1 Birth in Massacre

In the middle of the night, gunshots and explosive are constantly ringing in the vicinity of a massive mansion. It is currently under the invasion of another party.

In a secret chamber where a woman is currently preparing for giving birth of her child.

"Knock.. Knock.. Knock.."

Creeeakk... A masculine man walk out the room. "What's the situation now Mark?"

"Sir, they already breached the gate. I think we can't hold any longer."

A deep frown shown to the face of the masculine man. " You know I can't come out and fight now. My wife is getting ready giving birth to our child. And she needs me by her side." after a brief pause, he continue

"Buy us more time Mark. After she gave birth to my child, I promise. I WILL WIPE THEM ALL!"

Mark can see the rage on the face of his master and mix with worry for the current situation.

"Yes sir! I will do everything and buy more time for you sir!."

Richard Alexandre Lira is the currently owner of the mansion. And Mark is his bestfriend since they were in college, and now his most loyal and best follower.

Richard nodded his head and said,

"Thank you! my friend." and he brotherly hug Mark, before returning to the room.

"Is everything alright?" a sweet voice rang out when Richard got back in the room.

"Yes of course! Don't you worry honey. Everything is under control" Richard smile wide to cheer up his wife. But he can't keep his brow up for current situation outside.

"Aahhh. It hurts, I think he's coming out now."

Richard hurriedly sat on the bed side were his wife currently lying down. He holds her hands before saying excitedly, "Really? Be strong honey! You can do it."


After 20 mins of constantly shouting of pain, Natalia successfully gave birth to their son.

Richard was very happy when he see and got hold of his son. But not long with his happy smiles.

"Knock.. Knock.. Knock.."

Richard was all smile when he heard the knock, he knew that only Mark knock that way of rhythm. "Open the door" he said to those servant that with them.

But when he saw how Mark currently on the death's door, he froze for a moment. "What happened to you?" the smile on Richard face turn into gloomy.

"They.. cough.. cough.. ambushed me with 5 experts. I barely escape.. cough.. to inform you.. cough.. that they are already here at the mansion.. cough.. cough.. sir." A bitter smile was on his face while explaining what happened on the outside. They lose miserable under his command.

Richard Alexandre Lira was fuming with rage when he heard how they ambush his best friend. He let down his son first to his wife side before he goes to Mark. "I promise brother, I will avenge you! I will not spare every single one of them!!" "My armor and weapon." he said.

The servant equip his armor for him, and gave his sword after that. When his ready he took a glance to his wife and son once more, he was shock a bit when he see that his newborn son is currently staring at him like he understand everything's going on, on his surrounding.

But he shrug it off immediately and focus to his upcoming battle.

"Be careful" Natalia said to him.

He nodded before going out.

_ _

It was dawn when Richard return to the room where he see's his wife and son are both sleeping peacefully. It was soundproof inside the room so they didn't look disturb even thou half of the mansion was gone and some place still burning in place.

A smile form into Richard face, it looks creepy because of the blood all over his body that cover every inch of him. And his armor got ruined that every piece of it are now scrap.

He got a lot of wound but he didn't mind for now, its not a life threatening anyway. But his foundation brokes and he can't use his internal energy forever. Its the price he pay in order to wipe all of his enemies which is his promise for his dear best friend..

When he reach the bed, before he can even properly laid on it. He collapsed and knock down beside his wife and son..