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Endless Nothing


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An extremely experimental novel about a joruney that never ends. Because my writing speed is fast it would only take me an hour to finish a chpater and for that reason there is no use not writing two chpaters a day for funsy. Now that I have told you that this is a very experimetnal novel I wish for you all to leave. Because there is just no way that sometone can like something stupid as this. Basicallyt eh protagonist can't ever become a god and reach the ending of his dreams because there are way more realms than that. AS a result he is trapped cultivating forever and forever and ended up becoming insane. As in after one thousand chapters. Because in the beggining he is just straight up evil and frustrated with the stupid ammount of layers of the cultvation system. His life was not reat and he could not find fairness in this world and he ended up becoming very nihilistic. Killing all and raping woman and children. So yeah this is 18+ only here for trolls and stuff. If you actually wanna read a decent book with more chaptes uploading than this one read something else because I really might drop this as well know. I can't guranatee that I would not be bored with it and leave since this is literally the plot. to bore people with a main character so trashy that ithere is no way that he could ever exist. Anyways that is all and enjoy for thsoe that do wish to read this. It really had poor grammar consideirng that I would be writing at a faster speed than normal authors would and that is the reason why you should indefinitely not read this. Sometimes I have 5 chapters a day sometimes I have 2 chapters a day. That is all tha tyou wish for and tha tis it.


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