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"Wait for me Sarah", said the man from behind who's almost late for walking together to school with his best friend. They've been best friends since elementary school and live in the same neighborhood. Sarah was kind of pissed off because he's late almost every time and they have to run to catch up with the school bus.

Like normal she teases her friend Michael, "what have you been up to you old hag". Michael laughs at her jokes and replies, "nothing much, just staying up all night thinking how to touture you". Sarah was mad but at the same time, she laughed at his jokes because every time they had conversion, he would always leave her speechless.

Michael was a kind kid and he was very handsome. If they have a school beauty contest, he would place first. Sarah was a cute type of girl, but people were very jealous of her because she's been best friends with Michael, who is their crush.

Sarah was very annoyed by it because she always got the feeling that someone wanted to kill her. She told her friend that "your fans are killing me a thousand times in their mind" but he was not surprised and just smirked because some guys were also killing him a thousand times in their mind, so he didn't want to add up more stress.

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Now they were almost at the end of senior high school and they have been busy applying for their dream college. When Sarah comes down from meeting with a counselor for her career, she sees a really pretty girl that is asking directions to the counselor's office to Michael. When Michael was about to point at my direction, he saw me. Then he quickly said to the girl that Sarah has just come down from the counselor so she might be able to guide her.

The girl seemed sad but she replied "thank you" and then she walked to Sarah's directions. Sarah was surprised to see her friend blushing because he never was nervous to talk to a girl before but then she was not surprised because this time the girl was really pretty and she thought the girl was very elegant too.

She was happy for a second but her smile faded after a moment she thought that her friend might have a crush on the girl. She wasn't sure why she's feeling like this because she always cares for Michael's happiness.

She thinks back to the first time they met. It was a rainy day, the sky was dark as it seemed like the world was gonna end. It was her most difficult moment in her life because her mother died from a car accident to fetch her from school. She thought it was her fault that her mother died but Michael helped her realize that it was not her fault. That's why she thought that he was special to her more than anyone else.

She was walking around the place where she was not familiar with and people around her were surprised because such a young kid was walking alone in the rain with tears on her face. No one seemed to bother her at least but looked at her with pities in their eyes. Would they have given her a hug and told her everything is going to be fine if they knew the young girl just lost her precious mother.

A young man steps up to her and gives her his umbrella and tells her "everything will be alright, you'll be fine". The words she wanted to hear desperately were said by an unfamiliar face that she would never forget. Without realizing, she was already hugging him and embracing him tightly. The young gentleman was surprised by her sudden hug and his heart was beating so fast for the first time in his life.

To her he was her everything at that moment. To him she was just a little girl who is helplessly in need of someone to stop her from making a wrong decision. She thought they would never meet again until she started elementary school and coincidentally he was her neighbor to her new home. She was surprised that he was her neighbor because she didn't like the place much and was going to ask her dad that she doesn't like the house and wanted to move to another house.

She was about to call him while she was opening her window. She gasps, and her face looks like she finally found the person whom she was searching with all her might. While her dad answers her phone and worries because there is no answer back.

He was worried that she might be in danger so he was about to call his bodyguard to ask if they are protecting his daughter. When he heard a voice saying " daddy, I just called it mistakenly" he was relieved but he was surprised because his daughter sounded so happy for the first time after her mother's death. He asked " darling, did you like the house". She replied with excitement "daddy, I really like it". Her dad was surprised again by his daughter's excitement but he was relieved that her daughter can be happy just for a second. He tells her " ok, as long as you like it".

He wanted to ask his beautiful daughter what makes her so happy but he realized that it was better not to ask because he didn't want her to realize the bad memories. Sarah's dad was a great man who loved his family. After his wife suddenly died from an accident, he only had his daughter so he spoiled her a lot. He owns his own cosmetic company, he was one of the top 5 richest men in their country. He inherited this business when he was only 18 years old. His wife was his secretary and that's how they met. Sarah's father's name was Kim Tae Min and mother name was Kim Sera, which is where she got her name from.

Even Though Sera was a secretary of Taemin, she was also from a very high background, and kind hearted person. That's what Sarah's father loves the most because she treats everyone the same. He vowed to his wife that he would never accept any other women except her. Even Though she died suddenly, his heart was always the same and no one could enter his heart.

Sarah was just like her mother, she was kind hearted and treated everyone the same. She doesn't want others to know that she was the only daughter of a conglomerate company owner. She lives as an ordinary girl and does ordinary things like other kids. She asked her dad that she wanted to support herself at the age of 15. Even though her dad was not really happy about it, he still let her do it because that's how he met his wife. She also pretends to be from a poor background in order to support herself.

A/N // Hello guys, I always mention Sarah's parents because I wanted to write a different story about them and how they meet. So stay tuned! I will try to write as much as possible.