ENDLESS MYTH : Surpassing the Gods.
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ENDLESS MYTH : Surpassing the Gods.


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What is ENDLESS MYTH : Surpassing the Gods.

ENDLESS MYTH : Surpassing the Gods. is a popular web novel written by the author REDLAW, covering R18, HAREM OP, ECHI, MECHA, MYTH, FASTGROWTH, Magical Realism genres. It's viewed by 250.5K readers with an average rating of 4.21/5 and 23 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 6 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


[The gods are alive] 1000 years ago, the rift opened. That day, the myths came alive one after the other. gods and devils became reality. [The gods are bastards] 1000 years later, the world still suffers from the sequel of the rift. Walking with a valkyrie, dunking with a giant, swimming with a mermaid. The extraordinary becomes ordinary. Humans, the weakest, but the most tenacious races found a way to not be outclassed and enslaved. Steal and grow. Be it by using the power of the stars, the power of the very being who threatened them, or even the power of technology, humans never stopped trying to reach the domain of the gods. Follow Sol, our hero, a constellationist, as he fights, grows, and reaches the apex in this world full of myths and conspiracy. Disclaimer: The picture used as a cover doesn't belong to me. Notice: I will always post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at a minimum. I will always post more if I have time. Notice 2: The chapters are separated in part. But each part is between 1500-2500 words on average. So each part is even longer than some chapters in other stories. I'm writing another story called TRIALS: PATH TOWARD GODHOOD. it's a fanfic. Go take a look.


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Here I'm again. I think I grew since my first chapter. So I will give myself a better review. Also, there will be no dwarves or elves like I previously said, but like show in my synopsis there will be gods, mermaid, driad, valkyrie, etc. Thanks for reading my story.


Since the story is just seven chapters in at the moment, it's hard to see the overall direction the author is taking. However, the premise is interesting and make for a good binge-read on an idyllic day. As the author already pointed out, English isn't even his second language, so keeping that in mind, the story is good enough to be given a chance. Though the work is riddled with grammatical and syntax errors, it can be polished later on ice you have a stockpile of chapters or you can ask en editor to do that. All in all, this work is an unpolished gem that has a lot of potential to shine from the heap of the usual run-of-the-mill novels that can be found littered on webnovel. All the best to the author for his future endeavours!


The premise of the story is good. There's background for the characters. I am enjoying the book so far and I will continue to read. I hope the author won't mind if I send you some things to help with English Grammer. As I have read that English is not a language that you know well. I will look forward to seeing you improve and reading the progression in the story. Shiro~


It's a good novel,and it may surely become better s better with the time though author is a newbie has used the words s sentence very elegantly,it's uncommon that a new novelist can have such a good writing ability,the story can push you to read another chapter easily,and yes the story of the novel from early chapters can be predicted to be a good one.im only giving 4 stars because the story is in early phase and Its must to read it to give opinion about character design and story development,I'm sure this novel will be a success


I not shameless enough to say that my story deserves 5 star whith so few chapters. But I have enough pride in my work to say that it's a little above average. Of course I may be wrong, but I will do my best to show that it isn't the case. For the time being, my release rate will be 3 or 4 chapters each week. I'm a law student and writing is a time consuming activity that doesn't mesh well with study. My story will be based on myth, mostly greck, but also Nordic and other little myth . The power system will not only be based on constellations. There will be others thing such a atavism, summon, spell etc. The humans will not be the unique race. I plan to add the usual fantasy races such as beast men, elves etc The pace will be a little slow at the start since I don't want to **** up but the pace will pick up later. There will be romance, more precisely a harem, there will also be some steamy sex scene(but not anytime soon ). For the harem, too much women in it will considerably reduce the screen time of the others so I don't plan to add more than 4 or 5 girls. I am a fan of few very big harem, sadly I don't have the skill of the author so I will not bite more that I could chew. My real problem is my grammar. Frankly my english is basically self taught so I can make many mistakes without even knowing. I ask you to bear a little with me and I will do my best to deliver more grammatically correct chapters. All in all my story isn't much right now, but I plan to make it one of the best.


