Endless Path : Ethereal Divinity 
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Endless Path : Ethereal Divinity (Revision of First Story)


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Alex Morgan, an orphan that lives alone as a professional gamer and Otaku, died due to truck-kun's fault. He get's a chance to reincarnate in another world and to meet "The One that Creates" along with a very moody girl with green hair. He will get reincarnated in another world full of mysteries and other things he will and must see for his life. Anyways, this was his words : "I will get reincarnated? What the fuck? are you kidding me? is this real?" ****** This is what I call "cleaning the messed up shit" of the first Version, which have many wrong things at all. Sorry if this author were much of a dumbass, just being in a problem. I'll try to change my attitude in writing so sorry again. I saw that I am rushing things about MC's growth so let's just say I will make it more thin and descriptive (I'll fucking try). I'm so tired of being messed up... Photo not mine, the letter effects are (lol)


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