe as the people of Tokyo exchange peculiar expressions with me; some disgusted, some wary, even some of them look away, seemingly intimidated by my being. I glance down to my attire. That consisting of a dirty black vest with a faded tartan shirt, muddy black ripped jeans (that have gotten increasingly more ripped over time) and a pair of worn out trainers that appear to have two holes conveniently situated at my pinky toes on both feet. I raise my eyebrows as I really take in my disgusting appearance, no wonder people are intimidated by me.

I sigh as I continue to silently pace left, right and centre through the streets of Tokyo, invisible to most of the world. Well... that's what happens when you are homeless with no income. You fight and steal and do your best to feed yourselves. You become invisible, not even a second is taken for you to be seen before people carry on their day. Like a ghost, you just continue to live in the shadows away from limelight.

EXACTLY where I want to be. Out of sight and out of mind.

Away from...THEM...

I stop in my pace, gaining the attention of quite a few nasty glares. I look around warily before slipping into the shadows of an alleyway that I have become very familiar with for the past year, an alleyway to my home. That being a little space situated underneath a fairly large wooden bridge that goes over a river. Underneath the bridge, there is a load of things I have managed to grab and steal over the years. A somewhat rusty looking wooden bed with a rusty old mattress. Its pillows seemed to have deteriorated over time, as well as the thin red blanket. In the view lies a long stretch of a green field that looks like it has been untouched by human hands. In the far distance on my side of the bridge is a dark green forest that has overgrown and on the other side, there is a pathway (maybe 3km long) that reaches the popular side of Tokyo. But no one wants to walk 3km to get nowhere. That is why I love this place. No one is here, ever.

I walk towards my punching bag (yes that's one thing I scavenged) and begin to start a workout to keep myself strong like I have been doing over the last year.

>>>>>Time Skip

After a long workout on my punching bag, I feel the sweat dripping off my forehead and trickling down the side of my neck as I walk towards the river and sit beside it. Gazing down at my hands, I stroke my left hand over the cuts and bruises on my right hand from punching the bag with my bare hands. With doing this for a year, you would think my body would have gotten used to it.

I reach my hands out towards the water to wash my hands, in spiral motions.

I grit my teeth as I stare at the water bitterly... I would have been safer if I didn't have that quirk. A quirk I wasn't BORN with.

Arya Saito, the girl with more troubles than she can keep up with. The girl with no place in the world and couldn't give a shit about it.

I click my tongue as I stand up and begin to start walking towards uptown. Let's just say life has a funny way of working for me.

As I begin to start walking down the cobblestone path, I immediately hear the sound of a loud crash, thus followed by rising smoke and the sound of sirens. I freeze in my movement, taking in the scene of the rising smoke in the distance and quickly begin to run in the direction of the so-called threat. Mostly out of curiosity.

The pro heroes are probably on their way to see what the commotion is about anyway. I growl lowly at the thought of the media hoarding bastards. All they ever do is feed off the media and act accordingly to whatever is deemed 'media worthy.' They call themselves heroes, but they never managed to help me when I needed it.

I huff loudly. Who needs them? They just want to be famous.

Making my way into the uptown, I twist and turn through the chaos of people, all trying to see what is going on. Me being as small as I am, can move through the crowd of civilians rather easily, however, this proves to be difficult with the sheer amount of people.

Police are everywhere, taping across the alleyway, which seems to hold all the commotion and I hear a deep voice swearing and shouting profusely with what seems to be muffled explosions? I raise my eyebrow at this and see the pro heroes all standing to the side watching this all happen. I glare. What good is it them being heroes if they won't put themselves in the position of risking their life to save someone who is innocent?


Scoping the area quickly, I see a narrow walkway that enters into the alleyway being unguarded and I quickly walk over to the said area and slip through the shadows, quickly making my way down the grimy thin path, without being spotted.

At the end of the walkway, I find a conveniently sized post-box which is just big enough that it covers me, and small enough that I can see what's going on around me easily. Sneaking behind the it, I swerve to the right and see what's happening before me.

Quickly analysing the situation, I see an ash blonde boy that seems to be screaming aggressively and trying to ward off the villain, some weird sludge monster thing. The pro heroes, standing back rather than helping the poor boy who looks to be no older than me.

I stare at the boy in question. There is no doubt about it, his whole aura screams confidence as he tries to use his explosion attack to help himself. Unfortunately, his efforts seem to be in vain as the slimy villain diffuses the attacks and starts speaking in his wretched gurgly tone that I pay no attention to whatsoever. Next thing I know, the sludge monster is projecting his slimy tentacles into the fiery boy's face, suffocating him.

Instinctively, I shoot my hand out, prepared to use an attack, but then I am caught off guard by a simple looking boy screaming and running forward.

"KAACHAN!" The boy screams in his high-pitched tone, sprinting forward right towards his friend. Immediately, he launches towards the villain and throws his bag right into the attacker's eye, who screams and momentarily releases the other boy who takes in a deep breath.

I raise my eyebrow. What a peculiar boy.

I then witness the, presumably quirkless boy being dragged back by heroes. I mean he must be quirkless, no one would throw a bag at a villain's eye to try and save someone.

Now is the only time I will ever use this quirk. You see I have a deal with myself, to never use the quirks I wasn't born with unless in a dire situation. It reminds me of things I'd rather forget.

Instantly, I flick my left wrist and feel my eyes heat up in its violet colour and I feel the water from the shoot beside me fall out and glide around me in circular. Snapping my fingers, the water instantly morphs into ice and shoot the villain as it releases the boy. The slime villain screams in pain as All Might enters to deliver the final blow. As the villain is launched into the air, remnants of ice are left on the ground as a reminder of the attack that released the boy.

Everyone begins to cheer for All Might as I look at the boy. As if he can feel my presence on him, he instantly turns to look in my direction and his crimson eyes meet my violet ones just before I slip out of the shadows and walk off in the direction I came in. In and Out, just like air.

Quickly, I arrive at my home and I sit at the edge of the water staring angrily at it, peacefully swishing with the wind, not knowing the pain it taught me.

I wince at the memories that flash through my head and I punch my head, trying to erase the thoughts.

I look up, contemplating today's events.

With the whole slime incident, I can't help but think about the two strange boys I witnessed today.

The first boy. Plain looking, looks like your average human. But his actions today proved to be otherwise. He must be quirkless considering his initial action wasn't to release his own ability of his own. Yet, I have to commend him for how quick he is to react and help a friend in need. Much more helpful than those pro heroes sitting at the side watching. I'm sure he will become of big things.

The second one... I don't know what it is about him. But there is something about the fire that he has in his eyes. Like some undying determination that refuses to be contained. Today, in a potential life or death situation he looked death in the eyes and defied it by showing no fear...Almost as if he REFUSED to die.

I sigh as I try to gather my thoughts, water continuing to pass around me. What odd peop-

"Hello there, young one!"

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