Welp I can officially say Redlaw is my favourite author. His stories are very unique and although he is busy he always manages to find time to post chapters for the readers of his work. Keep up the awesome work 😁😁😁👍👍👍👍


沒有了聯絡 後來的生活 我都是聽別人說 說妳怎麼了 說妳怎麼過 放不下的人是我 人多的時候 就待在角落 就怕別人問起我 你們怎麼了 妳低著頭 護著我連抱怨都沒有 電話開始躲 從不對我說 不習慣一個人生活 離開我以後 要我好好過 怕打擾想自由的我 都這個時候 妳還在意著 別人是怎麼怎麼看我的 拼命解釋著 不是我的錯 是妳要走 眼看著妳難過 挽留的話卻沒有說 妳會微笑放手 說好不哭讓我走 電話開始躲 從不對我說 不習慣一個人生活 離開我以後 要我好好過 怕打擾想自由的我 都這個時候 你還在


(Sorry for the late review swap. I don't review other novels that much and for the ones I do, I leave constructive criticisms. This is an honest, detailed review with criticism, although I'll keep it short.) The story has an interesting idea and setting. I liked the use of constellations and Myths, may I suggest that the author read: the Legend of Mythological Genes? You will definitely get more ideas that you could blend in with your story here. I am excited about how the MC will interact with those so-called gods. (Not even gonna use a capital G on that one, screw em right?!) Although there are A LOT of grammatical mistakes and spelling errors, the author has mentioned that English isn't his first language so please remember that. Although, it improves as you continue reading, so that's a plus. (Author, please use Grammarly if you're not using it. Also, maybe find an editor in the forum to edit and proofread your released chapters.) Characters. Honestly, there are too many characters that I've forgotten some of them by the time I read up to the latest one. They need to be fleshed out more. (Easier said than done due to the number of characters, I wish you luck for this one author.) This novel is fast-paced and a Harem with elements of fantasy, gods, myths, history (some of 'em changed by the author), and constellations. To those that like such elements in a story, you will probably like this one. Overall, this is a good book with a lot of potential. Only, the updates seem to be unstable. (Well I really can't say anything since the author still has exams, I think?) Otherwise, this book would've been more popular. This is a rough unpolished gem with tons of potential to turn into a diamond, buried by SHITE STORIES, THAT SHOULD BE DELETED, present within this site. Anyway, keep writing fellow author. Write write write and you'll improve and get the exposure that you want and deserve. Good luck! -Reflex


First of all people who are commenting about grammar usage, I want to assure you other than not using capitalization and punctuation you're fine in this regard. ❤ Quoting the title it's good and goes with the plotline inside. Giving remarks to story,I haven't seen anything based on constellations and astronomy or its only me who haven't passed by such stuff. But if there would be such thematic elements used then those novels would be in lesser amount. So it's a good beginning to write with such a different theme, moreover the pace is good and the package is worth reading.


This is a good fantasy read. The constellations powers was done nicely. The characters are good for their roles albeit some of their attitudes. The writing quality is also of good quality though might work with some phrasing adjustment. Great work. 👍👍👍


A very interesting and unique power system coupled with an interesting main character leads to a feast for your eyes! The pace is fast and the suspense is growing. Can't wait to see what happens next. It's definitely a novel to look out for!


I just found it out. The book is good but there are less chapters so can't say anything but I will wait for the updates. Hope the author don't quit it . Good luck for the book


Awesome way of writing... I like the way you design characters. Although I don't have any knowledge about Greek mythology and I'm not sure of how would the power system work... You've convinced me to follow the story... ...


Wow, is all I can say. This is a fairly quick read, and worth the fun of reading through each chapter. For an author who is learning English, this is a fantastic story. I cannot wait to read what comes next.


This is really good...............................................super good man assume! Also a great story...........................................


It's a good story that has potential. I will give it a chance. Also, you have more comments than me lol...................................................


The story is great, it's interesting and developing nice, there are some world background aspects yet revealed but I think author will do a good job with it. Nice author, keep it up 😊


It has been a long time since I connected to this appli. So let me give you a honest review. Frankly your grammar suck, English isn't my first either but that doesn't mean I don't have the right to say that other suck😉. As for the story itself, well you didn't write enough, but I like the idea behind your story. It's not the most original one, but as long as you use it properly the result could be a very great story. So work hard. Also, three chapters a week is good, but as a new story, try to make 6 or 7 seven chapters a week for a fews week before reverting to only 3 a week. In the end, your story is just a little above average but still entertaining if you manage your plot well.


Good story for the time being. We just have to wait to see how it will continue. Jkkldlldldldlldldldldldldlldldldldlddldlfkkfkfkfklflfkfkkfkfkfkkfkfkfkfkkfkfkdlflldldlflflldldlldlddldkdnfbbfbslsmalalkndnbdbdbbd


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