380 I Want to Eat You Up (2)

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William brought Mu Xiaoxiao to sit in the middle. He gave an intuitive glare at the door and saw Yin Shaojie walking in unexpectedly.

William frowned. He was surprised.

This guy really had skill!

Yin Shaojie had originally wanted to sit beside them, but there were no more seats left. He could only find an empty spot where Mu Xiaoxiao could see him from her angle.

The auction had long begun, and it was now the second round.

This was Mu Xiaoxiao's first time at an auction, so the experience was quite novel. After watching for a few rounds, she realize that all manner of things were sold at auctions. The ordinary items consisted of antique jewellery and the like, but there was a person who even auctioned a kiss from themselves.

The person selling her kiss was a supermodel who was very famous in America. She was accompanying a young master of a corporation today, and it confirmed what the entertainment tabloids had been saying: They were dating.

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